Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhishek and Meera take shelter under a shed to escape from rain. Ramraj speaks to his friend and says he is getting money. Kapil gets in and silently gets money envelope from cupboard. Ramraj catches him and asks why did he pick money. Kapil says to return it to the one it belongs to. Madhu comes and asks Kapil to give money to Daadi. Ramraj shouts how will they pay property tax now. She says when Babli can think of her children, why should not she think of her family and gives her jewelry to him. He thanks her and says he is lucky to have her as wife. Madhu smiles.

Rekha massages Daadi’s legs and Balraj sigals her to come out. Daadi continues chatting. Balraj silently takes Rekha’s place and massages legs. Daadi asks how come she became so powerful soon.

Rekha says yes. Kapil gets in and gives money envelope to Daadi. Daadi warns him not to steal money again and says let us give this money to Abhishek and ask him to return money to Abhishek.

Meera starts her witty talk and says he will never see water drop on his nose, they will never enjoy rain. Abhishek shivers in rain, but dorns her his jacket. She says north Indian boys show their machoism and fall flat. Abhishek watches her silently. He tries his phone repeatedly, but there is no network. He tries to light wet wood. She sprinkles perfume on her clothes and burns them for camp fire. He says he cannot understand her, she is burning her clothes now and was worried for a torn paper. She says her friend has a emotional attachment with it and says her friend is a broken toy among good ones, her parents never loved her or had time for her, she wrote a note for her dad in her childhood which her dad did not see, she is keeping it with her since then. Abhishek says it is her. She asks how does she know. He says he knows to hold emotions since childhood and knows she is talking about herself. Their chat continues. Rain stops and he says let us go now. They get on bike and after a distance, he gets network on his mobile and opens it. Meera sees he profile on his screen and smiles. She asks him to stop bike and take reverse as she wants to go to pant house.

Daadi walks to home stay to meet Abhishek. Sona says he is not here. Daadi insists and he says bade bhaiya went to jungle to find Meera as she is lost in jungle. Daadi gets worried and says it is raining, hope they return safely. Aman enters and shouts what did they do with Meera. Ramraj with Balraj enters and asks how do they know, Meera checked out of home stay long ago and Abhishek went to search and help her instead. Argument starts. Aman walks out warning them that he will file police complaint if Meera does not return. Daadi gets tensed.

Precap: Ria and Sanjay reach Pant home stay and ask Pant family where is Meera, she did not come home yet. Balraj tries to call Meera, but his phone is switched off. Meera hugs Abhishek from behind while riding and says she will not leave him. Abhishek smiles.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow todays episode was uber sweet n sensible loved it to chore.especially the backgnd score for abhira “yeh dil hain dil ki bhaasha dil hi jaane…..”

  2. Finally thy r friends…

    Loved how sahi made meera understand everyone on this earth s here for a purpose no one is useless.
    Infact thought his analogy of pahad he was describing himself where he had given up on his dreams to become n engineeer n stood like a rock solid mountain for his family .supporting everyone at pant house to achieve their dreams .

  3. Finally madhu put some sense n rammrajs empty brain.

    N so sendible of kapil to return the money .sometimes lil one need to teach elders too what s rite n wrong..

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