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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Priya waking up in the morning and finding herself in a guest room. She remembers Ram was feeding her icecream yesterday night and thinks he must have brought her here. She calls Ram and goes out to search him. As soon as she goes out, Ram comes in and searches Priya. Priya searches Ram in children’s room and does not find him, she goes out to check in garden. She hears rain sound and reminisces her good old days with Ram, requesting him to play in rain with her. She starts playing in rain happily. Ram comes, sees her enjoying rain, brings umbrella for her and scolds her that she will fall ill. Priya says she is not like him and likes enjoying rain, asks him to feel the rain. Pihu and Natasha see them in rain, and Pihu says they both are not following customs

and rituals at all. Natasha says their love is their custom and ritual and let them enjoy the happier moment and takes Pihu from there. Ram also takes Priya in.

Priya changes her clothes, starts sneezing, sees Ram staring at her, and asks sorry for for drenching in rain as she knows he is annoyed now. Ram says when she can read his mind, why does she ask. She asks how did he feel the rain today. He says it spoilt the ground and says she would have enjoyed shower instead. Priya says he spoilt the feeling which she got now, says she is rethinking about marrying him now. Ram says we are already married and have 3 kids now, he is just remarrying her on her insistence. She asks to tell frankly after somany years, how did he feel the rain. Ram says he felt it is beautiful as she was drenching in rain. Pihu comes and asks Priya to come out for mehandi ceremony.

Mamaji sees Juhi walking around tensely counts her steps. Juhi asks what is he doing. He says she must have walked 2.5 km. Juhi says he is right, Ram must be just trying to frighten her, but then thinks what if he is doing it really. She calls someone and calls him to reach Ram’s home. Mama thinks he should run from there before Ram catches him.

Khush explains security gaurds not to allow anyboy in without invitation cards. He asks Sid if he got any information. Sid says he got an info about photographer who morphed pics, but Ram is telling he will handle everything. Khush says Ram is always inpredictible.

Ram, Priya and everyone are in marriage venue. Priya asks how is he feeling. He says he feels good. Priya says he does evertyhing according to his size, the morning he brought big umbrella and now this big fat wedding.

Vikram sees Khush, Pihu and Myra enjoying photosession and says marriage environment is infectious. Pihu jokes if Priya decides for a swayamwar, he will lose his chance. Ram calls all the guests and says he has a small surprise for his wife, before Priya’s hand is colured with mehandi, he wants to colour it with is love. He tries to put ring on her finger when Juhi comes with police and asks Ram to stop, but Ram continues with his ritual of exchanging ring. Priya says it is very beautiful. Everyone clap for them. Sid says Juhi that she is shameless to come here and asks her to go out. Ram says Sid that she is his guest and asks Juhi why did she come with security, there was no need for it. Juhi asks Ram how can he marry without divorcing her. Sid says she was married to him, not Ram. Juhi asks him to stay out of his as he does not have any proof. She asks Ram to sign divorce papers and give her alimony money. Ram says she thinks everyone duffer and she is smart and asks when did he marry her. Juhi says she has photographic evidence and guests who attended her marriage. She calls a guest around who says he attended their marriage. Ram asks if they had court marriage. Juhi says no. Ram says he will ruin her plan now and asks Vikram to bring someone. Vikram brings Rajeev. Juhi gets tensed. Ram asks her who is Rajeev. Juhi says he is her ex-husband and came just for money. Rajeev says she is married to him and not Ram. Ram says she is such a greedy woman that she married him, Rajeev and Sid which is wrong according to law. Juhi says he cannot do this to her, she married Rajeev, Sid, but could not get him even now. Ram says that is what he wanted to hear from her.

Rajeev say Ram now that he did his job, he needs reward. Ram calls commissioner and gets him arrested. Rajeev says Ram betrayed him. Ram says he is rewarding him by sending him to be with his wife in jail.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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