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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Priya asking Ram, where he went? Ram says, he went to invite a special someone because of whom he is getting married again. Vikram asks, who? Ram says, he invited Juhi. Pihu asks, why did you call her. You know well that she will create problems.Vikram asks him to tell clearly. Ram says, I won’t tell so early. You people think about it. Pihu and Khush go to do the work. Priya gets stressed. She tells Vikram that she hopes Ram’s decision is not wrong. Vikram says, Ram is very smart. Don’t take any tension. Priya smiles.

Mamaji comes to meet Juhi and asks what happened. Juhi asks, what is going on in that house. Mamaji says, I don’t know. Juhi informs him that Ram and Priya are getting remarried. Mamaji looks surprised. Juhi says, Ram gave

her wedding invitation. She tells him that Ram challenged her that she can’t do anything. She says, Ram might have planned something big and asks Mamaji to find out about it, Mamaji says, if he married Priya then you can’t do anything.

Khush and Pihu hide something from Ram and Priya. Khush tells Ram that you both can’t live together tonight. Pihu says, it is not auspicious to stay together before marriage. Ram says, we are not boy and a girl. Khush asks him to agree and calls his helpers. Vikram takes Ram with him while Mayra and Pihu take Priya with them.

Ram scolds Vikram for taking Khush and Pihu’s side and calls him enemy. Vikram asks him to sleep else his marriage will be delayed. Priya asks Pihu and Mayra to leave her hand. She says, I need to change my clothes. Natasha comes. Priya says, I thought Mr. Kapoor came. Natasha says, I came. Priya says, her kids are not allowing her to go. Mayra says, we trust you, but not dad. We don’t want him to break the custom. Natasha supports the girls.

Ram knocks on the door. Pihu opens the door and says I told you naa that you won’t get entry here. Ram gives her medicines and asks her to feed Priya. Pihu comes to Priya and says papa gave this medicines for you. Priya says, I don’t drink this medicine. Pihu asks her to drink. Natasha insists too. They makes her take the medicine forcibly.

Pihu tells Khush that the baby will be lucky to see her grand parents marriage. They smiles.

Ram asks Vikram to go from the room. Vikram asks him to give a reason and says I need to keep an eye on Priya. Ram asks him to go and says Priya will be here in sometime. Vikram says, kids will think me loser if I doesn’t stay with you. Ram asks him to go. Vikram goes.

Priya gets up in the middle of night and wonders where is Ram? She feels a hangover and goes to call Ram. Pihu comes back and wakes up Natasha and Mayra. Natasha asks her to let it be. Pihu says, what about customs and rituals? Natasha says, tomorrow will be an important day and asks her to sleep. Pihu sleeps.

Priya goes to Ram. Ram smiles. Priya asks, why you are smiling? You are making fun of me. Ram makes her sit and says he was smiling just like that. Priya says I am angry at you. I have 5 problems. You fight with me daily, don’t agree with me, doesn’t say sorry. doesn’t pick my call and lastly why you invited Juhi for our marriage. Ram says, tomorrow is our marriage. Priya asks, are we not married? Ram says, we are getting remarried. It was your plan to teach a lesson to Juhi. Priya says, she wants to eat icecream. Ram says, we can’t get icecream now. Priya pretends to cry. Ram says, I will bring icecream and asks her to sit until he comes back.

Priya waits for Ram. Ram comes back after buying icecream. Priya says, so sweet and thanks him. She asks him, why there is silence outside. Ram says, everyone is sleeping as it is night. Priya asks him never to get thin. She says, you looks good fatty. Ram asks her not to change. She says, I wants to enjoy rain with you. Ram says, it is not possible. No means no. Priya says then I won’t have icecream. She insists him. Ram asks her to have icecream first and then sleep. He makes her eat icrecream. BALH plays………………….Priya says, yummy icecream.

Ram tells that he wants to make Priya’s hands immersed in his love. He asks May I? Priya goes towards him. Everyone applaud for them. Juhi comes and asks Ram to stop. Everyone looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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