Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th August 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Nuts and Bhanu returning from shopping. Ram and Priya along with Neha and Vikram are seated in the living room and Ram tells Natasha that he wants to talk to her and asks Sorry. Natasha tells that she too wanted to talk to him and tells that she really loves him. Ram is confused and tells that he too loves her. Natasha tells that he is her mom, dad and brother and just loves him a lot and wanted to tell that only and then tells that she is feeling very hungry and asks someone to give food and Bhanu too tells that he is hungry.

At the dining table, Neha notices Nuts finger ring and asks if the ring is new. Vikram identifies the ring as his dadi’s ring and asks how did she get it. Ram asks Nuts how did she get it and asks Bhanu if he proposed Natasha

and both Nuts and Bhanu blink. Ram asks Natasha and then asks y didn’t they both tell and Nuts tells that she had told I love you to Ram since he was the one who started it and Bhanu continued it and she said ok.

Bhanu stops Ram and imitates how Ram would scold him if he didn’t take care of Natasha. Bhanu asks Ram to hold on with his speech and promises that he will keep Natasha happy. Vikram asks how can he propose their sister without asking them. Ram stops Vikram and tells that now bhanu is going to be his jija and Bhanu asks if he can call Ram saala and tries calling him Senior Saala , Saala senior. Vikram then declares that they should get them married soon.

Ram agrees and tells that they can finish off the marriage the next day night. Natasha stps them and tells that she needs only a small and simple wedding and nothing elaborate. Neha tells they should have grand wedding. Vikram tells that the marriage will happen next day evening and he would make full arrangements to it. Ram tells y should Vikram make arrangements and Vikram tells that he is from both sides and ram and Vikram argue.

Bhanu stops them and tells that he and nuts have decided that marriage will happen at their house in a simple way and in between evening and night tomorrow. Neha, Vikram and Ram insist to make it a grand marriage. Bhanu tells that there are 2 reasons to it as its Natasha’s house and he wants to take her with full rights and secondly since Priya is pregnant he doesn’t want to give her stress and everyone’s happy with it.

Ram at his room thinks about Natasha leaving his house in next 24 hours and hopes she lives happily as she has suffered a lot and deserves to be happy. Peehu comes to the room and Ram asks if she hasn’t slept. Peehu tells that how can she sleep as he had forgotten something. Ram says that he has become a bad papa today as he had not put her in bed and didn’t give good night kissie and hence she couldn’t sleep.

Ram notices chocolate in Peehu’s hand and asks y is she having chocolate now and won’t her mumma scold her if she eats it now. Peehu tells that she got it for him and Ram asks y. Peehu puts her hand on Ram’s chest and tells that his heart beats are very fast and she feels that he is scared and asks y is he scared. Ram tells that he is not scared but sad. Peehu tells that now since she is grown up and going to become a didi he can share with her the reason for his sadness.

Ram tells that he is sad because its Nuts bua’s marriage tomorrow. Peehu asks so what and Ram tells that Nuts would go far away after marriage and he would miss her. Peehu tells him to call her and talk whenever he remembers the same way he used to call them when they were away to nani’s house. Peehu adds that she calls bua daily and tells I love you and bua tells I love you too and peehu tells I love you three and both of them laugh. Peehu asks if she can’t call her bua daily after marriage and Ram tells she will always be her bua and peehu tells his sister.

Peehu then asks if all girls should go to other place after marriage and Ram tells yes and that’s the reason they will miss them. Peehu asks if she would also have to go and asks if he would miss her. Ram looks at her and hugs her tightly and tells yes and would miss her so much. He then tells her that there is so much time left for that and she is going to be with her dad till then close to his heart and hugs her again. Peehu tells that she will not leave him and go anywhere and after marriage will hide herself.

Peehu then tells that they will eat chocolate now. Ram tells peehu to feed him, peehu offers but cheats and eats it herself and Ram calls her cheater and tells its not fair. Priya comes in asking who is cheater and then notices peehu eating chocolates and tells she was wondering where all chocolates from fridge had gone and she wanted to eat chocolates and couldn’t find them as they are all here and papa and princess were having chocolate party without mumma.

