Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ramraj reaches municipality office and gives 25000 rs to his lawyer to bribe officer to close 3 month’s income tax fees.

Abhishek and his siblings arrange breakfast for Meera, Ria, Sanjay and Aman. Ria sees spicy food and Sanjay may not like it. Abhishek says he likes, not to worry. Sanjay comes with Aman after a bit drama says let us go from here, as discussed earlier, he does not want Meera to stay here, they don’t know how to behave with customers. Daadi comes and apologizes Meera for her family’s misbehavior. Meera feels guilty that daadi is apologizing her. Aman tells Meera let us go from there and leaves. Meera comes back and sees same person she saw last night near newly built wall and thinks of informing Abhishek.

Aman takes charge as new municipalty officer and looking at Pant house papers and Ramraj’s requests thinks of teaching Ramraj a lesson by filing police complaint for trying to bribe him.

Abhishek is at home. Rohan gets ready for school and asks Abhishek to drop him to school. Abhishek gets a call from police station and speaks seriously. He takes Ramraj and tells there is a call for him from police station and need to go. They both leave on bike while tries to meet Abhishek to inform him about mystery man.

Abhishek and Ramraj meet inspector who informs that a new officer has complained against Ramraj for trying to bribe him and evading 3 years’ property tax worth 5 lakhs. Abhishek asked who is the officer. Inspector says Aman singh. Ramraj asks if he is the one with big eyes and stares like he will eat a person. Inspector says he is a cousin of Abhishek’s friend Sanjay. Abhishek looks at Ramraj. Ramraj asks why is he staring him like he is a thief. Abhishek says damage is already done and how will he pay 5 lakhs now, even Sanjay will back off from performing his marriage at Pant guest house. Ramraj asks him to speak to Aman personally as he is of his age. Abhishek agrees hesitantly.

Precap: Aman yells at Abhishek that his uncle Ramraj tried to bribe him and is expert in doing wrong things. Abhishek says it is enough. Meera waits outside Aman’s cabin with Sanjay.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ramraj needs to go to jail…to teach him a lesson, keeps getting away and abhishek will get himself in trouble

  2. Poor abhi ?happiness doesn’t last long in his life. Dont know how long abhi has to take all the humiliation for his family.

    Again let down by the pants….

    Bonding with riya was some relief todaybut dont think can trust her for too long…

  3. Luvleen

    Just shows how weak n senseless some girls are to let men like Aman control their lives…but it’s so common this sort of poisonous relationships it’s really so sad.

    I think it will get to the state where meera won’t be able to stand up to her dad n Aman till just before her wedding with Aman…

  4. Hate it when people like Ramraj keep committing crimes and are forgiven everytime and get sympathy and support from everyone, and people like Abhishek are forced to become martyrs.

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