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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadi comes to Abhishek’s room and sees all children sleeping there. She wakes them and asks why are they sleeping here. They says Bade Bhaiya gave their room to papa. Daadi gets angry that she wanted Yograj to reunite with his family, but… Abhishek gives her morning tea, but she leaves saying she does not need it. Ramraj takes tea from him.

Meera continues byhearting currrent affairs questions and answers. Dad calls her and she asks dad current affair question. Dad is surprised and says she is very happy for her. She gets excited hearing her dad getting happy for the first time.

Abhishek calls Sanjay and asks to meet him. He goes out and fixes gate light. Sanjay comes and asks why did he call him in a hurry. Abhishek asks if he spoke to Aman

about extension. He says no, Meera’s room. He walks towards Meera’s room reminiscing their meetings. He sees Meera, says I love you, and hugs her. He then realizes it was just his imagination. Sanjay then comes behind Abhishek. Meera comes and Sanjay asks her to get ready for Aman’s party. Meera sees Abhishek and walks towards him, but stops seeing Aman coming. Abhishek tells Aman that they are his special customers and he is happy to serve them. Aman rudely asks to bring coffee. Abhishek sadly leaves. Aman gives flowers to Meera and says they are very expensive and asks to smell them. Meera smells. He also asks her to get ready soon for party.

Yograj performs daily pooja. Baljraj does exercise passing flatus. Ramraj asks him to control and clear his tummy. Balraj says it is not him and blames Daadi. Daadi says Yograj did pooja today. Madhu says she prepared special dish for Yograj. Ramraj says Yograj is the reason for bad smell then. Rohan comes and Daadi asks him to take prasad. He looks at Yograj and runs from there. Abhishek comes and Daadi asks him to take prasad. Madhu comes with Rohan’s lunch box. Ramraj takes lunchbox and asks Abhishek to go and give it to Rohan. He goes out and sees even Mona searching Rohan. They see Rohan with Meera. Mona says Abishek they should keep Meera at Pant Bhavan. She takes Rohan with her. Meera says she was coming to meet Abhishek but stopped seeing Rohan. She says his style of byhearting worked and she even impressed her dad. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Abhishek drops Meera to Aman’s party. Aman’s friend asks Meera what she wants to become. Aman says IAS office. Meera tells Aman she does not want to become IAS officer.

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  1. The show was much more better than update. Lovely song. Abhisek has totally fallen in love but controls thinking about their gap in society. Meera also has some soft corner for Abhi which is going to burst very soon.

  2. Loved the epi very much. I have put that song on loop and cant stop listening it.

  3. Download thwe song from

  4. “Tumhe dekhta hoo toh dar lagta ha
    Na jaane kab neend khul jaayegi aur tum
    ek sapne ki tarah meri zindagi se chali jaaogi
    Tumhe paane ki haisiyat nahi rakhta mai
    Par peeche hatte hue har kadam se ye dil baar baar kehta hai shayad tum mumkin ho
    Kya pata hum mumkin ho.

    1. So nicely these lines depict abhis emotions hats off to the writer.

      1. Abhi plz dont give up abheera s possible only u can complete meera.

  5. So its clear meera helped abhi but potrayed it as if yogi did it for his smooth return n pant family.meera definately has feeelings for abhi but suppressing them for her familys sake.

  6. Like the way aman s dominating meera by doing this atleast his tru colors r shown to meera who might b in a better position to take decisions for her own life than giving that oppurtunity to some person who just wants a arm candy wife.

    1. I think meera needs to take definite decisions now .i think aman might do something which might propel meera to rethink her decision of marrying aman.

      1. Her mom might b the best person to help her as i think she knows meera better bcoz from her looks i think she s not convinced abt meeras decision to marry aman

  7. just started watching the show is rohan having some mental ailment ?

  8. Why comments r not uploading TU so slow disgusting

  9. Comments posted earlier r not uploaded yet ??

  10. Doston ke dushman TU!

  11. I think this not the case for other shows.

  12. MAybe admin is different for different shows and he/she may be getting biased.

  13. Aman shd get a slap frm Meera to start behaving her as her wife and so dominating. I hate him.

  14. Precap suggest Meera wld run away frm the party and surrender to the open arms of Abhi. Wow!!! That wld be quite a scene.

    1. I think surrender is not the right word. I am still thinking.

  15. is rohan having some mental illness?

    1. Dont think so he goes to same school as mona just a different child who watches everything around him with a different vision.

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