Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Natasha welcoming the guests for coming to the function.Announcer announces that one lady will get a chance to dine with the celebrities who walks the ramp but for that you have to bet on that celebrity. First person to walk the ramp is Shiny mama. Natasha says who added him in my list, her assistant says he said he is your mama. Mama walks the ramp and everyone is laughing. Mama introduces himself and ask the ladies to bet on him. Natasha asks the guests to bet on Mama as it is for charity, somehow someone raises her hand. Priya and Neha decides to help Natasha and together they give some money to dadi and ask her to bet. Dadi bet on mama for Rs. 101 Rs. Mamaji says he will bet on himself, but Nats says it is not in the rules. Dadi asks Mamaji to lets go

for dinner. Mamaji unhappily leaves with dadi.

Stars of Shootout At Wadala walks the ramp one by one and girls bet on them while the song babli badmash hain plays. Priya tells Neha she will go and see if Mr. Kapoor is ready or not. Neha says she will checkout for Vikram.

Ram and Vikram are tensed. Vikram says Neha have to bet on him. Neha and Priya comes there. Vikram tells her why she didn’t told him that they have to walk the ramp with celebrities. Neha says it was Priya’s idea. Ram tells Priya that he is annoyed with Tusshar Kapoor because he tells Priya as yummy mummy. Priya says Ram that she is going to be a mother second time and their age crossed possessive nature. She says she dont feels jealous. She says wherever you go, you will come to me. He says ok, I will not feel jealous. Priya says infront of my hero, everybody else is zero.

Tushar tells his friend that Ram and Priya is made for each other and he choose for wrong yummy mummy.
Ram asks Priya to bet on him and they will have dinner.
Tusshar Kapoor walks the ramp while the song dil toh lelegi plays. John Abraham walks the ramp next and aala re aala plays now and girls go crazy. Girls bet on him and he is off for dinner at 5 lakh rs bet.

Next comes Vikram and he shyly walks the ramp. Girls hesitate on bet on him. Priya ask Neha to bet on him. She says he is looking nervous, let him be. Vikram thinks please bet on me. Announcers announcer time is up. Vikram sadly leaves.

Vikram comes back backstage and tells him that Neha didn’t bet on him. Natasha announces about Ram Kapoor who is perfect in every relation. Next comes Ram Kapoor who walks the ramp confidently and bet starts at 50000, Priya bets on him for 2.5 lakhs, but someone bets on him for Rs. 6 lakhs and Priya is at loss. Ram is surprised to see someone bet on him.

John Abraham sees someone misbehaving with a lady and threats him and slapped the person.
Rahul leaves with Cady and Tushar and Priya have a conversation that he thought of him as her Mr. Kapoor. Tushar says he is happy to meet her and she says her Ram is with her and next time when they meet your Mrs. Kapoor will be with you. Tushar says hope so. Priya says there is a addition to her family.
Priya congratules him on his film.

Ram and Priya in the hotel and the girl who won the bet is sofia chaudhry and Priya teases Ram that he will focus on dinner rather than the girl. He says daily he dines with beautiful lady and now he will focus on food. He leaves for dinner. Priya is annoyed. Neha comes there and Priya says he was confident.

Ram and Sofi in the car and he says you bet on me. Priya tells Neha that Ram will come back home without dinner. Sofi tells Ram that when she was coming to the party, she met Priya on the way and Priya asked her to bet on Ram to make him feel special. She agrees because it is for charity. Sofi tells Ram that you are very lucky. Ram says we have to go for dinner as Priya made this plan.

Priya is waiting for Ram in the house. Neha tells why you did this. All men are same.
Ram comes back from dinner with sofi. Sofi asked for coffee and Priya annoyed. Ram decides to sit in study with sofi. Priya tells sofi that she was happy that she agreed to her request. Sofi praises Ram. Priya is annoyed. Ram comes back and says he is having fun by making her jealous. Sofi again praises them, says they didn’t have dinner and leaves. Neha also leaves.

Priya scolds Ram. Ram says it was a joke. Priya is jealous and Ram says you are going to be my baby’s mother soon. He ask for forgiveness. Episode ends on their cute hug.

Ram tells Priya that he walks the ramp, went for dinner with a stranger. Can you do something for me. Priya is speechless.

Update Credit to: Amena

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