Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th January 2013 Written Update

Its morning sunrise and we are in Priya’s apartment. Priya is sleeping in a sitting position beside Pihu and is awoken by the steady snoring, she closes one ear and wakes up and smiles. Both Pihu and Ram (also sleeping in a sitting position) is snoring away. She also notices that Ram is holding Priya’s hand in sleep across Pihu. She has FBs of her first night after marriage, then in their purple bedroom in KM, etc. Ram also shifts and is awakening to Priya staring at him and notices that he is holding her hand. He shockingly withdraws his hand and also says a ‘sorry’ with a brief eye lock. Priya breaks the ice by saying that she will prepare tea.

Ram comes and sits in the dining area by wishing Neha a good morning, while Priya brings the cups. Neha goes to fetch some biscuits. Priya now questions Ram as to what happened in KM that made him bring Pihu here.

We are parallelly taken to KM where Ayesha is reacting to Mamaji telling her about Ram and Pihu sleeping in Priya’s apartment, why.. to which mamaji says “Ram jaane”….

Back to Ram answering her questions: tells Priya about Pihu bedwetting, Priya is shocked as the child had not wet the bed after 2 or 2 ½. Neha also comes and says Pihu had never done this here. Ram asks both to relax as she is a small kid, so it can happen, moreover it could be adjustment problems, she is living in a new place. Priya in an argumentative tone says its not right for Pihu to do this and moreover, the girl is living in a new place and she needs a mother figure. Ram retorts that he agrees that Priya is not there, but there are others like his mom KK, Soumya and Ayesha also. Priya is surprised by saying Ayesha’s name and Ram offers a sorry. Meanwhile some one is at the door ringing the bell. Neha goes to open, while Priya tells Ram that they have to seriously address this problem.

Its Ayesha at the door, all are surprised and she announces Ram (takes his name) that she came to know that both were here, so came to give Pihu’s school uniform, so make her ready and she will wait down in the car as Kush is also there. RaYa give a frustrated look at each other and Priya stares angrily at Ayesha who goes away.

We see Ram still in PJs, Pihu in the middle and Ayesha on the other side small talks her sweetly that she will make a new hair style tomorrow for school, but Pihu is having a sad and down face. Ram asks her why she is quiet, she doesn’t say anything, but Ayesha offers that probably Pihu did not sleep fully yet. Kush is sitting in the front and looking at all of them. School has come and both kids say bye to both and go away. Ayesha says that she is very happy that both kids have bonded well with each other and its nice to see them both.

Now comes the weirdest part: Ram says that he neednt’ offer any explanation to her, but even so, goes on to tell that yesterday night, Pihu was in need of her mom, so went to Priya’s house and spending time, he also slept there, that’s why they had to stay for the night. Ayesha is very sweet telling that Ram need not give any explanation with all the situations going on between him Priya and Pihu. Ayesha continues that she has accepted this like he had made the samjautha with his mind when he married her, had accepted in her mind that this situation would arise one day when she tries to be a mom and a mother figure to Pihu, how much ever she tries, there are bound to be something lacking for her (Pihu). Ram questions her ‘kya matlab’, she goes on and on how she is trying her best to be her mom and how she is trying to spend lots of time with her by doing painting, reading stories, etc. but Pihu has created a devide that she couldn’t’ cross and the child is not comfortable with her right from the day she entered KM. She gives explanation as to how she had Pihu’s health in her mind when she stopped Pihu from over eating during the Navrathiri puja, but, its painful to her that how much ever she tries to be a mom, she couldn’t’ even become a ‘maasi’. She says, she has also accepted the fact that Pihu is his daughter and its only natural that he would love her more and also one day Priya ‘di’ would come to KM on the pretext of Pihu and she would happily welcome her as she is still the legal wife to him. But, at the same time, she is also worried about her and Kush’s future that she wanted to become stronger so she can handle her child (Kush) on her own when many things happen.

Ram in angst asks her if she is not over reacting to all these and making a big deal out of this. Asks her to give Pihu some more time as its not much time that the child has come to KM. Then, over a period of time, she will become comfortable with her (Ayesha) also. While this convo is going on she sees that Pihu has left her tiffin box, saying that she cannot eat in the canteen, tells Ram and leaves the car to give the lunch box to Pihu.

We are in Pihu’s classroom, when the teacher announces about learning more about domestic animals. Ayesha interrupts with an excuse, Pihu is aghast. Ayesha says that Pihu had left her lunch box so came to give it to her. The teacher calls out to Pihu to take her tiffin box, but Pihu does not move, sits there with her head down. The teacher again calls out, but still doesn’t budge.

The worst part of the episode: Ayesha comes inside the class with a smile and calls out her name, Pihu relunctantly gets up and goes near. With a false concern, Ayesha announces to the teacher in front of the whole class that she has to give extra attention to Pihu because she was going thru a bad phase in her life, she is scared and gets up with fear in the middle of the night and also wets the bed. The children grin and make fun by pointing to Pihu. Pihu is shocked and embarrassed, while Ayesha again tells the teacher to give more love and attention to her. So saying, she goes from the class with a smirk on her face. Pihu is completely embarrassed when the children say “shame shame puppy shame” and Kush quietly looks on. The teacher tries to quieten the kids telling that they have to be nice to Pihu and comes near her and tells her not to worry and that she could use the wash room whenever she wants. Pihu is totally upset, while the teacher asks the class to shut up or she would punish all.

