Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

There was no telecast of Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania today due to 1 hour episode of Ek Rishta Sajedhari Ka.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. FAB! Marvelous.. First of all the bad news I just got and then this, BBKD couldn’t air cause of EKSK’s Maha episode? I am not blaming the other serials for any of this but what is being done to this serial and what was done to the serial before this was really unfair. This is not how to treat a serial. Even if a serial gets low TRP the directors and the writers continue dragging it until they get the required TRP, some examples include Swaragini, Susraal Simar Ka.. The directors continue dragging the serials until they get successful in getting the TRP’s.. The casts give their best to the serial and their fans. They work hard for the serial to get the love from the fans and at the end this is how the serial is treated.
    Gosh.. Believe me guys, I am so mad right now at Sony Tv. I still remember the time when I got the news that Amir Dalvi would be leaving Parvaarish and he was killed in the show. Then the new track started about the kids ramming the car into some boy, which they actually didn’t. This track didn’t get that much of the popularity. Infact people said and even I said in one of the analysis that Parvaarish 1 was much better than this season. But they could still continue it. They had 2 tracks yet to be discussed but they didn’t even announced that it was going to be Parvaarish’s last episode and telecasted it like a normal one. How we got to know that it was the last one.. Thanks to Jitender’s (Aditya’s) blogs. Even the cast didn’t know that the serial was going to end all of sudden. The serial was planned to end on 18 something, but it ended earlier, we don’t know why? All we know that is the serial ended in a total confusion. Even the person posting the written episodes on this website of Parvaarish Season 2 didn’t upload the last episode. It was updated by some visitor.. This explains very well how upset it made us feel.
    The promo’s of the new serial (BBKD) were already being telecasted at that time. I found Meera’s charcter kinda interesting. Her style, her way of taking things so positively.. Enjoying life as it is.. All the stuff was so cool but I didn’t really like Priyanshu at first. I thought he wasn’t that attractive and I even thought the same about Namita a.k.a Meera. I totally regret that now.. Once the serial started and I watched the first episode cuz I just couldn’t figure out what to do after Parvaarish season 2 ended. I was like what am I supposed to do now with my life. So I finally decided to watch the new serial.. You know how you get attached to a serial, that is what happened with me. I was really attached to Parvaarish Season 2 so it did took me some time to get into the new serial but I loved it after wards.
    I realized that I was wrong.. I was wrong about Priyanshu and Namita. I literally cursed my self for thinking wrong about them.. No matter what type of charcter they play, they were superb and they always would. It feels so odd when I say were. Just to justify my statement I would like to add a dialogue of Radhika when she saw Abishek working with his jacket off:
    “Humain kiya pata tha ke Ajay Devgan ki kameez ke neeche Akshay Kumar chupey hain.” ? I was like, “You are so good at comparing Radhika Di but stay away from Priyanshu, okay? He is only Meera’s” ??
    I fell in love with the title track of the serial the first time I heard it. I still remember when I attempted my Mathematics exam while humming the title track BBKD. It made the exam so fun.. ??
    The moment I came to know that Priyanshu and new Tannu (Shivani a.ka Tanuja from Kasam) are really good friends in real life I was like if Shivani quits Kasam.. Please bring her in BBKD. Then she and the chiller party can help Meera and Abhi unite. ❤️?
    Oh.. How can I forget the chiller party.. They are wonderful actors. Love them to the core. Hats off to them cuz they are surely gonna prove be helpful in making Abhi and Meera unite. ✨?
    This serial has literally given me memories. Me and my Mom enjoyed it together every weekday while having our dinner. We used to laugh hard on Radhika’s over flirting and the chiller party’s jokes and stuff. ??
    The reason I am writing all this down is.. it is.. Okay! So a few mins ago I read Priyanshu’s insta update and.. I found that he.. He had posted a video with Namita. I did read the caption but didn’t get it well. I didn’t watch the video but without voice cuz I didn’t have my headphone near me and I just couldn’t gather the courage after what I read next.. My eyes just saw what they shouldn’t have.. My eyes caught a hashtag below the caption #BBKD #lastepisode #7OCT. I kid you not.. I lost the grip on my phone and I was just like staring at the wall thinking like, “what did I just read?” I read the post again and.. It actually had the same hashtags. I searched for the posts with similar hashtags and there were many of them. So.. ?
    I read the comments and many people mentioned how the show couldn’t get that much of the TRP! Why.. Why doesn’t it always happens to the best serials? First Parvaarish and how BBKD? What if people don’t watch this show much, what about us? What about people who watch this show? Who was attached to it, like me? ??
    Guys.. We need a proper needing with a peoper marriage. We want Chachi Ji and Dadi to accept Meera even when she is from a rich family. We want Meera’s family to whole heartedly with their best wishes bid bye to Meera, leaving her with Abhi.. Happily married! ❤️
    We want to chiller party to celebrate their Bade Bhaiya’s marriage along with our brave girl Meera. We want to see Aman’s face seeing Meera happy with Abhi. And most of all.. I really want Abhi’s elder bro to come back. I still remember when he once told Rohan how he felt really alone when his elder bro left the house after his dad and married another girl. It would be the best thing ever if Abhi’s elder brother pays a surprise visit to him on his marriage day! ?? I would be so glad and happy if that happens.. This would to lead to a perfect and happy ending of the story instead of just ending it abruptly. And please please please… Do I from the viewers this time that it’s gonna be the last episode when they air it. We really don’t watch another improper ending and a fuss to be created! ??
    (I never typed such a long comment on any of the websites before.. ??)
    Anyways.. KUDDOS to Meera, Abhi and the chiller party plus the rest of the cast and crew for providing us with such an entertaining show that became the part of our life. ?

    1. Hey!! after reading your comment, I couldn’t really believe its going off air.. so soon..

    2. Beyhadh will be replacing Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhaniya.. Oh GOD!!
      I’m okay wid Beyhadh but why should it replace this.. How sad it is!

  2. Latha

    Hai Alisha whatever you have said is 100 percent correct and true. Myself and my daughter love the show so much. But after seeing the news that bbkd going to end on 7 Oct is hurting too much. Really I like Meera’s and pj’s acting from the 1st episode. I love pj very much his soft nature and he never hurts anybody.

  3. I dnt believe its going off air….it ws entertaining and no stupid kind of melodrama n sony ppl saying that there r not audiences… is that possible.?i really really liked meera n abhishek….not liking it going off air soo v soon….won’t be watching beyhadh….huhh

    1. Latha

      Me too not liking the show is going off air

  4. It’s really unfair it’s Such an amazing serial don’t stop it guys….

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