Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya going somewhere in a cab, thinking about shaking hands with Ram, Ayesha coming in, both of them letting go of their hands and the stupid dori scene. Priya is affected by it.

Vikram comes back home and his son, Sammy is worried about his papa, who was late and his phone was also switched off. Vikram sits his son down and says sorry for shouting at him and Riddhima. Vikram says that he is under stress but it was not their fault. Vikram tells his son that he will freshen up, they will have dinner and he would take him and Riddhima out for ice-cream. Sammy goes to get ready.

The doorbell rings and Vikram opens it. He is surprised to see Priya at the door. Priya comes in and Vikram apologises for being rude the other day. Priya says that she understands and it’s okay. She also apologises for coming so late, but the matter was important. Priya says that she wants to talk about Neha. Vikram doesn’t want to talk about Neha but Priya says that he will have to listen. Even Neha was feeling awkward to talk to Vikram. Ah, Mr and Mrs Kapoor’s masterplan!

Priya pretends to be worried about what to do. Vikram is anxious as to what Priya is trying to tell him. Priya then tells Vikram that there is someone else in Neha’s life and he is based in Delhi. The guy had come to Mumbai on business, met Neha, both became friends. He kept coming regularly, spent time with Neha and they both (the mysterious new guy and Neha) were planning something……Priya then says the guy is well-settled and is from a good family……so why not? Priya, why not try to get someone like this for your sister……the fake Mrs Kapoor!

Priya tells Vikram that Neha wanted the kids to meet the guy but they felt Vikram had to know……it wouldn’t look good if the kids came and told Vikram about the guy. Vikram gets agitated and asks how could there be another guy in Neha’s life? Just thank your lucky stars, Vikram……it’s a fake guy…….imagine if it was the upholder of the down-trodden women, Rajjo Bhaiyya! Priya puts an act and says that she knows Neha and Vikram spent so many years together, loved each other so much and couldn’t live without each other……but that was their past and they were now divorced. Neha had to move on and so did Vikram. Life couldn’t be spent alone.

Priya then goes on to say that she and Mr Kapoor were with both Neha and Vikram as friends. Vikram suspects that this is Ram and Priya’s plan to get him and Neha together; to make Vikram jealous and run to Neha. Priya then says that she and Ram were matured and so were Neha and Vikram. The jury is still out on that……about the “matured” part! They wouldn’t make fun of the situation like this and expect that Vikram would believe them. Priya says that she just came to tell Vikram about Neha’s decision.

Vikram again asks if Priya is teasing but Priya asks why will she do that, she was serious. Priya then pretends to be concerned and apologises for breaking such a news to Vikram. She assures him that everything will be fine. Priya then leaves with a happy smile on her face.

Back in Neha’s flat…..we have the co-conspirator, Ram! Neha asks him if he was like 12… was a stupid plan. Ram says that it was not a stupid plan, it was a master plan. Neha says it is a stupid plan… can Ram expect her to go to Vikram and say that she was marrying another man? Ram tells Neha that was her problem…..she never listened fully. Vikram would believe this because just like he was talking to Neha, Priya was also talking to Vikram. Neha asks why Ram didn’t accept that she and Vikram were divorced.

Ram asks Neha if she really didn’t want to go back to Vikram? Ram says Darling, it’s me….you can’t lie to me. Neha says that she’s not lying, she’s not a liar and the conversation was over. Ram pins Neha’s hand to her back and tells her to admit that she wanted to go back to Vikram. Neha refuses to admit to her Fatty and Ram is not willing to accept that. Finally Neha admits that she wants to go back to Vikram. Our hero’s tactics to get the truth out is effective! Awesome chemistry, Ram and Neha/Ram and Tarana. Ram says, thank God…..both of us were going mad with both of you. Neha puts her hands on her hips and says…….Both of you? They sit down at the table. Ram says that it was his and Priya’s plan. Neha teases Ram……you and Priya….Ram has the cutest “innocent” look when Neha mentions about him and Priya! Neha teasingly tells Ram that to unite her and Vikram, Ram and Priya spent a lot of time together. Ram with an affronted look, asks….so? read updates daily with pics only at Ram doesn’t want to admit anything and Neha continues to tease Ram…..telling him, he and Priya must have spent time together, memories must have been refreshed! Neha is not letting go of her friend that easily. She wants Ram to admit that he also wants Priya to come back to him. Ram doesn’t want to agree and Neha asks if she should now pin his hand?

The doorbell rings and Ram thinks it’s Vikram. He asks Neha to manage and she tells Ram to hide. Ram hides behind a door and crosses his fingers. Vikram comes in and is annoyed with Neha for the “news”. Neha pretends to be cool and asks why is Vikram feeling hurt, does she need his permission. Vikram says no and then gets annoyed again…..he tells Neha that there was something called as courtesy even if they were divorced. Ram behind the door is almost happily jumping at the success of his and Priya’s plan! Vikram says, at least Neha should have told him the news face to face. Neha continues to play cool and tells Vikram that things happened very fast and she didn’t have time. Vikram had to know the news and he did.

Vikram asks how can Neha be so casual and she tells Vikram because it’s no big deal. She asks Vikram if he wants tea or coffee and goes to get it when Vikram holds her hand. There is a bruise on it and Vikram asks how did Neha get it? Neha says it’s a small wound. Vikram is insistent on how the bruise happened and asks if it was because of that man? Ram meanwhile is listening intently……the cutest look on his face. Vikram asks Neha how she could marry such a man who got angry with her.

