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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera says goodbye to each Pant family. She tells Madhu that she will miss her world class kheer and tells Radhika that she is lucky to have Abhsihek as life partner. She walks out thinking why she is feeling weird leaving this place. She gets into taxi. Prahlad says driver let us go. Driver says something is in dickie. Prahlad says what will be there, let us go. Rhea says even she feels something is there. Meera gets down, opens dickie, and sees Rohan in very frightened who requests her to take him with her as his papa punishes him severely. Prahlad asks what is this, who is this boy. Abhishek comes and seeing Rohan asks him to get out of car and get inside home. Rohan is very afraid. Whole Pant family gathers. Meera asks Yograj what did he do with Rohan. Yograj

widens his eyes and frightens Rohan again. Rohan says he did not say anything. Daadi alleges Meera that she brainwashed Rohan against Yograj and asks Prahlad to take his daughter from here. Meera asks why would she do anything. Abhsihek shouts it is enough and asks her not to interfere in his family matters. She says she thought they are fight, anyways he should speak to Rohan once he gets free from his busy schedule. She leaves with family.

Abhishek goes to Babli and talks emotionally. Radhika on the other side thanks Rohan for getting Meera out of Abhishek’s life with his drama. Rohan pushes her. She calls him mad. Mona sees them and asks Radhika if she called Rohan mad. Radhika says she told she loves them all madly and silently slips away. Mona tells Sona and Avni that something is wrong, they need to teach Radhika a lesson.

Madhu sees Abhishek and tries to fix pagdi on his head and badmouths about Meera that she brainwashed Rohan. Rekha says what if she is right as Rohan looks afraid all the time now a days. Madhu continues badmouthing about Meera. Abhishek angrily leaves.

Rohan hides in a room. Yograj enters and speaks to real estate agent that he is getting Pant house’s property papers to his office in the evening. He sees Rohan and acting as pampering him warns to keep his mouth shut, else he will punish him. Abhishek enters and sees wooden rod on floor and picks. Yograj gets tensed and takes it from his hand. Rohan gets afraid and hides behind table. Abhishek thinks why is Rohan so much afraid seeing this wooden rod.

Meera’s family stop for a lunch at a restaurant. Prahlad warns her not to keep any contacts with middle class people and should stay away from Pant family. Meera says papa is a fool. Mom asks why she is misbehaving with dad. Prahlad says Meera wants to prove something. Meera asks how does he know. He says he is her dad and can understand her expressions. She says even she can understand Rohan’s expressions. His expressions and words were not matching. Prahlad asks him to stop thinking about Pant family. Rohan calls Meera and says I am sorry.

Precap: Meera rushes to Pant bhavan in a taxi asking driver to speed up like Maharana Pratap’s horse Chetak. She reaches Pant bhavan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ya seriously at least history toh na change kare the log

  2. Immmm sooo eagerly waiting 4 next episode!

  3. This show is such a breath of fresh air. Its different from usual shows. Wel.. yeh… its loosely based on theme of Whats eating gilbert grape… still… its got drama and humor in ryt amounts and the music rocks. The lead male has transitioned well from titu to bade bhaiya very well- quite a contrasting characters. I dont understand y the comment section here is so dull. Can some1 tell me the trp of this show? Im curious to know if the indian audiences prefer to adhere to the same script in different titles( same tashan b/w hero heroin n they marry yet not fall in love til aftr 2-3 yrs of marriage) or if they appreciate this serial too!

  4. It is really refreshing n i love meera character. I wish this yograj character really intentions are soon revealed and hez out of the pant house but everyone is shown so selfish. The only good thing is the chemistry btw the lead and all the kids.

  5. Ohhh meera get there quickly please!

  6. It is not necessary to show all IAS officers like Aman as they are showing Prahlad now. They shd show class. OK. But hatred towards middle class is not a character for an IAS. In fact IAS officers take care of poor and downtrodden in the society. So they are more sensible. I think the writer is missing that angle. Please correct this. So fa they have shown Prahlad as a good person, but if this nature reflects insensibleness.

  7. Jograj wld be exposed and Abhira scenes is in waiting. Meera will hug Abhi but Abhisek wld remind her of her flight timings. Meera wld express her love now. Abhsek wld be warned again by his FIL (wld b).

  8. Just seen one precap where Meera is standing near Abhisek’s bike and talking to him in most girlish way. She is looking very cute out there. Love to watch that upcoming episode.

  9. The expressions of Meera while leaving Pant bavan was very good. Enjoyed the show as usual.

  10. I think Meera’s parents and sister have already sensed that Meera is getting attracted to Abhisek. So what? R they worried that Abhi is from middle class or he is not an IAS. Abhisek shd continue engg. now and become an IAS just to prove them wrong. I think Meera wld persuade him to do so just for her love sake. What Abhisek wld do is to be seen. It is sure that he is avoiding Meera becoz of her parents.

  11. Finally Abhisek & Radhika marrying. What will Meera do now?

    1. Latha


  12. How can Abhisek be so rude with Meera in support of his father & family.

    1. Latha

      Because of too much of frustration abi was so rude with Meera.

  13. The discussion between Abhisek & Babli was heart touching. Hats off to Abhisek for sacrificing so much for the family.

    1. Latha

      Yes it was heart touching

  14. Feel like crying when Abhisek scolded Meera.

  15. Latha

    Hai spk u see how much pain abi is having while Meera was telling that she was leaving pant bavan.

  16. I too love this serial..Its so fresh and different from others..I hope they don’t end it soon…

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