Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya asking for a morning tea from the servant. She sees Rishabh having the breakfast and Soumya standing near him. Servant says he made tea for Soumya, Priya says why? Soumya says didn’t they have the right on the kitchen eatables. Soumya says they want their share on the property. Rishabh gets angry and leaves. Soumya and Priya sits on the table and laughs on their acts. Soumya tells that Rishabh talked to Natasha entire night and she says sorry to God for fighting with Bappa. Priya says they did for the betterment of the house. Soumya says she will bring the vitamins for her. She then tells her that she will prepare the vegetable dish for her. Priya laughingly says she looks good when she fights with her. Soumya asks her to eat silently or else

she will send her a legal notice. Priya laughs.

Khush calls Pihu and asks her about the project. Khush says he is alone with her mum. Pihu says we are your family but we dont stay with you. Khush says if that is the case, then I will asks questions with them and meet chota baby. Pihu says she is going to mamma now to asks questions regarding the project.

Pihu comes to Priya and asks about the project. Priya gives her an idea, to get family members views on good and bad things about the other family members. Priya says her sorry for not allowing her to participate in the singing competition. Pihu says she is not angry on her as Nanu explained her everything.

She says nanu asks her to practise singing. Priya says her papa is smart. Pihu says her papa is more smart than her papa. Priya says you are more smart than her papa. Pihu asks Priya about the good point of papa. Priya says good point is he is very emotional and bad point is also he is very emotional. Pihu says both the points are same mamma.

Scene shifts to Natasha:

Rishabh tells Natasha about Soumya asking for a right on property. Natasha says once you get your rights then I will asks bhai about my shares. Lawyer says he sent a legal notice to Ram on his behalf.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya sees Ram sitting sadly. Priya thinks you are getting stressed and you have to eat this tablet. Priya asks him to have this tablet. Ram asks her to leave him alone and he don’t want to have the tablet. Priya keeps the medicine and water on the side table and leaves. Ram thinks about the flashback scene where Priya was massaging his forehead.

Soumya tells Rishabh to help Pihu in her project and for that they have to answer for her questions. Pihu asks him to tell the good points and bad points of their family members and they will start with papa. Rishabh tells her about Ram bad point and says he didn’t think from his mind, somebody rules on his mind. Soumya says chachu is kidding. And says Bappa didn’t think about having food. Soumya asks Rishabh to tell the good point of Bappa. Rishabh asks her to tell. Soumya tells Pihu about Ram caring attitude towards Rishabh. Rishabh asks her to write that her papa loves his family a lot but it is different thing that his family keeps on changing. Soumya tells Pihu to take Dadi and Badi Dadi’s response.

Doctor tells that Karthik’s condition is stable and we hope that he will recover soon. Jhanvi holds Karthik’s hand when doctor is administering the injection. Nurse sees Karthik finger moving and tells the doctor. Doctor says your touch is having an effect on Karthik and he is responding. He asks her to talk to Karthik. Natasha is shocked.

Pihu shows her project work to Ram. Ram appreciates her writing. Pihu asks about bad point of Priya, he says house is always mess up and she always try to teach others. He says good point is she always tries to make others happy whereever she go and she smiles looking at me. Pihu tells him about Priya comment on him, that he is very emotional. Ram smiles and wonders whether it is good or bad point.

Scene shifts to Natasha:

Natasha gets emotional thinking that Karthik’s responded to Jhanvi’s touch. She feels Karthik loved Jhanvi. She says no one is hers and cries.

Scene shifts to Rahul and Cady:

Rahul appreciates his shopping skills. Cady says all her money is spend on shopping. Rahul says he told her to buy somethings on his money but she declined. Cady asks him to pamper all her life. Rahul repents for not gifting her anything. Rahul says he will do something big and will not join his dad’s business.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ram signs on the property papers in presence of his family members and Vikram. He says he make the copy of the property papers on Natasha’s name also. Vikram asks did Natasha asks for her shares. Ram says no, I am giving her shares. Rishabh gets happy and says he will inform Natasha. Priya about to say something but Ram says his decision is final. Dadi cries over family members division over property. Maa also says why you did this. Ram says they are not kids and I dont want to make them understand. The episode ends on Priya tensed face.

Precap: Priya tells him that you are telling that every problem is because of us. Ram says he will do anything to get his brother and sister’s trust back and dadi and maa will not understand this, so dont give them any hope.

Update Credit to: Amena

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