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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhishek’s Daadi discusses with family that today is Rhea’s sangeet and Meera’s engagement and Abhishek’s marriage after 3 days, she does not want any complications. She further says until Rhea’s sangeet and Meera’s engagement happens, nobody will let outsiders know about Abhishek’s engagement. Radhika asks Madhu why…. Daadi asks Ramraj and Balraj to go and take care of arrangements. They leave after a bit of complaining. Madhu asks Daadi she wanted to make Meera jealous by announcing Abhishek’s marriage. Daadi scolds to stop behaving like a kid.

Meera’s dad Prahlad tries his contacts to get a central govt posting for Aman and nobody picks call. He sees Abhishek and asks if arrangements are done. Abhishek says

yes. Dad asks why did he meet Meera at midnight. Abhishek says he is thinking wrong, Meera left something in with him, so he went to return her. Dad says either he is trying to act smart or hide somethihing. Abhishek assures him to relax, nothing wrong will happen. Meera sees Abhishek and signals. Dad notices that, gets angry and leaves. Meera thinks she asked a question about Aman to Abhishek, which he did not reply yet.

Rhea’s mehandi ceremony starts. Rekha and Anita bring mehandi and apply it on Rhea and Meera. Rekha sees Meera nervous and asks reason. She says she is feeling as if she is giving an exam. Rekha says life partner’s name is written in mehandi and hidden. Radhika comes and shows her hand to Meera and thinks she should make a photocopy of her mehandi and give it to Meera. Meera’s mom asks Dad if he spoke to any minister. Dad says no. Meera calls him and says she is feeling nervous and shows her mehandi. She sees Abhishek who smiles at him. She thinks why is he giving fake smile. Abhishek wihes world of happiness for Meera. Aman comes with his dad and dad says Meera’s dad that he is happy to hear that he is trying hard to get a central govt posting for Aman. Meera hears that and asks mom why did they hide this issue, Aman is putting papa under stress, she needs to talk to him. Mom says she will talk to Aman.

Yograj speaks to a real estate broker and talks about mortgaging Pant bhavan. Broker sayys he can arrange 50 lakhs against Pant Bhavan and will come there with investor. Yograj says he himself will come there. He enters Rohan’s room and Rohan gets afraid.

Meera tries to pick cool drink glass with mehandi hands. Abhishek feeds her water and wipes her lips. He says she does not want to force him to give answer regarding Aman, but he should not avoid her, if she was not tensed, she would not have questioned him, she is feeling something is wrong, everyone are not happy at all. Abhishek feels guilty.

Meera’s mom goes to Aman’s room and says her husband did not take anyone’s favor in his career and because of his tranfer issue, he is very tensed. Aman says it is okay, he has to postpone marriage date as Meera may not adjust in Devpur and once she adjusts, he will think of marriage. Mom says Meera will adjust anywhere like her mom and she gave good sanskar to her daughter. Aman says Meera is spoilt rich girl who befriend a cheap manager, he is marrying her and doing her a favor, so if no transfer, then…Abhishek gets tea for mom and hears their conversation. Avni loudly tells Abhishek that everyone are waiting for him. Aman walks out hearing this. Mom comes out weeping. Abhishek gives her kerchief. She requests him not tell about this to Meera. He says he is no one to discuss about it, but as a firend Meera questioned if Aman is right for him, he wants her to answer Meera’s question, else as a friend he will.

Yograj tries to speak to Rohan and Rohan tries to hide his face. Balraj comes and takes Yograj. Rohan gets up and asks Babli where is Bade Bhaiya. She says he loves bade bhaiya than her. He runs out searching Abhishek.

Aman stops Meera and says if she needs anything, she should speak to him instead of telling her mom. Mom comes and Aman asks her to explain that she will not get such an understanding son-in-law. Meera asks mom what happened. Mom says nothing. Abhishek signals mom to speak and leaves. Meera thinks mom and Abhishek are hiding something.

Precap: Meera insists Abhishek to tell truth if he considered her as his friend even for a second. Aman proposes Meera with a ring, Meera looks at Abhishek and Abhishek shows her thumbs up.

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  1. Noooo don’t let her get proposed. Aman and yograj need a slap each

  2. Latha

    Still Meera not feeling anything for Abhi only friendship.

  3. Latha

    Now Meera mom knows about Aman and let’s see what she will do.

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