Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan brings Meera home. Pant family thinks she is Meenakshi and they int g roduce themselves to her. Rohan goes to Babli and says she likes her and she will be Bade bhaiya ki dulhania. He takes out chunri and asks her to give it to bhabhi. Babli holds his hand and says if all her qualities match with 5 fingers, she will be Abhishek’s dulhania. Fami…ly surrounds Meenakshi and start questioning her. She gives right answer and mesmerizes them. They serve her samosa. She says it is oily but tasty, she likes baked and even prepares one for heself. Madhu says 4 samosas can be baked but not for 14 people. She says she baked 900 during party. She tells about falling in temple, getting new dress for 253 rs, etc..and then says she will recommend this place to her

friends also. Daadi says she is final..She gets confused.

Babli tells Rohan that he got bade bhaiya ki dulhania and gives chunri to Avni to dorn on Meera. Meera thinks it is their way to greet guests. Daadi asks why did not Abhishek come yet. Abhishek comes and realizes Meera is guest and not Meenakshi. Meera prays in front of god’s photos at home. Abhishek strikes conversation.

Family starts arguing. Sona and cousin bet she will match family’s requirement. Meera thinks she should stop them from arguing and asks if her eyes are in the middle. They look at her carefully. She says sorry, they can continue and says this house is house because of family, else it is just 4 walls. Family gets more impressed. Daadi asks Abhishek to show her Pant house and home stay. Abhishek tells Avni that she is guest and not Meenakshi. Avni asks then where is Meenakshi.

Abhishek takes Meera out of house and sees laborers building wall shouting and gets embarrassed. He takes Meera for sight seeing and apologizes on his family’s mistakes. She runs and looking at scereny and standing at cliff end point says she can see whole Devpur, this place is so amazing. She enjoys cool breeze. Abhishek walks looking at her.

Precap: Abhishek tells Meera that he is not an engineer and runs his house 14 members with great difficulty, explains all the misunderstanding and apologizes on behalf of family. Family discusses Meera must be thief who wants to loot house by impressing them.

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  1. Abhishek n meera so cute.liked the way meera gels with pant madness loving it..

    1. Are you from Sydney?

    2. I know right… It’s like as though she is a part of the family. ^_^

  2. Good episode can’t wait for tomorrow
    At least entire family likes her.
    Besides first impression is best impression.
    Keep it up meera

  3. Interesting comic show so far so good. But the sound is irritating. Not able to hear the dialogues clearly.

  4. Loved the way meera gets approval from each family member aas abhisheks dulhaniya.

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