Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadi asking Priya to keep everyone united and save the family. She gives her promise that never allow this family to be apart. Priya promises her and asks her to stop crying.

Scene shifts to School:

Ayesha comes to drop Khush at school. Khush comes to Pihu and says nani helped me in my project. he tells her about Jigsaw puzzle. Pihu says her project is complete. Khush asks why you are sad, Pihu says my house is breaking. Ayesha listens carefully. Khush asks how it is breaking? Pihu says everyone is falling apart. Ayesha asks her about it. Pihu says papa gives some papers to chachu and he will be giving some papers to Natasha bua. Ayesha says she will tell her after getting an info and thinks everyone is getting their shares. She says but

how they forget about me and my husband. He is also the part of that home.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya comes to Ram. Ram shouts at her for giving false hopes to Dadi. Priya says it is not false hopes but her faith. Priya says why you think that your family is not mine? this is not the solution to the problems, you are harming Rishabh by giving him the property. he will not value anything if he gets anything easily. She says I know you love Rishabh and Natasha but dont repeat the mistake which you already done with Natasha. She says how can you accept the defeat so easily. she says you was not like that before. Ram asks her to continue. Priya says she married the man who fights with all problems and wins, that man never allows his home to break.

Ram says yes, you are right. I has changed because I got married. Priya says you are saying that everything is happening because of me and Pihu. you want to say we are keeping you away from your responsibilities. Ram says his brother and sister dont trust him, and he wants his trust back and for that he will do what they wants and asks her not to give false hope to Dadi and Maa.

Rishabh comes to his room and finds Soumya doing the puja. Soumya says she is doing a puja for getting the shares. She says we will go somewhere, but Rishabh says we went 6 months before. Soumya says we will buy a car, but Rishabh says your Bappa gave you a gift on your birthday. Soumya says they have everything so what is the use of these papers. she asks him what Priya bhabhi do.

She asks him to book the tickets to Australia and she will go with her cousins. Rishabh says will you go alone. she says you will be busy now and our life will be boring. she says she will keep the property papers under his pillow so that he can have a good sleep.

Scene shifts to the Kapoor Industries:

Ram comes to the office and finds Vikram drinking with his employee. Ram asks him whether you had drink with the servant. Vikram says yes and they share their problems. Vikram says we used to discuss everything and now you took the major decision without telling me. Vikram says you are giving crores to Natasha and what if she does something with that money. He says how ridiculous is that. you didn’t even informed me and Priya about your decision.

Ayesha and Khush comes to the office and Ram gets happy to see Khush. Vikram says you are late by 12.5 mins. Vikram says, to ask for her share as it is a open house. He reminds her that he is the trusty of the Khush trust. He have to process all claims. he asks her to come to his cabin for getting her shares. Khush tells Ram about Pihu telling him about breaking of the house. Ram says our house is strong and if anything happens then also you and Pihu will be safe as you both are our babies.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya asks the servant to give the soap to Dadi and Mamaji. Natasha comes there and cries. Priya asks her why she is crying. Priya says did Jhanvi said anything to you. She asks her to tell what happened. She gives her water. Natasha says bhai is breaking their home and asks why he is doing this. Priya says because he is thinking you both want this. Natasha says no, and says she dont want her share and just wanted her brother. She just wanted her brother and his love. Priya says trust me, your brother is with you, he supports you.

Priya says it is not like that and when she asked him to chose between her and Priya then he chose Priya and she felt bad. Priya says not to think like that and says trust me, he loves you. Priya says she wanted to talk to her but she didn’t give any chance. she asks her to talk to Ram face to face. Natasha smiles and says not ok.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Jhanvi tells Shipra that Raunaq is crying. Shipra says he might be having stomach pain and offers to apply oil to his tummy. But he continues to cry, Shipra and Jhanvi gets worried.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya asks what? Natasha says didn’t you feel good seeing me crying. She asks the servant to prepare the coffee. She asks her to forget about her meeting with Bhai and says she came here to take the papers. The episode ends on Priya.

Priya says by asking your shares in property, you lost many more things and one day you will realise this. Natasha stands unefffected by her words. :

Update Credit to: Amena

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