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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ram asking Juhi, how many times she wants to marry. Juhi asks him to shut up and says Rajeev and Sid married her, but you never accepted me. I hate that. Ram says, I wanted to know that. I have enough witnesses. Priya says, your trick is failed. You tried to win Ram, but you forgot that we are best friends first. She says, love can fail, but not friendship. You have failed. Don’t try to break us. This is our plan to bring out the truth. Inspector arrests Juhi and takes her with them. Everyone is happy. Ram asks Priya that did you understand why I invited Juhi here. This was the wedding gift for you. Priya thanks her. Priya thanks the guests for coming.

Rajeev asks Ram to give him his reward. Ram calls the commissioner. Commissioner asks the constable to

arrest him. Rajeev says, this is betrayal. Ram says, I am keeping you with your wife. Pihu says, Papa you are my rockstar and mom is my supermom. She says your plan was wonderful. Natasha bua is right. You guys make a perfect couple. I love you mom. Priya imagines little Pihu saying her I love you and gets emotional. Pihu hugs her.

Mayra and Pihu argue about the mehendi designs. Priya asks them to keep quiet and asks them to make circles on her palm. Pihu says, this is your marriage. Mayra says, we want your wedding to be properly done. Priya says, I will decide. She smiles and looks at Ram smilingly. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain plays…………….Ram looks at her lovingly. Pihu and Mayra ask Ram to have mehendi done on his hands. Ram says, are you mad? Pihu asks him to have Priya’s initials on his hand. Priya asks him to get the mehendi done. Priya smiles looking at him. Ram and Priya get each other initials written on their hands. Song plays Mehendi soniya………….

Priya takes a quick nap. Vikram asks, what happened. Ram says, we are tired. Khush says, we thought to have fun. Sid says, we can’t have fun without you both. Priya says, she is too tried and would like to sleep. She says, even Mr. Kapoor is tired, let them sleep. Vikram jokes on Ram and says his face will get swollen. Natasha asks Ram to get good sleep. Priya asks Ram to come. Ram and Priya goes to their room. Priya sees the gifts and bouquets from their kids. She says, so sweet.

She tells that their kids have made their remarriage special. She says, I feel so proud and nice. They have done so much for mehendi ceremony. She says, I just hope that they won’t embarassed us after our wedding. I just hope it is not too embarassing. Ram says, it was your idea. Bear it. Priya says, I didn’t know that they will do it so grandly. Ram says, they are his kids. Priya says, I know looking at the candles. She says, when Juhi came there, she got scared. I must say my Ram Kapoor is very smart. Ram says, I know. Priya says, it was our plan. She asks him to change the clothes.

Vikram tells the family that Sid suggested to take Rajeev’s help. Ram liked the idea. Mamaji says, I knew it. Nobody can do anything wrong with Kapoors. He says, I went to make Juhi understand sometimes. Sid says, thank God everything went on well. Vikram wishes best for Ram and Priya. Priya says, she is thinking to go on a long vacation. Mayra says wow. Natasha asks, what about Ram and Priya’s honeymoon. Vikram says, Ram won’t agree. Pihu says, mom won’t agree. Khush says, we won’t take the honeymoon name. We will tell them that it will be a relaxing trip.

Pihu says, she will tell her parents. Vikram asks them not to wake up Ram. They go to wake up Ram. Vikram asks them not to do this. Mamaji asks Sid to enjoy it. Sid says, don’t disturb them. Natasha says, it is getting too much. Mayra says, we are their kids. We can trouble them. Vikram says, they will get angry on us. Khush says, their remarriage event will be more enjoyable. They open the door and finds them sleeping. Pihu tells Vikram that Ram is snoring. Mamaji says, you should have decorated my room. He says, he was joking. Ram and Priya are seen sleeping.

Krishnaji asks, have you done the work. Mayra says, it will be done. Dadi asks Mayra to call everyone. Mamaji comes and greets everyone. Dadi asks, where is my Golu. Today is my Golu’s wedding. I got his favourite parathas prepared. Mamaji asks Dadi to get him married soon. Dadi says, she will soon get him married after Ram. Priya and Ram comes. Ram gets excited to see Parathas. Priya tells Dadi that Ram is not exercising at all and you are doubling his size. Dadi says, today is his marriage. And asks Priya to eat ghee parathas. Priya says, I am fine. Vikram says, Dadi asked you to become Golu like Ram. Kids hurriedly eat the food. Ram says, it is good that groom and bride doesn’t have to work. Ram and Priya smiles looking at each other.

Ram and Priya get married infront of their family members. Priya’s parents are seen too. Some mantras are being played while Ram and Priya are taking the rounds.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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