Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sudhir coming home after getting vegetables and fruits. Shipra says she asked him to get only somethings. Sudhir says he brought everything according to her list. Shipra says you forgot to bring the chocolate. Sudhir gives her chocolates. Shipra thanks him. Natasha comes there with Raunaq. Shipra blesses him and gives chocolates. Raunaq thanks her and says he don’t eat chocolates. Natasha says she too don’t like to have chocolates. She asks Shipra, what she has prepared for breakfast. Shipra tells a variety of dishes, Raunaq says he already had food. Shipra says they will order Pizza for him. Natasha asks him, whether he is missing mom. Raunaq says he is tensed about his mom as she is alone with his dad. They used to have fights and he gets tensed

with the thought. Natasha says Jhanvi is lucky to have a son like you. And explain to him that husband and wife used to fight a lot then they make up too. She calls Jhanvi and gives the call to Raunaq. Jhanvi asks him whether he met his Dada and Dadi. Jhanvi tells him to be a good boy and don’t demand anything. She says your dada and dadi are nice people. Raunaq says ok.

Natasha asks, if he is happy? Raunaq thanks her. Natasha shows him room and says you will share this room with papaji. She says she will share room with Mummyji. Raunaq says he likes the room. Shipra says she cleaned the wardrobe for him. Raunaq says he don’t need wardrobe as he dresses casually and he will get his clothes out from his bag. Sudhir and Shipra says how can you do it daily. Raunaq says he will manage.

Khush comes to Ram and asks whether he called him? Ram says yes and says he wants him to come to office. He says I want you to work under Sid. Khush says sorry and says he can’t work under him. Ram asks, what has happened to him. Khush says he will come to office daily and can even forget his dream of becoming an actor. He says he don’t want to see his face. Ram asks, why is it such a big deal. Do it for me. Khush says ofcourse it will effect me as he is my biological father. He says he don’t know about his mom. He says he can’t work with him.

Neha is calling Sammy, but he is not picking her call. Riddhima says you know Sammy, he is out of sight means out if mind. Cady asks her to give some space to him. Neha says she already gave him enough space. Cady speaks that Rahul always tells her about his schedule. Neha says Cady has become his secretary.

Neha says she feels never bring work in home. Cady says it is better than playing table tennis on dinning table. Neha asks what do you mean? Cady says you and Papa play table tennis daily on the table. Neha thinks why you people thinks I do nothing here. Cady and Neha argues. Cady says you always orders me and behaves like sasumaa. Riddhima leaves.

Sammy and Pihu is in the car. He stops somewhere, and some guy comes and sits in the car. He congrats Pihu for her broken engagement and hugs her. Then Pihu is shown removing her scarf and throws it. She says lets enjoy in Goa. She parties hard with her friends while the song tumhi din chade tumhi din dhale…. plays. Neha worries for Pihu. Pihu remembers Varun suicide in the lock up and then starts dancing again.

Natasha comes to Raunaq and gives him caramel custard shake. Raunaq says he don’t like it. Natasha says this is everyone’s favourite. Raunaq says he is not feeling like eating. Jhanvi calls Natasha and says she wants to know about Raunaq. Natasha says he is a well behaved boy. He is not eating anything. Jhanvi says he needs time to settle down. Jhanvi talks with Raunaq and says she is fine. Natasha takes the call now and says let him be. Dont asks him to behave good. Jhanvi says ok and says sorry.

Pihu’s friend comes to her and tries to get close to her. Pihu says she will decide it. He says I helped you to break your marriage. Pihu says so what you will do. She asks him to call her papa. She says she wants to know what he will do. She slaps him. Sammy comes and asks him to leave.

Neha comes to Vikram and says Cady says she didn’t listen to her. Cady also talks with Rahul and says she isn’t giving her space. Rahul and Vikram tries to calm them down. Vikram takes her favour and says he will get chocolate for her. Rahul goes to get water for Cady.

Sammy asks her, why she did this. He says you are commitment phobic and blames Varun for her behavoir. Pihu says she don’t want to hear about that. She says he had died because of her. Sammy says ok fine.

Same as yesterday. Neha tells Juhi one side is Priya who is not with him, she is hanging on just for him. And other side is you, you wants to be around him.Wants to take care of him. Can sacrifise your love but can’t see his love to break . She asks, why you have done this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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