Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera speaks to her sister Ria over phone and asks her to chat with her whole night as she knows she cannot sleep alone. Ria says she has to go for trekking in the morning, so will sleep now. Meera says she will sleep looking at her pic then and thinks of watching movie. Abhishek comes and says he knows she cannot sleep alone, so.. Meera asks if he wants to sleep in her room. He calls Anita and says she will sleep with her and warns her not to keep her makeup kit open as Anita is obessed with makeup kits.

Abhishek then goes to his room and wishes happy birthday to Rohan. Rohan asks if he will get his gift. Abhishek says yes and sleeps on bed. Rohan says he wants to invite his friend Meera for breakfast tomorrow. Abhsihek says yes. Rohan says he wants her to become bhabhi.

Abhishek in deep sleep says okay and falls asleep.

In the morning, Abhishek wakes up first and wakes up Daadi. Babli wishes happy birthday to Rohan and his papa sent him blessing. Rohan angrily says he needs only her blessings. Daadi wishes him and gives him choc. He gets very happy. Abhishek sees Balraj forcing Sona to exercise and sends him out saying Mona is calling him. He then asks Avni to go and wake up Anita and Meera.

Avni goes to Meera’s room and wakes up Anita yelling at her. They both then see Meera sound asleep and thinks something has happened to her. They try to wake her up. Ria calls Meera and they shake her and say someone has called. Meera picks call and Ria says Aman is coming to meet her and she should look her best. Meera says yes and prepares peanut oil facepack thinking it is olive oil.

Rohan tells family that he has invited Meera for breakfast. Abhishek takes tea and biscuit to Meera’s room with Rohan. He hears sound from bathroom and thinks Meera is inside and invites her for breakfast on Rohan’s birthday. Anita comes out instead and Abhishek scolds her. Meera comes and asks what are they doing here and hurriedly picks her clothes to get ready. Rohan tries to invite her for breakfast and asks ifshe is going somewhere. Meera says to meet her friend. Rohan gets very sad. Abhishek takes him out and says Meera has come here with some work and they cannot think her as Meenakshi and force her their wish.

Precap: Meera’s gets allergic reaction due to peanut oil facepack. She asks Anita and Avni to not let Aman into her room. They both stop Aman. Family then surrounds Meera and try herbal remedies on her. Aman says it is enough, he will book 5-star hotel room for Meera and will pick her in the evening.

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    Sad to see lack of comments! This shoe is awesome.

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  3. very nice show..and such an amazing family

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