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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhishek promises Meera’s dad that he will keep a distance from Meera. Dad says he hopes so. Abhishek reaches home and Babli says Rohan is having fever. He goes to Rohan’s room and sees him having high fever. He goes to met medicine. Yograj warns Rohan not to utter his secret, else he will punish him. Rohan pushes his hand. Abhishek returns with medicine and asks Yograj what happend too his hand. Yograj lies that Rohan pushed his hand when he tried to pamper Rohan, hopes Rohan accepts him like others.

Meera tells his mother and Ria that Aman is directly asking dowry by asking dad to use his contacts and get him a central govt job. Ria says Aman wants Meera to stay in Delhi. Meera says Dad did not use his contacts to get her a degree, then why should

he to get a central govt position for Aman. Mom starts thinking.

Babli confronts Daadi and asks why Abhishek has to suffer because of Yuvraj’s mistake. Daadi says Yuvraj left them for a rich woman and she does not want Abhishek to leave them for Meera. Babli asks so she is tying Abhishek anyone just like that without thinking.

Abhishek sees Ramraj, Yograj, and Balraj enjoying alcohol. Yograj tells Ramraj that he did not like him coming back, but like the way he convinced family to agree for Abhishek and Radhika’s marrriage. Yograj says he is saying this because he wants to escape from Madhu’s scolding. Yograj says he is right.

Abhishek then goes back to his room and is about sleep he see someone flashing a torch light. He peeps out and sees Meera asking him to pull her up. He pulls her into his room and asks what is she doing here. She says she needs to talk and says Aman wants a central govt job and is asking to use his contacts. She asks to suggest if it is right. Abhishek reminisces Meera’s dad’s warning to stay away from Meera if he wants to see her happy. He says Aman is thinking of their future. Meera says she always comes to him to get a right answer as a friend and even now expects a right answer form him. He hears daadi passing by, switches off light and silently gets her out. Daadi watches them going. Even Meera’s dad sees Abhishek dropping Meera to her room and walking out.

Precap: Abhishek tells Meera mom’s that Meera asked if Aman’s demand is right, he knows answer and as a mother, even she knows, she should tell answer to Meera, else as a friend he will tell.

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  1. I wish abhishek finds out about his father! Poor Rohan

  2. Can sum1 tel me trp of this serial

  3. These uselesz yogi how low can he stoop to a level threatening his own son .?

  4. Meera has sensed some tension n her family coz of amans demand n soon she will know hope she can mak her decision.
    But still i am surprised how cm meera hasnt asked abhi once why he s marryg rads when she gav him all gyan n following heart n staying happy.?

  5. Babli was so rite n questioning amma why abhi s paying price for his uncles mistake ?? .what an hypocrite amma s suraj ko jalna padta hain for others..

  6. Atleast babli n chillar party knows abhis feelings n r indirectly suggesting him to follow his heart
    I just feel yuck…watchg that rads n her double meaning dialogues.i think cvs brought ths char to b pitched against someone like meera who has no goals m her life n knows nothing but b happy.

  7. Dont know why abhi s becomg like one of those mahan bahus making innumerable sacrifices for his gud for nothing uncles .

  8. But i can see a lil hope now as the way abhi questions her mother to tell meera s ths rite r wrong?? As even i thnk meeras mom n sanjay may b will b the ones who will stand against ths.i m.sure sanjay doesnt know abt amans demand.

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