Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhishek returns back home sadly. Pant family asks if Meera did not come back. He sadly nods yes. Meera comes back and says she is not going anywhere, she liked their family. She says she felt when they called her thief and alleged she came to steal temple plates, she cannot even eat on small plates, what will she do with them, they should have called her dacoit. Someone brings her lugguage and she gives him 1000 rs tips. Family is surprised to see this and discuss she is from rich family. Daadi asks if she forgave them. She says they should forgive her for not fulfilling their thinking.

Abhishek takes Meera out to show her room. Guests call him repeatedly and order hot water, bulb change, etc..He shows her room and shows how to lock window, saying locker as chitkani.

Meera says she likes chitkani word and if she bears a girl, she will name her chitkani and if boy then will name bagga, asks if it is cool. Abhishek just stares at her. Meera asks him to smile at least. He smiles and she asks him to smile by heart and not give fake smile.

Babli feels sad that Abhishek’s alliance did not happen even now. All children surround her and try to cheer her up and says even Meera is good. Babli says but how will this allaince happen. They feed her choc and ask her to finish it before Abhishek comes and take even their choc. Abhishek comes and they gulp their chocs. Babli sadly says she is sad that his alliance did not happen. He cheers her up.

At night, Ramraj fights with laborers and denies to pay them. Abhishek handles situaiton and promises laborers to pay them once work is done. Next morning, Abhishek goes to Meera’s room and opens door. His elbow hits Meera’s nose and he gets worried. Meera says it is okay. He sees her clothes all over on bed and tries to clean bed. Meera says she likes this way ands ays even her mom likes room clean, but when they have to get things out why to keep them in back. She starts chatting with him and he looks at her. She asks him to smile and he smiles and says it is real. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Rohan hears mouth organ sound and says bade bhaiya is playing mouth ogan, means he is sad. Meera tells Abhishek that when he himself cannot be happy, how will he keep others happy. She blows air on his face and he stands nervously looking at her face.

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  1. Meera s dialogues r fabulously written.they hav a deeper meaning.she s so cute.

  2. v nice serial….. funny n emotional

  3. Liked the way she opened the window as soon as she enters n the room in a way she s making way to abhis heart though unknowingly.

    As soon as abhi out of the room his smile a genuine one not forced so cute.

    Loving this serial.

  4. Missed the episode, but read it on TU, sounds good.

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