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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera gets Rohan’s call who with frightened voice apologizes her. She gets worried for him and asks what happened. He tells her that Yograj is going to sell Pant bhavan to some real estate broker and gives agent’s office address. Meera gets into a taxia and asks driver to speed up like chetak/maharana pratap’s horse. Prahlad fumes that Meera is very adamant and does not even listen to him and went to help Abhishek’s family.

Abhishek sees Rohan very much frightened seeing stick and asks him reason. Rohan reveals that Yograj is going to sell their property to real estate agent and punished him when he heard about his plan. Abhishek rushes to real estate agent’s office.

Radhika comes to Babli and says she will massage her legs. Babli

says no need. Youngsters enter and say Radhika is badi bahu, so should do all household chores and learn them. They mimic Madhu, Ramraj, Rekha, Balraj, etc.. and teach her weird way of greeting elders. Daadi coems and Radhika jumps and dances and touches her feet. Daadi asks what happened to her. All youngsters laugh.

Taxi driver stops car halfway and tells Meera that she has to walk from here or take another taxi. She starts walking asking for agent’s address.

Yograj reaches agent’s office and is about to sell property when Abhishek enters with stick with which Yograj punished Rohan and asks how can he punish his son with his. Yograj is shocked seeing him and says he wanted to teach Rohan to behave. Abhishek asks how can he try to sell their house, how can he betray family. Yograj asks him to give one more chance. Meera also reaches. Abhishek says he is untrustable and will not change with any number of chances, so asks him to leave Devpur right now. Meera says he should think of Babli once and asks Yograaj to call Babli and inform her that he is going out of station for sometime. Yograj calls Babli and informs her. Meera tightly hugs Abhishek.

Abhishek and Meera reach home. Meera gets sad seeing Abhishek and Radhika’s marriage board. Rohan gets happy seeing them. Meera hugs him and then says he should not get afraid of anyone and whatever happens should inform his bade bhaiya, after all bade bhaiya is superman. Rohan smilingly says yes. Abhishek tells Meera she is getting late and gets her a taxi.

Precap: Meera leaves in a taxi with her family. Abhishek’s premarriage ceremonies start. Mona informs siblings that Abhishek loves Meera. Siblings say Meera must have not yet boarded flight, they should stop her.

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  1. Stop her from leaving! I’m so glad that they saved the sale of the house!!

  2. Today’s episode superb and Abhira’s hug was awesome……..?????

    1. Yes. I want to see the scene again and again. Hoped it wld have been longer with bg song na tera kasur……..

      1. She was hugging Aman so unwillingly, but here…..I loved it.

  3. Rohan smartly taken the phone from his father’s pocket and called Meera.

    1. Smart guy. Earlier also he did some tricks with Ramraj when he insulted Abhisek.

  4. Ab ayega maja. The bandarsena will make it happen.

  5. But as per Meera’s character she wont take radhika’s place wo Abhisek’s approval. May be everything is fair in love……

  6. Wanted to see more Abhira scenes before marriage but it is happening so fast. I dont know what is in store. Definitely lots of comedy and drama wld follow.

    1. A little dragging of Abhira scenes wld have been better becoz after marriage the thrill ends. There wld not be anything interesting further to see except the family drama and all.

  7. SAD NEWS BBKD is gog off air n oct n Behad wil replace it .?

    1. No problem. We enjoy that is imp. Short is best in fact. But very short looks rushy.

    2. So sad news bbkd is going off air I think behad will replace edkv.

  8. Amans chapter closed yogi chapter closed it sounded all so rushed actually laast 2 weeks i cld watch bbkdh but when i watched few epi for some reason somethngs felt rushed .dont know not njoying any more

    1. I am enjoying though. Whatever left in life is to be enjoyed wo worrying abt past or future.

  9. Let c how meeras realisatn s executed .hope news s false

  10. Yeh Abhisek to hathiyar dal chuka hai. Meera only can make it happen. Darpok.

  11. Spoiler alert is very good. Meera with hockey stick to stop marriage. Wow!

  12. Wanted to see more abhira scenes

  13. I think pant junior’s are going to unite our Meera and Abhishek.

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