Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhishek gives money to Rohan to get olive oil for Meera. Ramraj sees money in Rohan’s hand and asks where is he going. Rohan says to bring olive oil for Meera. Ramraj takes money from him and asks to go and study. He borrow empty bottle from raddiwala and goes to kitchen. Daadi asks Madhu and Rekha to send tea, biscuits and kaju mixture to Meera. Ramraj shouts they cannot give it to for free. Daadi scods him that they troubled Meera already. Ramraj says they should charge next time. Kapil says Meera is very rich and gave 1000 rs to someone as tips. Ramraj fills peanut oil in bottle and asks Kapil to give it to Meera.

Kapil enters Meera’s guest room with peanut oil and says Abhishek gave him responsibilty to take care of her. Meera sees bottle and asks if

they get olive oil loose here. He says yes and starts conversing to get tips from her, but she does not understwand. Anita enters next with tea and snacks. Kapil goes out yelling. Anita tells Meera that it is free and complementary. Meera says she is allergic to peanut and does not need anything with peanut next time. Anita sees her makeup kit and gets excited. Meera insists her to try. Anita happily applies makeup. Meera says she is looking pretty. Anita leaves shyingly.

Abhishek looks at expense book and gets tensed. Babli tries to cheer him up. He goes out and plays mouth organ sadly. Meera listens to music on Ipod and does not like it. Shehears mouth organ music and goes out to check who is playing it. Abhishek hides mouth organ seeing her. She asks who was playing it and says person is sad. He asks how can she say that. She says she studied music for 6 months and can identify person’s mood. He asks what if a person is sad that he cannot keep someone happy. She says that person is a fool as when he cannot keep himself happy, how will he keep others happy. Their conversation continues. Meera sees feather on Abhishek’s nose and asks him to stand still for 2-3 min and blows air on his mouth. Feather flies. Abhishek starts developing feeling for her.

Precap: Meera applies peanut oil mixed facepack to meet her friend Aman. Her face turns black. Rohan enters with Abhishek and asks her where is she going. She says to meet her friend.

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  1. Very slow progress of story.

    1. Yes its slowed down now ..hope nxt week it picks up speed n see some progress n abhiraa relationship.

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