Peehu asks Priya to join them and Ram too asks her to come and tells that they would give 3 bites to her , one for herself and others for the twin babies. Priya sits next to peehu and both feed each other. Ram calls them cheaters as they are eating without giving him and then peehu feeds him and all enjoy their chocolate party.

At night Priya searches about Bhanu in Google and then reads a news about Bhanu’s engagement break off with Roshni verma and then searches about the girl in FB and gets the details and dials in the number and informs Roshni that she wants to meet her.

Next day Priya comes to meet Roshni at her office. Roshni comes and Priya introduces herself and Roshni tells that she cut her call as she didn’t want to talk about her past and asks what does Priya want and how did she reach her office. Priya tells that she wants to talk about Bhanu but Roshni denies but Priya insists and tells that her sis in law is getting married to bhanu and she doesn’t want her to get hurt again and hence wants to know about Bhanu’s truth and Roshni shares it with Priya.

At the Kapoor mansion, marriage preparations begin. Ram is trying to reach Priya. He tells Vikram that Priya is not picking up the call and Vikram tells he is also searching for Neha and then he receives a text from Neha that she is at parlour. Ram tells that he doesn’t know where Priya is and she had just told she is going on a important work but its been too long. Vikram tells that she might have gone to get gift or planning some surprise.

Vikram then asks if there will be change in their relationship as they are going to become relatives. Ram tells that he needs to give respect to him now. Vikram demands Ram to bow his head from now on and Ram does it and asks if its ok. Vikram adds that Ram cannot come to his home for dinner or drinks. Ram asks if he’ll get water and Vikram says yes. Ram says that he would slap him hardly and tells that he is getting his mindblowing sister married to his foolish brother and he should be given respect. Vikram tells he was kidding and Ram asks him to come and see If Bhanu is ready.

They go to Bhanu’s room and asks if he’s ready. Bhanu tells that his hairstyle will get spoilt if he wears pagdi. Ram asks Vikram to beat him and Vikram puts the pagdi on Bhanu. Ram then tells that he needs to respect Bhanu as he is going to become his jija. Vikram adds that he is his brother and hence can beat him and beats him twice. Bhanu asks y 2 and Vikram tells one from him and other from Ram. Vikram continues to beat him and bhanu asks if they can’t teach him with love and Ram tells this is love only for making Nuts smile and bringing happiness in her life.

Peehu asks Kush to sit on left side and she would sit on the right side next to Natasha so that they can come in all the pictures. Dadi asks KK if she took out all the jewellery. Kady takes care of the preparations and Rahul comes and asks if she wants to get married too and Kady tells yes but not with him but would love to marry someone charming like his chachu and Rahul tells that he only taught his chachu to be charming.

Sudhir talks to Shipra and Vikram hears it. Vikram asks what’s the matter and Sudhir tells that he wants to meet Natasha and asks where is she and goes to meet her and Vikram looks worried. Ram on call asks when the cake will be delivered. Vikram comes to Ram and tells that he met Sudhir and he felt that he has come as Choti’s Father in law. Ram says ofcourse he would come as its choti’s marriage. Vikram tells that he has gone to meet choti and hopes he doesn’t tell something to her which makes her emotional and think about the marriage.

Ram asks what has happened to Vikram and tells that he knows his FIL very well and he loves choti very much and will never come in between her happiness. Vikram tells that he too respects Sudhir a lot but but tells that since Nuts was the only one at their home now they would feel insecure and if he tells anything to Nuts which would make her think then it would be a problem. Vikram tells that he is concerned for choti and Ram asks him to just relax.

Sudhir goes up to meet Nuts and asks Sowmya where Nuts is and Somya informs that Nuts is getting ready and Sudhir tells that he would meet later and asks where Bhanu is and Somya offers to take him to Bhanu’s room but Sudhir asks her to do her work and he would meet Bhanu.

Ram still tries to reach Priya’s mobile but its still unreachable and Ram is worried for her.

Priya tells Nuts that may be her heart is indicating something and wanting to tell something and during such circumstances she will have to listen to her heart and tells that she needs to talk to her as its important and calls Roshni inside and introduces her to Natasha.

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