Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhishek tries to speak to Daadi and she tries to ignore him. He asks reason. She says he should forgive Yograj and move ahead.

Meera gets ready for party and tries to leave with Ria and Sanjay when her sandal heels breaks. Ria says it is gifted by Aman and she should fix it somehow. Sanjay says they are getting late and should leave, he will inform Abhishek to fix sandals and drop Meera to the venue.

Abhishek comes to Meera’s room and asks her to remove even other heels. Their conversation starts. He fixes heels with glue and gets taxi for her. They both travel in car. Meera starrts her illogical talks. Abhishek continues answering her. They reach party venue. Meera asks if she should go in or not. She says she is like a flower and will make this boring party pleasant, so she should go in. She goes in. Taxi driver asks if he wants to come back. He says yes. Meera asks him to wait for her. He says driver he will stay back here and pays driver.

Aman eagerly waits for Meera. Meera enters. Ria says Aman his partner came. Aman introduces Meera to his friend. Friend says Aman he is lucky to get such a beautiful partner. He asks what does Meera do. Aman says she is Meera Raizada, so will study IAS. Meera walks aside and tells Ria that she did not even pass her degree. Aman hears that and asks what is this. Ria says she will explain. Aman asks Meera not to embarrass in front of his friends and leaves angrily. Meera goes back and behaves well with Abhishek’s friends. Abhishek says she was superb and won her friends’ heart. Meera says it was not her and says she cannot pretend any more and runs from there removing her sandals and holding them in handss. She comes out of party venue and sees Abhishek still waiting for him. She calls him and he turns.

Precap: Abhishek’s siblings celebrate his birthday and ask him to wish something. Abhishek imagines Meera. He looks at his social media account and sees Meera not wishing him yet.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Please write the updates clerarly. So many mistakes.

    1. It is not Abhisek’s friends, it is Aman’s friends etc. HAte U TU for slow response.

  2. Meera really looked nervous today. I think a close romantic scene is there to come shortly.

  3. Wow what an episode nicely shown meanded relationships r never meant to b together.

    1. ya u r right goldie

  4. Vow aman keep doing what ur doing ur r actually making a way for abhi to meeras heart.

  5. Abhis smile to die for PJ superb ?

  6. Meera saying to Abhisek about changing of face color was superb. R U in love. When he said yes, there is some change of expression on Meera’s face.Have u noticed.

    1. Hnm meera has feelings for abhi but i thi k shes not sure abt them

  7. Why Meera told Abhisek to wait?

    1. As i think she knew she cannot pretend for llong as what she s not n wud want to leave …

  8. What contrast n the leads one just wants to b happy with no goals r responsibilities n life but the other despite having goals cannot b happy s burderenwd by responsibilities

  9. yr itna late update kyu krte ho… jldi kiya kro… 2 hr ho gye

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