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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera comes back to her room. Ria asks where was she. Meera says she is waiting to meet Abhishek. Ria asks her to concentrate on Aman, look at him howmuch he was happy with their alliance. Meera says she is feeling weird.

Ramraj tells Abhishek that he did not do anything wrong by evading tax and he should go and convince Aman. Inspector speaks to Aman and tells he cannot hold Ramraj as Ramraj’s lawyer did mistake by trying to bribe Aman and and Ramraj did not. Aman says it is Ramraj’s gimmick. Inspector says he will interrogate lawyer and take appropriate action. Abhishek reaches Aman’s office and apologizes on Ramraj’s behalf. He gives extension request and asks to sign it. Aman throws it in dustbin and starts badmouthing about Ramraj. Abhishek

warns him to stop badmouthing about his uncle as he values relationships more than anything else. Aman warns him to pay 5 lakhs tax in 3 days, else he will seize his property. Abhishek gets out of cabinn and sees Meera, Sanjay and Ria standing out who have come to meet Aman.

Sanjay goes in and asks Aman if everything is alright. Aman says nothing, Pant family is trying to bribe him. Sanjay says let us go for lunch, he has booked table for them. They all 4 reach hotel and Aman gives diamond set and dress to Meera and says tomorrow he has invited his friends, so she has to wear them. Meera says he is deciding everything alone. He says they are marrying soon, so she should not mind. Meera hopes Abhishek is not like Aman.

Ramraj reaches home and tries to defent himself and blame Abhishek. Daadi warns him not to lie and badmouth Abhishek and asks what did he do with tax money. Abhishek enters and says it is his mistake, he did not give sufficient money to Ramraj, he has arranged loan somehow. Ramraj goes to his room and Madhu asks why did he lie. He says he had to as he fulfilled her demands with tax money. Abhishek comes and Ramraj thanks him for saving him. Abhishek says he did it for daadi and has arranged loan somehow by mortgaging home stay provided Sanjay becomes guaranter. Next day, he meets Sanjay and informs same. Sanjay gets ready to sign has guaranter, but Ria stops him. Meera asks why is he mortgaging home stay. He says he has no other go.

Precap: Meera asks someone why is he getting afraid to go in. Abhishek comes and asks whom she is talking to. Balraj enters with bag and tells family look who has come. Family looks surprised.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Abhishek is an idiot trying to protect his uncle, such people will keeping repeating their crimes until they are made to pay for it.

  2. THANKS MA for the timely written updates.

  3. Didnt like abhi taking all the blame on himself but ss usual dod ot for ammas welbeing..
    What a loser Ramraj s for blaming madhu n his own kids for his wrong doings ..
    Feel sorry for madhu though she alwsys praises herself for what she s doing for the family but definately she didnt deserve this from her women deserves this .
    But alleast he showed some redeeming qualities today when said sorry to abhi..

  4. Aman again proved today he just needs a trophy wife….n liked the way meera sweetly asking him why he s taking decisions for her??

  5. Entry of 14th member in Pant Bavan. Meera has to decide now between Abhisek and Aman.

  6. Please let the song… ” dilki baten.” play at least once a day.

    1. Tru ..

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