Neha asks, why anger… could also be passion. Ram, inside, is nearly jumping with joy at Neha’s performance. In the middle of all this….Ms Conda’s phone comes and Ram disconnects, twice! Neha tells Vikram to relax, she’s okay.

Meanwhile, Ram calls Priya and asks where is she. Priya says she is outside the building. Ram tells an excited Priya to wait there, he was coming. An equally excited Ram goes out. These 2 over-grown kids are cute! Ayesha is irritated that Ram was cutting her call. Pihu runs into the room, calling Soumya’s name. Ayesha scolds Pihu who is upset…..Pihu wanted water. Ayesha says that her mother (Priya) came to scold her… if she would be scared. Mmm……let’s see if your sherni sister gives you a tight slap! Ayesha tells Pihu to go to the kitchen and drink water and not to make her (Ayesha) angry. Poor Pihu hangs her head and goes out.

Ram and Priya meet outside the building and both are excited that their plan was working. They are literally jumping! Ram tells about the bruise on Neha’s hand and how angry and jealous Vikram was…..Ram says he has never seen that in Vikram. Both are happy their plan was working! Ram says that it had to work……there was no better plan. No man could handle another man liking his wife. Ram says……that even he, when he came to know that another man liked his wife (pointing to Priya)…… Ram stops and both Priya and Ram look at each other……the title song plays and both see that they are holding hands. They slowely let go of each other’s hands and keep looking at each other. There is an awkwardness and yet, a kind of awareness.

There is a lime juice seller who calls out to them, asking if it was them who had come on their wedding day. Ram and Priya recognise the man, Ram asks what is he doing here. The man says that he sells here now…..his business has improved. Ram jokes that he didn’t know that the lime juice business had increased so much in Mumbai.

The man asks if he could make juice for them. Priya says no, the weather wasn’t good and they could fall sick from drinking lime juice. Ram wants to drink for old times sake. He tells the seller to make one glass of juice. Ram gives the juice to Priya who takes a sip and says it’s very nice. She tells Ram that she really doesn’t want to drink more, her throat would go bad. Ram takes the juice from her and says that they made a good team. Priya says, yes they did. Priya goes towards the building. The title song plays, Ram drinks the glass of juice, has a nostalgic look on his face. Priya looks at Ram drinking the juice and gets emotional. Nice to see our old Ram and Priya back.

The lime juice vendor tells Ram that it was nice to see both of them together, happy just like they were on their wedding day. He says that there were other marriages that day in that hall but Ram and Priya’s wedding was different. They had come to drink lime juice before their wedding, they were different…..that’s why he remembered them. Ram has a soft, nostalgic smile on his face and he softly says……Yes, there was something different about us. The flashback of Ram and Priya drinking lime juice on their wedding is shown.

Pihu is sleeping and has a nightmare of Ms Conda. Just like the rest of us! She gets up, calling out “mumma”. Pihu is disturbed and she has wet her bed. Ayesha comes in and starts scolding her for shouting. She sees the bed wet and is about to rant when Ram comes in, asking what happened. Ayesha puts on the good mother act! Ram realises that Pihu has wet her bed. He lovingly tells his rockstar that it was absolutely okay… happened at times. Soumya comes in and Ram tells her to help Pihu. Soumya goes to take care of Pihu.

Ram is worried and is thinking. Krishnaji comes there and asks why Ram was worried. Ram tells her about Pihu wetting the bed. He says that Pihu never did this from the time she came to their house and even Priya hasn’t told him that Pihu has ever done this. Ram, even a sane person can pull out their hair on seeing Ms Conda…..Pihu is still a child. Ram doesn’t know what is wrong. Krishnaji says that she was a small kid and it happened at times. Perhaps Pihu had a nightmare.

Ram tells his mother that he didn’t know how to handle his child at a time like this, what to tell her. He says that if Priya was there, she would handle everything. If only 5 years ago……she handled things differently! Krishnaji tells Ram to go and tell Priya. A child’s life is incomplete without a mother and no one can take over a mother’s responsibilities. She tells Ram that Pihu needed Priya. Do I forsee Priya coming to KM and a sister vs sister drama

Priya’s doorbell rings. She asks who it was and Ram replies it was him. Priya opens the door…..Ram is standing with Happy and Tiger in his hands. Pihu rushes to her mother and Priya is worried about what is wrong with Pihu. Ram says sorry for disturbing them (Priya and Neha) so late but Pihu needed Priya. Ram says that they should make Pihu sleep and then he will tell everything. Priya takes Pihu to her room and Ram places Tiger and Happy beside her.

Pihu says she cannot sleep, she wants to talk with her mother. Pihu wants a bedtime story. Pihu wants to hear “Fairy and the frog” story. Ram is sitting on the couch beside the bed. Pihu wants her papa to also sleep on the bed. Ram and Priya feel awkward. Ram tells Pihu that he was listening to the story, sitting from there. He was fine. Pihu is insistent. Ram says that because of Tiger and Happy, he didn’t have place on the bed. Priya agrees with him. Pihu says, so easy…..she keeps Tiger and Happy aside and tells her father that he had place now.

Ram comes and lies down on the bed. Priya tells Pihu a story, Ram listens with a smile. Priya holds Pihu’s hand and Pihu wants to hold her father’s hand. It ends with Pihu holding her mother and father’s hands.

Precap: Ram and Priya talking about Pihu wetting the bed.

Update Credit to: suganthi

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