Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Karthik telling Jhanvi that they have to go now as the wedding is called off. He says it was a good chance to enter the family. Jhanvi says how we will manage Raunaq’s education. Karthik replies he don’t know. Door bell rings, Karthik opens the door and finds Natasha. Natasha says she wants to keep Raunaq with her, for some years. She says you can say no but I think Raunaq deserves the best education. She says she wants to take care of his education. Karthik says why she wants to do this. Natasha says she wants to take up this responsibility as her mom and Dad is Raunaq’s grand parents. And they are very good people. Natasha says she will happily take up this responsibility. Karthik says he won’t let Raunaq go. Jhanvi asks him to shut up

and says she will give Raunaq to her. And asks Natasha to admit him in good school. She says she wants Raunaq to spend time with his grand parents. She says I will feel he is in safe hands.

Vikram asks Neha to get his tiffin ready. Neha brings the tiffin and argues that she prepared the tiffin. Rahul and Cady talk with each other nicely. Rahul and Cady try to cool down Neha. Cady asks Vikram to apologize. Rahul too asks Vikram to apologize. Riddhima comes, Vikram smiles and greets him. Neha asks why she came early in the morning. Riddhima says Saurav is busy. Rahul says he is having some meeting. Cady says you can come. Vikram says they will have lunch together and cancels his meetings.

Mamaji again traps Khush and asks him to give 20000 Rs. Khush asks the photographer to click his photos. Mamaji says you will on the magazine cover soon. Khush asks when this magazine comes. Mamaji says this magazine is very good. Mamaji asks him to pose for tragic pose. Mamaji tells the photographer that PQ means Piles Quarterly.

Juhi is talking with someone and asks him to mail the London report in 5 mins. Ram comes and says he talked with the lawyer. Lawyer comes and Ram asks for the options. Lawyer says what are the options they have? Lawyer says Rajiv is getting married, so I think he has a good chance. He says everything will be in Rajiv’s favour and Rajiv can proof that you are in a live in relation with you. Ram asks, what if Juhi marry someone else and if I adopt Naina. Juhi tells Ram that you don’t need to marry me. Ram says you heard just now, that if you don’t marry then you don’t get the custody. Ram says he has a plan and calls Sid to come in.

Vikram takes Riddhima to her room and says it is just like the way she left her room. Riddhima says she is seeing the dust. Neha says he don’t allow her to come inside. Riddhima asks her to get her room clean everything. Neha says she will get the duster to clean the room.

Juhi asks Ram, what is going on. Ram says you heard that you will lose Naina if you don’t marry. Juhi says she will manage, and asks him to stay out of it. Ram says you can’t win. His case is strong, if you don’t marry then we will lose Naina. He says they have two options. If he marry her then he have to divorce Priya which he don’t want to do. Second option is you marry my brother Sid. Juhi is shocked and says I loved Priya a lot and don’t want you to divorce her. She says she is ready to marry Sid for her daughter. Ram smiles.

Vikram tells Riddhima that he is eating Rajma chawal because of her. Rahul comes. Neha says if Saurav and Sammy would be here then our family is complete. Rahul says he will invite Saurav. Riddhima says he is busy. Neha says she will pack lunch for him. Riddhima calls Saurav but his is busy in work that he doesn’t see her call. Neha packs the tiffin.

Sid tells the lawyer to complete the papers and see to it that they get registered marry in 2- 3 days. He asks them to not bother bhai. Ram thanks him. Sid says if you can do for me then why can’t I do for you. He sees here and there. Ram asks whom he is searching. Sid says he is looking for Khush.

Pari gives the cap to Sammy. Sammy thanks him. Mayra then gets the mineral water for him. He thanks her too. Naina gives him brownies and says she has prepared specially for him. Sammy says he misses her always. Sammy calls for Pihu. Pari says I wished I could have come with you to Goa. Sammy tells Pihu ( new pihu) that there is something wrong with her sister. Pihu says they are so cute. Ram comes, Pari, Mayra and Naina says they want to go to Goa. Ram says no, as you are only 15 years old. You can’t go to Goa right now. Pihu says she don’t want to go. Ram says you need to enjoy. Sammy says she needs to wear some short. Ram says she is sensible and orders Sammy to take care of her. Sammy promises that he will take care of her and will protect her.

Khush sees Sid and says photo shoot is over. Mamaji packs the shoot. Khush says he will leave too. Sid says he came to see him. Khush says I forgot that you was in jail. Sid says yes, but I always know about you. Khush says what you want to know, whether I am alive or not. Sid says you are my son. Khush says don’t call me your son. My Dad called you home after coming out of the jail. He says be with my Dad but don’t try talk to me. He says it is unfortunate that I am related to you. He says don’t talk to me again and leaves. Sid looks pained.

Neha tells Juhi one side is Priya who is not with him, she is hanging on just for him. And other side is you, you wants to be around him.Wants to take care of him. Can sacrifise your love but can’t see his love to break . She asks, why you have done this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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