Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera enters with Abhishek’s siblings and stops Abhishek’s marriage. Abhishek gets out of mantap seeing her. She asks how can he not understand her feeling and says she loves him. Abhishek gets very happy and says even he loves her. Ramraj and Madhu shout he has to marry Radhika. Abhishek’s siblings surround Abhishek and Meera.

Meera’s family reaches and dad tells Meera that marriage is not a 6-month course that she will change if she does not like it. Meera says she really loves Abhishek and wants to marry only him. Madhu shouts Abhishek cannot ditch Radhika and starts badmouthing about Meera. Abhishek warns her that he will not listen anything against Meera.

Madhu and Ramraj force Abhishek. Babli from balcony asks Abhishek to listen to his heart and marry Meera as Rahika is not compatible for him. Madhu yells she is commanding from first floor and does not any work. Babli says so what, she is Abhishek’s mother and only she has right to decide his future. Ramraj yells even Yograj came and showed his rights and then vanished, now she is showing her rights, when it comes to work, nobody comes forward.

Meera’s dad Prahlad says Meera that he cannot let her marry in this dramatic family. Daadi gets angry and yells that whatever they are, they are fighting in their home, but he left his daughter like a directionless horse to ruin Abhishek’s life. Prahlad tells Meera let us go from here. Abhishek tries to convince daadi.

Precap: Abhishek signals siblings that Daadi agreed. Meera says Prahlad that Daadi agreed and tries to run towards Abhishek. Prahlad drags her back.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This daadi could not raise her own kids properly and she condemns others.

    1. Latha

      Yes Maggie well said daadi couldn’t raise her sons properly but she is taking wrong about meera

  2. Please continue with this serial. Only morons can’t appreciate such a wonderful serial. Each moment in the serial is a song, a movie. The lead actors are wonderful. A fresh, entertaining serial in a long long long while. Please don’t stop the serial.

  3. Latha

    Please don’t end the show. Please please continue. This show something different comparing to other serials. A fresh and really a relief from usual dramas. Both the leads pj and Nikitha are doing good. Please don’t stop the serial.

  4. Another serial has been extended because of the hate mail the makers/channel received. We can’t do that. But please don’t end this beautiful show. Am NEVER EVER going to watch the sick show that is scheduled to replace this show.

  5. Pyaar ka ahsaas is hide n seek champion …meera epic n chilli paneer was offered at rite time haa just was smiling ear to ear whole episode .

  6. What a befitting reply frm meera to chachi how can u choose between ur zubaan n dil .

  7. Meera calling abhi tube light n abhi sayg he so many times indirectly said to her but….loved their cute lil fi8 shaadi se pehle hi husband wife ki tarah jgagda OMG so cute…

  8. Like abhis standg up 4 meera against madhu chachi as
    meera s only abhis now as he knows she loves him …vow abhi u were spot on.

    But 2day meera was the star…thruout ?

  9. Ti think daddy dear s upset only coz abhis family doesnot like meera n amma has no right to badmouth abt meera whn hersons hav grown up to b useless what a hypocrite..amma growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional n sadly u have just grown old..

  10. Vasanti Patnaik

    Bhade Bhaiya ki Dulhaniya is indeed “hath ke ” from ALL serials lemme tell you. All characters have portrayed beautifully! KUDOS TO EACH 1 OF THEM 🙂 Abhi & Meera have stolen away my ♥
    EVERYTHING–their acting, their voice, their persona ALL has TOUCHED my ♥
    The unravelling of the plot & the development of the serial Hats Off 🙂
    Uffff no more words to express ….

  11. Mind blowing episode. Meera tusi cha gayi yaar.

    1. Latha

      Yes dear it was mind blowing episode.

  12. Finally Dil ki bhasha in male voice again. Loved the timing.

  13. Do din se same dress me. Not taken bath. Naughty girl.

    1. Latha

      Haha yes she has not changed the dress and taken bath well noticed spk

  14. A liitle more involvement of chiller party in discussion wld have been great.

  15. I think to cut short the show, things are rushed a bit but OK.

  16. So many people are against dadi today, but it happens. Its reality. She has lost her son due to such reasons, hence the reaction. Otherwise she loves Abhisek. That is what is unique in Pant family. Everyone thinks for their own benefit, no one cares about Abhisek, the lone earning member of the family. Still they can show their haq on everything, which is allowed by Abhisek. This makes Pant family great. Meera initially amisfit for them, but she will live upto it.

  17. Sad that BBKD ending soon. They should also show the wedding of A&M in Delhi. If it is because of low TRPs than the publicity team didn’t do enough to create the buzz for this show.

  18. This serial is well crafted – funny, quirky, and the characters are well developed. Not like your usual masala serials SONY is showing. Even the new serial replacing BBKD will be the same old, same old. The scriptwriters are very creative and brave to try something different. Actually show can be shown on other time slots, there will be a loyal fan following this serail.

    1. Latha

      Good suggestion panjang the show can be shown on other time slots

  19. Latha

    All pant people are selfish except juniors

  20. Latha

    Meera u nailed the episode and awesomely proposed

  21. Latha

    To end the show the cvs are rushing.

  22. Meera ne kitne bindass way me propose Kiya… Abhi ko…. Yey.. She is so cool… I jus love her

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