Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priya and her family come to Pant bhavan with alliance for Akshay. Pant family starts questioning girl Priya. Ramraj questions if Ajay has 20 rs and each toffee is 5 rs, how many toffees he will buy. Priya says 4. Ramjraj says wrong answer, Ajay should save money as he stays in a big family. Balraj questions if Vijay travels somewhere, which route he will use. Priya says shortest one. Balraj says wrong answer, Vijay is afraid of hard work. Abhishek handles situation by offering snacks. Ramraj asks Abhishek to show Priya their house. Abhishek walks with Priya and says she must have known by now how much his family loves Ajay and Vijay. Stephanie comes and says her publishers may not like the place as entrance is broken. He saysnot to worry, he will fix it and make her stay

pleasant here.

Akshay goes back with Priya and sees his family rejecting Priya. Priya’s dad says they cannot reject Priya just because he is rich. Daadi says ealier she got her son married to a rich girl and lost her son, she does not want to lose Abhishek. Priya’s dad says he can marry Priya if he leaves his family. Abhishek says his family is not a laundry that he will dispose them off. Priyal’s family leaves.

Abhishek goes to his room sadly. Rohan says he told his socks are unlucky. He says nothing like that. Rohan insists him to play mouth organ and he says no. Rohan goes down crying. Ramraj asks what happened. He says bade bhaiya is sad. All youngsters try to cheer up Abhishek, but he does not. Rohan keeps brick on wall and start building it. Whole family joins and complete wall. Abhishek then plays mouth organ. Daadi and family smile.

Meera gets ready to go to Devpur, Missouri with Ria and her boyfriend. They reach Missouri airport and Meera insists to stay there alone. Ria calls parents and lies that Meera’s baggage is missing and it will take 2 days to get it back, their hotel booking is also cancelled. Meera discusses with Ria’s boyfriend about hanuman temple.

Babli insists Abhishek to go to hanuman temple. He says he has a lot of work. She says okay, but does not give his bike key. Abhishek says Hanuman ji was bachelor, how will he help him find bride. Babli says he is the one who united Ramji and Seetaji. He dresses her leg and says she is always worried about him. Their conversation continues and he leaves for temple. She prays god to get her son’s dulhania in his life soon.

Precap: Abhishek prays hanuman idol to make him meet his dulhania/bride. Meera comes and stands behind him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Different so far gud going.abhisheks family is crazy…but cute .with meeras entry its gog to b fun loving it.

  2. Tu why comments r not uploaded

  3. Interestng so far different story..abhisheks family s crazy but cute n meeras entry s gog to b fun.loved the way family tries to cheer abhishek.

    Abhishek wants to keep everyone happy in family which s a difficult job.

  4. Lovely hanuman mandir. Please let me know the location of the same.

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