Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abishek takes Meera for sight seeing. Meera asks him to pose for a picture and says statue. He stands looking at her. She clicks pics conversing. Rohan, Avni, Sona, other children tell Babli that they like Meenakshi/Meera a lot. Meera continues talking to Abhishek and he continues looking at her. She calls him Mr. Engineer. He says he is not engineer and got did 1st year, his family always boasts, he runs home stay as manager cum receptionist and 14 people family. She says even she failed in her degree exams twice and cheers him up. Sona calls Abhishek and says taiji/Babli is not feeling well, he should come home immediately.

Babli walks with the help of support and children encourage her. Abhishek rushes with Meera and scolds her why did she exert herself so much.

Babli says she wanted to see Meera and says she is very beautiful. She applies Kajal on Meera’s cheek. Meera says Babli is greater than Neil Armstrong, she applied kajal on her first time like Neil stepped on moon first time. Babli asks Abhishek if he went to temple and where is prasad. Meera gets prasad form her bag and says Abhishek left it in temple, she ran behind him and tried to give it, but slipped and fell. Babli gives it back to her and asks her to keep it.

Meera gets her dad’s call and starts conversing. Babli signals Daadi to speak to Meera’s dad. Daadi takes phone and says she is boy’s grandma. He says he is 2 girl’s father. She says her grandson Abhishek.. Dad says Aman, if he likes his daughter marriage will be fixed soon. Daadi says who Aman. He says her grandson and he is Meera’s father. Daadi says Meenakshi. He asks who Meera and asks to give phone to his daughter. Abhishek says Avni he told her she is Meera and not Meenakshi. He calls Daadi says she is Meera. Madhu says she saw on crime patrol, beautiful girls like her enter home and steal. Family starts shouting at Meera. Abhishek stops them and says she is Meera from Delhi and is guest at their home stay. Meera angrily walks out. Meenakshi comes with dad. Family asks who are they. Dad days he is Mahaveer, Meenakshi’s father and looking at their family, no father would dare to get his daughter in their familys, and walks out.

Abhishek stops Meera and says her anger is valid, his family is a bit suspicious but very clear hearted. Nobody wants to break her heart and apologizes on family’s behalf. He says she can go, but it wil bring a bad reputation on his home stay and a shame for him. She is the girl who made his mother laugh.. Meera stands thinking.

Precap: Abhishek returns home sadly. Family asks if Meera went. Abhishek nods yes. Babli holds bridal veil and says she does not know what is in her son’s fate.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bechara Abhisek. Eagerly waiting to see Meera’s rwaction now.

  2. Abhisheks mom s so cute.want meera to stayback n homestay at pant house gog to b total madness wating for it…

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