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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera comes out of Aman’s party and sees Abhishek waiting for him. They both go back to Pant bhavan. At Pant bhavan, Daadi discusses withi family that Abhishek does so much for family and they are ignoring his happiness, she wants to find a good girl for him and get him married. Madhu says Yograj should find a girl for Abhishek now. Yograj says he will speaak to his contacts.

Abhishek and Meera sit in garden and chat. Meera’s dad calls her and scolds her that she dissappointed him and is a failure, why did she misbehave with Aman, etc. Mom also scolds her. Meera starts crying and tells Abhishek that he is lucky to have a loving family and should forgive his dad and reconcile with him. She knows boys are egoistic, but he should forget his ego before his father

gets away from him again.

Abhishek goes home and cries hugging Ramraj and says he is unable to forgive Yograj again. Ramraj serves him food and discusses that everyone is not happy with each other, even then they are living together. He gives example that Sona does not like Kapil, he does not like Madhu, Daadi does not like him and Balraj, even then they all live together. He should be practical like he is for others. Abhishek hugs him again and says he knows he will not leave him even if Yograj leaves again.

Meera reaches room, cleans bed and prepares coffee for Ria. Ria comes and Meera says she has prepared coffee for her. Ria asks her to grow up and stop her childish behavior, she made Aman angry. Meera asks why should she change for Aman. Ria says even she does not like some of Sanjay’s qualities, but no one is perfect and one has adapt them as they are. Meera understands what she means and agrees to reconcile with Aman.

Abhishek reaches his room tired, removes his shoes and leans on bed. His siblings come sing happy birthday for him. They get homemade sandwitch cake and say since he does not like cakes, they made home made sandwitch cake. They ask him to cut cake wish for his marriage soon. He closes eyes and imagines Meera. Rohan to check his social media profile and see if Meera wished him happy birthday. He checks and gets sad that Meera did not wish him.

Precap: Abhishek gets disheartened seeing Meer and Aman hugging each other. Meera plans a party with Abhishek’s siblings.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Lovely episode ramu n abhi scene hats off to writer.As i said ramu s looser but he didnr runaway leaving his family n same were abhis feelings for ramu aap mujhe nahi chodenge.
    Ramus thoughts to mee appeared quite genuine n straightfwd .yes it s difficult for abhi to accept his dad but as he has accepted the other pants with flaws infact given up n his dreams for his them he shd accept his dad. Just for his moms sake .As if abhi does not accept his dad his mom will not b able to move ahead n life as amma said….so once again abhi has to sacrifice his feelings for his family….so sad PJ n ramu both were rocking n that scene

    1. Actually ramu s aware all his family members including his mum consider him looser . that guilt is what i think he s trying to overcome but by wrong means …drinking

      Liked his caring attitude towards abhi n 1st one to wish abhi although people might consider him selfish but atleast he s honest i think n that what matters n relationships.

      1. Atleast he s honest to abhi actually i had tears n my eyes when he says meine jo tumhare saath kiya hain.It takes lots of guts to accept ones fault especially when u r elder than that person….

  2. Felt sorry for meera she just wants a pat n her back from her dad ? n glad her mum doubts meera hasnt whole heartedly agreed for this relationship she might come as a saviour..

  3. Rhea was rite sometimes u have to overlook some flaws n ur life partner but same way ur life partner also has to do same he / she should not try to change you for his / her status n that s what aman s doing……dont change urself for anyone Be urself…..

  4. Why comments take so long to update …nly n ths page

  5. TU margaya kya

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