Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

After her allergic reaction fades away, Meera dances in her guest room on Pretty woman…song.. Anita comes and emotionally says Tusi na jao/please don’t go. Meera says it is Kuch kuch hota hai….dialogue. Anita says she really means it. Meera says she does not want to but has to go. Kapil comes next and apologizes on his father’s behalf and requests not to go. He goes out. Meera follows him and sees all youngsters standing and practicing their lines to convince her. Meera gives same answer. They all leave sadly.

Meera peeps out of room and sees Rohan’s friends taunting if he celebrated birthday with his girlfriend. Rohan taunts them back that they both look like each other’s girlfriend. They call him mad and leave. Meera comes out

and praises him that gave nice answer to his friends. Rohan runs into home cring. Meera asks Mona why did he run. She says he is angry on her as she did not have breakfast with him and he did not celebrate birthday.

Abhishek goes to Meera’s room with breakfast and her ordered gift. She likes gift and says she was searching it since a long time. He says it was difficult to get, but he got it. He requests her to stay back. She says she will if he convinces him in SRK’s style. He in SRK’s style says please don’t go, closing his eyes. She leaves silently seeing Balram coming. Balram hugs him and says he is not going anywhere. Abhishek opens eyes and feels embarrassed. Balraj says everyone is waiting for him and takes him home. Family decorates house and celebrate Rohan’s birthday. Meera and other stay home guests attend party. Rohan takes Abhishek and cuts cake. Youngsters fight they need cherry piece. Daadi says they did not sing happy birthday at all. Family sings.

At Meera’s house, her dad invites minister for Meera’s birthday party. Mom orders cake and asks dad to call photographer to click pics with minister.

Meera at Rohan’s birthday party thinks nobody wished her birthday. Ramraj tells Daadi thaat she should praise her as he handled situation. Daadi pats his back and scolds Abhishek for being careless with Meera’s olive oil. Meera hears that and says uncle did mistake and not Abhishek. Ramraj says he did it by mistake. Meera says it is okay and suggests him to accept his mistake next time. Daadi asks guests to go back to their rooms and warns family not to make any mistakes again with guests. Meera goes out and over phone informs Aman that she will stay in Panth Home Stay itself.

Precap: Meera’s parents get very happy hearing Meera accepted Aman. Dad says he is very proud of her. Meera travels in Aman’s car and he while trying to touch her hand rams car on Abhishek. Meera shouts Abhishek…..

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meera s so cute.all siblings so cutely try to chg her mind.

  2. Priyanshu was so gud n shahrukh style ..cute

  3. I think aman wil run away from meera once he knows she s madness ki dukan.
    The way he asks abhi that s ths meeras room seeing clothes everywhere.

  4. Rohan likes meera so much as she behaves with him like he is childish she does not try to put sense n him but appreciates his POV like abhi.does.

  5. Loving this show.

  6. Wow. Meera is for happiness. How can she leave Pant house, happiness ki dukan. I think she is going to realise soon her goal.

  7. How come Abhi gets a present for Meera, which she likes? There is some connection over there. Why Meera, supposedly open hearted, did not tell Pant house about her birthday? Anything behind this.

  8. Loads of entertainment in this show. Waiting to see the Home secretary’s reaction after he comes to know about Meera going for Abhi instaed of Aman. I think Meera will not fall in love with him but as per her casual style, she will marry Abhishek just to enjoy Pant family.

  9. This serial reminds me so of suhaana from sasuraal genda phool she was so like meera both characters bit similar..

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