Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th January 2013 Written Update

Aayesha will be getting ready, mama ji comes there and tells that she should avoid nite parties. Aayesha says ram has called her and asks to get ready for dinner. Mama ji wonders. Ram comes there and asks aayesha whether kids are ready for dinner or not. Aayesha says kids and herself ready for dinner. Ram clears up aayesha that he alone going to dinner with kids. Ram asks mama ji to bring kids down and he would freshen up and come. At the dinning, all kapoors will be having dinner. Aayesha shouts at the maid for her beetroot juice. Krishna and others shockingly looking at the door and aayesha also comes down. Its Priya !! Priya comes inside and watches all around happily. Mama ji says its really a wonderful surprise for them. Mama ji says he would call ram but priya says no. Priya takes blessings from krishna and nani. Priya clears him that she has come here for pihu not for ram. Priya asks aayesha to show her room.

In aayesha’s room, priya a bit serious and aayesha nervous. Aayesha says I dint expect that u will come here. As I am aayesha ram kapoor. Priya replies, I know but I can come here any time. No one can stop me. Either ram or court. I have taken your dreams as mine and supported you all time. But now pihu is my life. So do not torture my baby physically or mentally. This is my last warning. If you repeat this I will forget that you are my sister. Aayesha asks priya, are you warning me? Priya replies, this is my last warning and you remember this. Pihu comes there running. Pihu says, moma you are here? you know today papa has made us eat pizza. Pihu finds aayesha beside and stops. Pihu says priya to come to her room as she wanna show her few pictures as well. Pihu takes priya to a room. Priya recalls all the sweet moments. Pihu shows their picture (Priya & ram’s BW pic) and says it was the best. Priya recalls ram saying I Love u to her. Priya looks on around and feels happy. Pihu shows the couch and says she sleeps there. Pihu drags priya to ram’s room though priya tries stopping her. Ram will be talking to vikram’s kid and consoles him that he would send vikram home.

Priya and pihu come to ram’s room. Pihu leaves saying she would bring khush. Ram shocks and asks priya you are here? Priya says, I am sorry for coming here without telling you. After meeting u I went to school. Their teacher shown me a drawing in which it shows she is disturbed. Ram says relax. dont worry. Pihu is adjusting now so it might be in that strain. I am happy you are here. I need to discuss with you. I wanna talk about vikram. He is very disturbed about divorce. We should do some thing for them. Ram explains some plan. Priya and ram get excited with the plan. Both lift hands for high five but stop themselves. Ram asks to shake hands. While they both shaking hands aayesha comes inside. Both leave their hands. Ram asks why she is here. Aayesha says, I was making pihu to do her drawing work. That time color has got on my hands. So pls tie my blouse’s dori. Ram does. Priya says some thing but aayesha reminds ram about some party. Priya says she would leave now. Ram says aayesha that he would meet in the party. Ram & Priya leaves.

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