Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sammy talking to Pihu about some girl. some clip falls down from her purse. Sammy says he still remember Priya aunty used to tie her hairs with the clips and says you looked cute in that. Pihu takes the clip and asks him to lets go. Sammy says he don’t believe why she behaves differently. He asks what is her problem? Why she don’t want to talk about her mom? Pihu says she don’t want to discuss about mom. Sammy says her condition is so bad, anything can happen to her, you shall be with her. Pihu says she don’t know how she feels about her. She says she used to love her like a crazy when she was five, but then her mom didn’t understand her. Then Varun died and she…… She says from the past seven years, her dad and juhi mom did everything

for her. Sammy says are you guilty or you are angry on her. Pihu says she knows that she will be guilty until she is in coma because she is responsible for her condition. She says then Dad will be alone and she feels guilty for him.

Sudhir brings Laptop for Raunaq, and asks him to use it. Raunaq thanks him and says he reads only books. Natasha comes and asks Raunaq, what is going on? She says we want you to get comfortable, but you are not understanding. you didn’t have breakfast, didn’t have chocolate etc. Shipra says this house is his. Natasha says she feels he is living here like a guest. This house is his. She asks him to assists Dadi in kitchen. Raunaq is surprised and says he don’t know anything about cooking. Natasha asks him to wash the utensils. Raunaq tells Shipra to make aloo puri and says he will eat caramel custard and will play games on laptop.

Pihu gets dream about Priya words that Varun might be tortured in the lockup because of her. She wakes up and calls mumma. She looks at the clips and recalls the incident when she insisted Priya to tie the clips.

Shipra comes to Priya and says she got evening headlines for her. She tells her that Natasha brought Raunaq home. She fulfilled this relation beautifully. She says it is strange that Natasha is matured now. They are proud of her. She is right, she is now her daughter. She then tells her about Priya’s kids. She says they are very good and loving. Pihu is in trauma as her marriage broke. Ram handled it well and sent her with Sammy to Goa. Ram handles everything without you. You are very lucky to get him. She says don’t worry about Pihu. She will take care of herself and will come out of the situation. She says her Ram will come into her life. he will take care of Pihu. She cries and asks Priya to wake up to look at the happy morning. She says she is getting old and is now applying night cream to get rid of wrinkles. She cries urging her to wake up.

Pihu calls Juhi and asks whether the wedding preparations is going on. Juhi says wedding is not happening. Pihu asks how can it be possible as Dad promised her. Juhi asks her to come back.

Neha comes to Juhi and your marriage is not happening with Ram, are you upset? Juhi says no. Neha says she knows that she came closer to Ram and it is natural to develop feelings for each other. Juhi says Ram loves Priya. She says I didn’t saw any man who loves someone to this extent. Juhi says this is not right, she became selfish. Neha says so you love him and he loves Priya. Juhi says she don’t want Ram to divorce Priya. Neha says do you give him permission to love Priya. Juhi signs yes. Neha says fatty is lucky, it is incredible that two ladies loves him more than themselves. One side is Priya, who is not with him, but she is hanging on just for him. other side is you, who wants to take care of him. Can sacrifise your love but can’t see his love to break. Why you have done this?

Sammy is with some girl and is celebrating. Pihu comes and says we have to go to Mumbai now. Pihu says she talked to Juhi maa, Dad is not getting married to her. Sammy asks her to relax and says it is Ram uncle decision. pihu says she wants her dad to be happy. Sammy agrees to go back. Sammy tries to book the tickets, he was informed that seats are full. Pihu says she will try. Sammy looks at some girl and smiles. He goes to her and tries to flirt with her. She says I am sure I didn’t meet you before. Sammy says you did my garbage. She asks him to remember her name Suhani. Sammy smiles and says interesting. Pihu says she have to be there, else there will be problem. Suhani asks Pihu, whether she is in problem. Pihu tells her problem. Suhani offers her ticket and says she will go tomorrow. Sammy asks Suhani to give him the cup and he will throw it. She gives. Sammy thinks it will recycle.

Ram asks Suhani, whether the hospital have sent her to take care of his wife. She says yes. Ram then asks her about some papers. Suhani says it is love letter, she kept it safe. She says sir, these are your love letters. Ram looks on surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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