Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram climbing the stairs and blaming Priya for it. Priya worries about him and thinks to call Mayra. But thinks Mayra will tell him and will think that I am spying on him. I am getting punished seeing him like this. She goes after him. Priya’s colleagues tell her that boss is taking revenge on her. Priya thinks he cares for me but his ego overshadows his care. Ram comes. Some papers from a file slips from Priya’s hand. She tries to pick the papers and gets hurt. Ram bend down and picks the papers for her. BALH plays…………………..Priya looks at Ram. Ram says, all the papers got mixed up and asks her to be careful next time. He says, as you are my assistant you will get a cabin very soon. Riddhima and Cady speak about Rehaan and Sammy.

Cady says, Sammy and Pihu are enjoying life. She hopes everything might be good between them. Cady says, whenever I questioned Priya, I proved to be wrong. Priya can never be wrong. Riddhima asks her to relax and not to think more. Cady says, if they are happy then Priya will be happy. Riddhima says come on. Cady says, lets believe that they are happy.

Riddhima asks about Priya. Cady says, she is struggling but very happy. Khush and Suhani are working together. Priya is supportive of them. Riddhima says, it is okay. you can get in touch with her. I am sure Mom and her friendship will be fine soon. Cady says, my relation with Priya can never break. She is my family. She has no hard feelings towards me. She will bounce back. I am so proud of her. Cady hopes Riddhima is right about Sammy and Pihu.

Ram tells his employees not to bring emotions in business. One employee tells her about the deal which Priya got for him. Ram asks Priya to pick the call. Priya says thanks. Ram asks what is the call about? Priya says, it was a confirmation call of the deal which is more big than Satyam Lal’s deal. Ram asks the employees to concentrate on the numbers and profits. Priya gives some file to Ram.

Sammy thinks about Pihu and their trip. He says, I will go with Pihu after forgetting everything. But last time I will look at Suhani. I will forget you but will not forgive you. Suhani is walking on the road and is thinking something. She was about to get hit by the car. Sammy tries to save her. Khush saves her in the nick of time. Khush says, I won’t live you alone. I will die if anything happens to you or baby. Suhani looks at him. Suhani sees Sammy outside her clinic and wonders what he will do now. She calls Khush to tell about Sammy but stops. Khush thinks to check once. Suhani says, I have to go and asks Sammy what he wants.

Pihu is waiting for Sammy at the airport. She calls at the office. She thinks he will come. Suhani comes to Sammy and asks, what do you want? She says, why you are coming here daily? Sammy says, I came to see you? I want to know what you have achieved after marrying Khush. Suhani says, my life has become special after marrying him. Sammy says, I got married and we were happy. Sammy says, you have seen so many dreams but you got nothing. Suhani says, reality is that Khush’s papa is very rich. You are not rich but your wife is rich. Sammy says, whatever but I have everything.

Suhani says, you know only one thing. You know how to hurt someone. You might be repenting to marry Pihu. Sammy says, we are very happy. Suhani says, that’s why you left your wife at home and looking at other’s wife. You are a loser and you will be loser. Sammy says, I am a big loser who don’t understand the people. Sammy says, I had a doubt that the baby is mine but I was wrong. Suhani says, I hope you are wrong. I am very sure that you will stand outside this clinic tomorrow. Sammy says, I don’t know you, this clinic and this tea shop. I am done with you. He leaves.

Colleagues tell Priya to beware of the boss. Priya says, his intention might not be wrong. Ram calls Priya. Ram says, there are some mistake and asks her to correct it. Ram says, tell everyone don’t disturb me as I need to work on the deal. Priya says ok. Ram smiles.

Ram asks Priya, from where his file comes in her papers. Priya says don’t know. Ram says, I am taking care of myself and may be that’s why.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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