The teacher continues her lesson with pet animals and asks to name them. All raise their hands to answer, but Pihu doesn’t and put her head down. The Teacher notices this and calls out to her to answer. Pihu gets up and with a stammer and a nervous facial fit … says cat, dog. Teacher is worried and asks her to come to her and asks if everything is okay, but Pihu says ‘yes’ with the same facial fit. Fantastic acting by Amrutha … what an understanding of her character…. Stupendous.

The phone of both Ram and Priya are ringing and when they answer, both are shocked and concerned and say that they will be right there ASAP.

It’s the Principal’s room, Priya is there, but Ram is yet to come. The princi is asking if everything is okay between them and Pihu to which Priya nods her head and asks what the problem is that she had to call on the phone. Princi says that she wanted to ask about Pihu’s bed wetting and stuff, as the kids were teasing her. Priya is aghast and asks how the kids came to know, if Pihu told them herself, the Princi says that Ram’s second wife ARK told in the class. Ram arrives and apologises for being late. The Princi now looks at Ram and asks why things are not good with Pihu as he is the one who announced that they are ‘family no. 1’ and Pihu was also bright and chirpy initially, but for the past 2 weeks she is been affected mentally and is lost in thots, withdrawn and quiet nowadays, had checked her grades which have really fallen down. RaYa look at eachother with shock and concern.

Principal announces to the shocked parents that Pihu was stammering also today, the class teacher had told her about it. Both react with a “WHAT”. Priya is visibly upset and Ram tells that today morning also she was normal and she was talking normally, nudges Priya to acknowledge it. Priya also accepts that she has noticed some changes but, how come she could suddenly stammer like this. The Princi says that all her teacher who take classes have noticed some changes and the stress level in Pihu and that the English assignment was left incomplete and something deffo is wrong with Pihu. With a concern, the Princi asks both if there are still having problems between them. Ram replies there is absolutely no problem between them – they look at eachother. Priya is thinking “why is Mr. Kapoor taking things lightly even after she has told him about how bed wetting and stammering are not normal behaviours, she may have talk to him again about this.

The Principal gives an ultimatum to RaYa – that she will give another chance and see if Pihu improves in her performance and healthwise also. If not, she may have to remove the child from the school and says that they always want the best for all the students. She also says, that may be Pihu is going thru something more devastating that they as parents wouldn’t’ want to share with her, but, as a only child, they are supposed to take care of Pihu much more, anybody can earn money, money is not the only criterion in this world and that Priya is the mother who has to take more personal care of her child. Priya has her head down, Ram looking at them both one to the other in shock. Princi further adds that Pihu may have to be taken to the child psychologist and that the school guidance councellor is always available, think about it and let her know.

Both RaYa thank the Princi, Priya furthers that the Principal shared vital informations with them about whats going on with Pihu and her state and that they wouldn’t have known had she not told them and thanks her a ton for the info, that they both would talk to Pihu and also do their best of what can be done for her welfare. Both walk out of the Prini room.

Here comes Ram’s character bashing : Both are in the school front and Priya tells Ram that she wanted to share something with him about Ayesha. Ram immediately erupts asking her how come Priya is bringing Ayesha in between here, Priya checks herself saying that Pihu is probably not getting along with Ayesha because….. before she could finish, Ram blows the fuse “what …Ayesha… Priya ..Ayesha is trying to bond with Pihu, she has been trying this for a very long time voh bechaari, aur, in all this how can you blame Ayesha in all this, how can you do that”.

Priya is taken aback and tells, why he was becoming this defensive, she was not blaming Ayesha, but, probably that she (Ayesha) needs more time to understand Pihu and Pihu needs more care.

Ram” ek..ek …minute… I need to understand this… tumhari actual problem kya hai… kya tumhe aisey lagraha ki…Pihu ko teek sey care nahi kar paa raha hoon yaah phir, Ayesha sey insecure feel kar rahi hO..”

Priya is annoyed now and asks “what…why… what is wrong with you, why should I have problems with Ayesha, I will be very happy if she is happy and accepts Pihu… Mr. Kapoor, I want the best for my child, all am saying is her way of handling Pihu is different / wrong. What was the necessity for Ayesha to tell in front of the class about Pihu’s bed wetting. “

Ram, “an so… do you really think that Ayesha ki vajah sey… hamaari beti stammer karney lagi hai … are you mad… you know what… ho sakta hai tum sahi hai… ho saktha hai.. tum ghalath ho… main nahi jaanta, I don’t’ know… I really don’t’ know… ek cheez jaanta hoon “ Priya is giving frustrated looks and Pihu is entering the lobby where RaYa are quarrelling.

Ram in his RB mode “mein apney beti to jaan ney ki koshish kar raha hoon, am trying to find my daughter after 5 years and I couldn’t’ do that … do you want to know why…..tum sey darr raha hoon mein … kyon ki baar baar you are standing on my head like a watchman, whatever am trying to do, tum dekhti rehthi ho and tok thi rehthi ho – if am doing right or wrong. If you really want the welfare of you daughter, for a little time, please back off, leave me and her alone” so saying just goes out from there in frustration.

Priya is just looking at him in shock and tears, Pihu who was seeing all these is shocked and sad. Priya with tears tells her to herself “okay… fine… I shall back off” and she also moves away. Freezes on Pihu who is looking aghast and in pain.

Precap: Pihu and Kush talking in the school, Pihu says she will go her mumma, Kush is asking how will she go and will she ever come to see him, but Pihu says… no she will never come to KM and that mumma always keeps the address in her back pack, so she will find her way.

Update Credit to: Viji

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