Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Priya telling Ram that he was right in saying that whatever happened between them was very special, sacred and I cant live without you anymore, I want to spent my life with you. and will give you the love you deserve, and will not let me go from your life. I love you Mr. Kapoor. Both Ram and Priya in tears n smiles. Music is playing in the BG. Ram says cant u tell me before. Ram takes her towards the wall and says when we were playing the dumb charades, you was not able to say, it was deewar.
Ram says why you did this Mrs. Kapoor. Priya says whenever woman takes the decision she takes every body happiness in account and after taking decision she does not step back.Ram says yesterday night we were not just physically close, but we are together

for life. that is what I was trying to make you understand. they smiles and about to hug.Just then Priya saw Ayesha in the door. They run towards Ayesha.

Ayesha leaves the room and all the family members and Neha Vikram looks on surprisingly. Ayesha says I dont want to listen.she step out the house and was walking on the road when and she is run over by the car. Ram and Priya shocked. Ayesha was injured badly. they takes her to the hospital in the ambulance. All the family members reaches the hospital. Shipra asks Sudhir what happened sudhir. will my daughter be fine. Doctor comes and says patient is serious. there is a severe head injury. we have to operate her immediately. Ram and Priya says do the needful and operate her immediately. we will do the paper work.

Operation is going on. Natasha makes shipra drink water who is crying unconsolably. Priya thinks it is all her fault and says to Neha. Neha says dont blame yourself. dont feel guilty. Inspector comes and says it is a hit and run case. and we are preparing the report. the woman is your wife right. Ram says yes. Inspector says did u suspect anyone. Ram says it was a unfortunate accident.

Sid calling Ayesha on her mobile. he was restless as why Ayesha is not picking his call. Atleast she would call me and inform me about her conversation with Priya he thinks. Vikram says to Neha that he fear that they might seperate again. they were about to meet again and this accident happened. Neha says they meet, married and love happens. life takes their exam. ending is always problematic. Vikram says all well thats ends well. Neha says I love your positive attitude. They are feeling guilty about Ayesha.
Vikram says everything will be fine. Vikram gets a call and he says last min how can I arrange a visa from someone. he was having a business problem. he conveys this to Neha. Neha asks Vikram to go to UK. She will take care of everything here. Vikram says i need to be here. Neha says ok. Vikram says I was planning a honeymoon. Neha says dont be childish. we can don our honeymoon later. I am your old wife.

Vikram and Neha smiles and hug each other. they decide to tell Ram about this. Ramcomes towards Priya and says whatever happened is most unfortunate but it is not your fault, dont feel guilty. Ayesha will be fine. Priya says whatever happened is because of me.I was responsible. Ayesha is not only my husband’s wife but my little sister. I was the one who grown up her. I was to blame for it. Ram says this is nothing to do with you. she says whatever happened is because of me . read full update with pictures only at I should have told her everything but she listens this like this. Priya says I am telling you this is a sign of.Ram says why you kept telling the same again and again. Just then Phone rings of Ayesha. Ram picks the call. he sees jaan calling. when he about to speak. battery was dead. Ram aska mamaji to charge the battery. Ram says to |Priya everything will be fine.control yourself. he consoles her. while sudhir looks on.

Priya cries. Ram was by her side. Vikram and Neha comes and says I have a issue with the buyer in the UK. so I need to go.
Vikram says whatever happened is not good and dont blame yourself. dont be far from each other. you are not to be blamed. life gives second chance and dont get it wasted. be together. Neha says I know it was difficult for you. Ayesha is your little sister. but dont take decision by being emotional, just be together,. dont seperate. you can cross all hurdles by being together. Priya says to Neha will I be able to face Ayesha. I wanted to tell Ayesha about this, Neha says dont feel guilty. Ram says I tried to conveyed this to Ayesha but this happened. Vikram says because of this accident dont forget to think about yourself and Priya. you always thought of family. just think about Priya your love. you will face every situation together. Ram says go and do the packing.dont worry. we will do whatever we can do.

Vikram consoles Sudhir and Shipra that Ayesha will be fine. dont lose hope. I have to leave for london as situation is like that. Neha will be with you here. Sudhir says you dont worry about Neha, we will take care of her. Dont worry about her. Shipra says whatever happens parents always stand by their children. they do so many mistakes but parents always forgive their children. She cries. Vikram consoles her and says she will be fine.

Doctor comes after doing the operation and inform the family members that the patient is critical, there is a severe head injury. Priya aska will she be fine.Doctor says next 48 hours she is under observation and then only we can say. body takes a time in healing. All family members gives tensed look.The screen freezes on Priya while Ram looks on.

Sid in hospital talking with unconscious Ayesha that I did so much hardwork.All the hardwork will go waste. you have to be alive for me and my plan. I dont give you permission to die. for my plan to be successful you have to live in every situation. while he is saying this Ram comes and open the door while Sid looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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