Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram and Priya’s conversation: Ram tells Mrs Kapoor, I walked the ramp, someone bet for me, went for dinner with a stranger, I did everything for you. Now can you do anything for me. Priya says ha. Ram says can we have dinner together. Priya says you went for dinner and didn’t have dinner, then why you came so late. Ram replies that he asked sofi about her film but she asked me to watch the film on the big screen and I taught her about parenting and child birth. Priya says you talked all this with sofi, Ram replies it will be helpful for her in future naa. Ram asks Priya to have dinner or else he will have it. Ram have dinner while Priya is mesmerised to see him eating food. Priya ask him to eat as he looks good while eating ( she says aap mujhe khana

khate bade achhe lagte hain…) BALH song plays in the BG.

Neha and Sofi in the car:

Neha praises sofi’s figure and tells her that she used to dance before having three kids. Sofi says she looks fit. She says they extra workout before shoots. Vikram calls Neha and ask him where is she? He scolds her that she didn’t bet on him. Vikram ask her to come soon and prepare food. Sofi ask Neha where we shall go, she says I feel you like to go home. Neha says she felt bad that nobody bid on Vikram. Neha gives her a tip that never make the husband feels how much the wife loves him. They had a good laugh.

Kapoor Mansion:

Priya wake up Mr. Kapoor in the midst of sleep and says she wants to eat gajar ka halwa. Ram says he will tell Gopal kaka to prepare but she says she cant eat it if kaka prepares out of the guilt. She asked him to bring from outside.
Ram says how can he get at this time. He says he will order at Five star hotel. Priya replies that she dont want to eat that as it was full of garnishing and less gajar, and she wants to eat gajar ka halwa from chajju halwai only. Ram says but chajju halwai might be close at this time. Priya starts crying. Ram says he will get it anyhow. When he comes back after getting gajar ka halwa, finds Priya in deep sleep and wake her up. Priya scolds him why you wake me, she says with difficulty she got sleep. Ram says he manage to get the halwa with great difficulty. Priya again scold him for being so insensitive. Ram says sorry. Priya cries and sleep.

Ram calls Vikram and tells him that he is coming. He reaches the place and Vikram says you did right by calling me here, we didn’t played pool together naa. Vikram asks what is the matter.Ram says everything is ulta pulta, changed behavior. Ram says she demand gajar ka halwa and with difficulty I gets it and when I come back she scold me yaar. He says you have an experience naa. Vikram says it is because of hormones and it makes our wives unpredictable. He says becoming dad is very dangerous effort. He ask her to take a drink to deal with it. He says he have to bear this.

Dadi ask Soumya whether Priya have breakfast. Soumya replies yes and says bhabhi went to her parents house. Mamaji comes there uninvited for breakfast. he tells mummyji i was bored eating english food in Ayesha’s rule. soumya ask him to eat baigan as he is like a baigan which keeps on floating. Maa ask him whether he talk with ayesha. Mamaji says he is not on talking terms with Ayesha, just then servant brings his phone and he starts acting taking someone else name but actually it was Ayesha and she asked him to give her information about kapoor family. ayesha is irked with mamaji and says she wants to see his loyalty and ask him to take her name aloud. Mamaji says Ayesha ayesha then pretends to be saying aaj shaam.

Priya tells Ram is it necessary for her to go with him. Ram says you are coming, it is office party. She says it might be boring. Ram says you will have fun. She goes to get ready.

Neha and Vikram comes there and Neha is angry on vikram. she tells Ram that she dont want to hear anything from vikram. She says he cheated on her. Vikram says he went to the bathroom only. She tells ram that he went somewhere amidst midnight. she suspects him. Ram laughs. She asked you tell me isn’t he lieing. Ram says you become a detective. Vikram asks Ram to tell her the truth, but Ram says he was sleeping at that time. Ram pretends as if he dont know anything. Ram then agrees and says they went to the hotel and had a drink. Vikram says he didnt told her because he had drink.

Priya comes there and ask him what she shall wear, she gives two choices. Priya ask do she look fat in that clothes, Ram pauses for a second and Priya thinks she will look fat. Priya says noted means fat. ram says you have not become fat yaar. Ram promised Neha that Vikram was with him last night. Neha thinks he is lieing and goes. Priya asks him and Ram says she is little bit fat but looks good. she says she feels bad about her weight and says now she realised how it feels to be called fat. She says she dont want to go with him and she dont deserve to go out. Priya cries and leaves.

Ram comes to the room and Priya ask why you didn’t go to the party. Ram says nothing is important than you. Ram brings gajar ka halwa and says he warm it in the microwave. Priya is touched and says you did this. Ram makes her eat the halwa and Priya says it tastes like chajju halwai while BALH song is playing in the BG. Ram says he brought it from chajju halwai itself. Priya says you went yesterday. Priya says then why you didn’t wake me. Ram says you scold me when I tried to wake you.
Priya says you are my favourite husband. Ram says how many husbands you have, She says I just said favourite.

Priya tells him about some sheikh who pampered his wife. Ram tells her to think about future. Ram says he wants to tell something and how much she becomes fat but i always think you as the most beautiful women. She feels happy and cries. Priya says you are so good, I tease you so many times. Ram says why are you crying. Priya says she wants to make up by making him eat halwa. Ram is startled. Priya says she feels miserable that he didnt attend the party. Ram says today he will watch the match. Priya yells at him and says she like matches and says I dont know what to do with you. Ram is puzzled with her mood swings. Episode ends on Ram.

Priya asks Ram what you were teaching Pihu. Ram replies that he was removing her fears as small baby is coming. Priya says she heard what he said. Ram says he told her so many things and after the arrival of baby she will love him the most. Priya says you have become smart nowadays. Ram says he was smart always. Priya says lots of difference was there in him before marriage and after marriage and change was my effect. Ram says really.

Update Credit to: Amena

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