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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhishek goes to hanuman temple and prays hanuman ji to fulfill his mom’s wish. Pandit says his mom’s wish will be fulfilled for sure. He leaves. Meera prays hanumanji next that she goes to Delhi’s cannaught place temple. Abhishek while wearing shoes fixes a boy’s shoes and runs telling he is getting late. Meera sees him forgetting his prasad cover and runs behind him, but alls down and stains her clothes. Panditji asks what happened. She says she was trying to return that dhoti boy’s prasad bag who was praying for his mother’s wish. He says he stays near his home at Pant bhavan, he will return it. Meera says she is going to Pant Bhavan home stay and will return it.

Rohan cries sitting outside house. His sibling calls him, but he

does not go in. Daadi scolds Madhu that Rohan is a kid and she should not have scolded him. She then tells nobody will question Meenakshi as she wants Abhishek’s marriage fixed this time. Madhu says Meenakshi will help her in kitchen, so she will ask 1 question. Babli says she is Abhishek’s mother and will ask one question, Rekha says same. Ramraj says he will divide onion into 3 parts and give distribute it to Madhu, Babli, and Rekha, whoever will cut onion first will get an opportunity to question meenakshi. Babli says no and emotionally tells Madhu that even she is Abhishek’s mother and has right to question Meenakshi. Madhu gets emotional.

Meera goes to cloth shop and after a bit drama buys dress and pays shopkeeper in coins. Shew asks where is Pant house. He smiles. She goes to change. He prays hanumanji to save this girl from Pant family and them from this girl. Meera then walks on street. Abhishek passes by and does not notice Abhishek. Abhishek gets Sanjay’s call who says his guest Meera’s bag is missing and he has to handle carefully. Abhishek says not to worry. Meera gets her dad’s call and she starts coversing.

Meera walks on street. Rohan’s friends taunt him that he is still kid. Rohan says he is not. They ask him to hold Meera’s hand. He goes and holds her hand nervously. She looks at his friends and asks if his friends asked him to hold her hand, what if they ask him to jump from building will he. He says no, they are not his friends. She says she is exactly like him, understands some thing and does not some. She continues conversing and asks where is Pant house. He says even he stays there and will take her there. She walks holding her hand. Mona via balcony sees them coming and shouts Meenakshi came holding Rohan’s hand. Ramraj says Meenakshi is second to like Rohan after Abhishek.

Precap: Meera says she does not have joint family and likes it a lot. Daadi asks to join their family then. She says if it is in her control, she will tomorrow itself. Abhishek enters and looks at Meera surprisingly.

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  1. Vow loving ths pant family.meera n abhi so cute couple gud gog team.

  2. Meera n abhishek cute couple lookng fwd to their chemistry …

  3. Luvleen

    I’m really liking this serial! It’s diff and I can truly understand how some large families are like that. I’m looking forward to making this my new fav! ???

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