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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Pant bhavan, Babli opens her suitcase and looks at bridal sari, thinking she will give it to Abhishek’s wife. Rekha while doing household chores yells that her nails will break. Daadi gives choc and asks her to give it to Babli. Madhu yells and daadi gives one to even her. Rekha looks and Daadi says he knows she will not have it. Rekha gives choc to Babli and Bablie refuses. Daaadi loudly says to take it and reminisces when Babli was newly married and used to fight for sweets. Family’s drama continues. Daadi says Meenakshi is coming and hopes she is perfect match for Abhishek. Rohan brings Meenakshi’s photo. Madhu asks him to give, but he bites photo and throws it.

Anit gives tailor bill to Ramraj and refuses to bring it looking at price. Sona

calls Balraj and asks to fix washroom tap as he needs to go to washroom. Balraj is busy exercising. Abhishek comes down hurriedly to go to temple. Ramraj and Balraj stop him and with emotional atyachar convince him to get plumber and Anita’s clothes. Abhishek agrees. He on the way meets plumber and sends him home to fix tap.

Meera convinces Ria and her boyfriend Sanjay to let her stay at Devpur for sometime and insists to see hunuman temple. Sanjay books Abhishek’s guest house and gets her taxi to go to hanuman temple.

Rekha braids Anita’s hair with hair straightener and says she is looking very pretty and all boys will fall for her. Daadi passes by and comments even will become waste bodies and kaamchor. Anita comments like Balraj uncle. Rekha sees Rohan and asks him to hold straighter and leaves. Avi comes and looks at Anita’s jewelry and their fight starts. Rohan burns Anita’s hair with extesion. She shouts. Madhu comes and twists Rohan’s ear.

Abhishek calls home and tells Avni that guest Meera is coming to stay and to take care of her well untils he comes. Meera travels in car and sees driver yelling at his wife over phone. She asks if he is newly married and starts her lecture how to handle new marriage. Driver says looks like she has a lot of experience. She says she has attended many marriages. She insists to drive and asks him to sit in backseat and speak to his wife. Car does not start. She gets out and hears temple bell and asks localities where is temple. They show direction. She pays driver and starts walking.

Abhishek reaches temple and prays god to get him a dulhania/bride as per his mom’s wish. Meera comes and stands behind him.

Precap: Daadi warns family not to question Meenakshi. Meera enters and everyone thinks she is Meenakshi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Finally the hero and heroine will meet.
    Yes, bade bhaiya ki dulhania and the bade baht of Pant family is here.
    Best of luck to you, Meera.
    You have a lot of work to do in order to fulfil your sasural’s expectations, but you will succeed as I am with you.
    Never give up. You will face challenges but with time you will overcome them.
    Make you enjoy your love life before marriage because it is more spicy then with alot of romance.
    I look foward to the other episodes.
    I am loving it.
    All the best to the crew of the show.
    My support is always with you and will always be through thick or thin.
    Always remember I love you.
    Let this message be your motivation to reach higher heights.

    I wish you all the success in life.
    May all your dreams come through.

    Love Always.
    Your number 1 fan.

  2. Hi, it is me again.
    I wrote that message to motivate the team and express my feelings about the show.
    I hope that my message have touched your heart and that you all will continue the good work for your viewers and fans.
    Thank You.

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