Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Neha and she is very well dressed up for the party.Vikram says she is looking hot and what is the need to wear hot clothes in a boring party. Neha says to make it interesting. Vikram says you are looking good so I thought of staying at home and cancelling the conference, but she drags him to the party saying they cant be unprofessional.

Party Hall:

Neha asks Vikram where are the girls. He shows her and says they are not looking s*xy like you. Someone comes and talks to vikram. Neha asks him to enjoy the party and she asks waiter where is Armaan kapoor? Armaan kapoor comes and introduces himself. neha is quite shocked to see him. She thinks Armaan is just 25 and he looks 70 years. she makes an excuse and goes to Vikram. She asks vikram why he

lied about armaan kapoor coming to the party. She says she came all dressed up to meet him but some 70 years old complimented her. She leaves the party with Vikram.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ram wake up from the sleep and thinks oh my god I was snoring aloud that I myself wake me up. He then looks at Priya and hears snoring voice coming from her. he thinks Priya never snors, what is happening.

Party Hall:

Vikram asks neha what is the matter? Neha leaves. he gets a call from Ram. ram says you said only about hormonal changes but here strange things are happening.
Vikram replies atleast you wife is behaving strangely because of pregnancy but my wife is behaving strangely. He says she is angry with me, she feels i am 40. Ram says she is also 40 naa. Vikram says she is having old age husband syndrome and she is having a problem with my age. Ram asks are you drunk and says he will be mad if he continues to talk to him.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ram says she tolerate his nonsense, talks since many years so cant he tolerate her snoring afterall he loves her. Ram smiles.

Outside the Party hall:

Vikram says how you thought film star Armaan kapoor will come to the party, have you lost it. Neha replies that nowadays film star arrives at any occasion. She says she gets ready for armaan. Vikram says he thought she got ready for him. she says what is the need, you got excited by seeing me in pyjamas. He says you took me for granted. She says she is all dressed up so let go somewhere. Vikram says he is not feeling well, but she insists.
Vikram feels giddiness and neha says she will drive the car. she is concerned for him. he drinks water, neha thinks he is having dehydration. she says she will change his diet. Vikram says dont lecture him and why she is showing concern for him. Vikram says they are married for 20 years and now he dont feel jealous. But Neha feels jealous when he says what she will feel when he gets ready for kareena. She says she will break his bone. They laughs.

Kapoor Mansion:

Pihu wakes up Ram and Priya too joins her. he says he will get up. Priya says he have to take Pihu to school. Pihu starts reading the poem aloud to wake him but he is still sleeping. She shouts in his ears and he wakes up now. Pihu says papa didn’t scold me.

Vikram home:

Neha checks on his fever. he says he is fine but having some weakness. he says he is working from home but afternoon he have to go to the meeting. Neha says he have to go to the doctor for check up. vikram says what is my fault if you misthought of film star armaan kapoor to the industrialist. He says you took me for granted but i am your hero. she says you are my super hero. she ask him to come with him to the hospital.

Kapoor Mansion:

Dadi is packing the school bag and Priya praises her. Dadi asks Ram didn’t you slept well. Priya says he slept much, he wakes up with difficulty. she says she didn’t get sleep nowadays and says she gets jealous of him that he sleeps properly. ram doesn’t say anything. Vikram informs him about the meeting and says he have to go the doctor. Ram thinks how to fulfilled his sleep and what to do. Priya ask him to drop Pihu to school. Priya thinks everything is fine but shows concern for khush.

At the school:

Priya comes to the school and asks Khush why are you standing outside the class. He replies that teacher punished me. he says mamma make me wear wrong dress. Priya says you should have get the letter from mamma. he says mamma is busy. Then she sees khush’s nails wounded and khush says it gets cut when he was cutting the nails. Priya is shocked. She kisses on his hands. she asks do you remember everyone and miss them. He says he misses them and cries also. Priya ask her to be brave and be happy. She makes him confident and says whenever you grow up, you will become super hero and people will clap and salute you. She asks him never to be sad and says she will meet his teacher.

She says you punished khush for wrong uniform and request her to handle khush lovingly and not scold him as he is going through a difficult phase and it might disturbed him. he is mentally disturbed and if in school you behave harshly then he may not take it. She ask her to call her whenever needed. Teacher says ok. Priya says shall i send him inside. Teacher agrees. Priya comes back to khush and tells him to go to class. Khush thanks her. Priya smiles.

At the hospital:

Vikram comes with Neha and Neha goes to take the appointment. some lady comes there and greets Vikram and says she tells her husband to get the check up done as he is 40. Vikram says after 40 every one have to take care and says he comes here for neha as her blood pressure is up these days. Neha comes there and she greets her. she tells Neha that Vikram informed her about her health issues and says you must join Yoga class. she leaves. Neha scolds him for lieing to tina and says she is fit than him and can prove it.


Ram comes to the hotel for a quick sleep. He feels good looking at the bed. Priya calls him and asks him he is in which hotel. she says she came to khandala to surprise him. Ram asks her to be there and he will reach there in 2 hours and thinks why he lied. Priya comes there and says how good is the weather in khandala. Ram is surprised. Priya says why you lied to me, what are you hiding. Is some lady is inside. Ram says no one is here. what is wrong with you. Ram shouts. Priya says tell him why he lied. Ram laughs and Priya feels disgusted and ask him to tell the truth. Ram says he is alone and came here to sleep. he says yesterday night, you was snoring all night and I was unable to sleep. Priya says you are lieing I never snors and it is you who snors. Ram shows her the video recording of her snoring. She says how mean. Ram says I learnt this for you. Priya says sorry and says you didn’t slept the entire day. Ram says he read in the books, it is temporarily and everything will be back to normal. Priya says she will sleep in some other room. Ram says he will hears her snorings and will enjoy it,record it and even taunts her. Priya says now you are being mean now. Episode ends on their happy faces.

Neha asks Vikram who will be there with you too. Vikram replies their college friends. Neha says our college friends. he says his and Ram’s friend Isha.
Vikram is conscious about his meeting with Isha and asks Ram. Ram says you are now 40 and what is this. I was fat then too and she was my friend then also.She is a nice girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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