Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Mamaji telling Ayesha to break the sacred relation between Ram and Priya, Ayesha says how hard she try to seperate Ram and Priya but is unsuccessful. they became even more closer. Mamaji says Priya is the one who can help her out in coming close to Ram and she herself will seperate from Ram. Ayesha says I am like that. Priya loves me and will do for me.Just then Priya enters. Mamaji says talk of the devil and the devil comes silently pointing at Priya. and tells lets begin the game. Ram and Priya looked at each other and they eye lock while the sweet music is playing of lag jaa gale….

Ram thinks of the flashback scene wherein Priya saying I dont know if there was another life, if it is then I want to live my entire life with you. while she

is crying all through. FB scene ends. Lag jaa gale song plays in the background.

Then he remembers another Flash Back (FB) scene where Priya is saying this house is not mine anymore.

Neha welcomes Priya and asks did u take any decision. Priya says yes. Ask Pihu to go to badi dadi while I come after meeting Papa. Pihu goes to meet dadi. Priya also take dadi’s blessings. Dadi wishes her to become mother of 100 children and your life be filled with happiness. Dadi says the other day you forget something and gives her the things. Priya keep her eyes down. Dadi says whatever you did was right. and right was the one which we feel. Priya holds her hand and smiles.

Ayesha comes n says I dont to talk to you di. Priya goes to talk to her. Ayesha says We didnt talk since long after your comeback. whenever you come infront. first of all you were not here and we are not the sisters like. Priya says why you are saying like this.

I never thought you as a sautan, I give everything to you. Ayesha says you did give me but it was yours only. and when you return my authority decreases. you tell me that whenever you see Ram, you never looked at him that way. since 5 years, I never able to create an emotional bond with Ram, because of you. whenever I looked at Ram eyes it was you in his eyes. I cant tolerate. she says everybody feels the same. My own mummy pappa wanted you and Ram to be together. she continues when I loved Sid he betrayed me, when I loved Ram, it was not reciprocated. what was my fault. I am not great like you. I tried my best. I got tired now. I request you when you are in Ram life, he cant be mine. and you just have to go. and if Ram left me because of you or any other reason then I dont have option but to kill myself n khush. Priya says I want to know. did u really love Mr. Kapoor. Ayesha says yes. Priya says ok. I just want to listen this from your mouth.

Pihu comes near Ram and gives him a chocolate.Pihu says whenever during my exams I became nervous I had chocolate. you are looking nervous, so eat it. Ram smiles and ask Pihu, if mamma takes you along with her to Dubai then what will you do. She says I will miss you. This chocolate is our favorite naa papa. She says we looked same naa papa. Ram says we are same from inside and puts his hand on Pihu heart and Pihu’s hand on his heart and they feel the heart beat. Pihu says yes papa.

Ram ask her to remember that if mamma takes you to Dubai, you should not feel bad. bacause mama is the best mom in the world. mama loves you more than Papa. she thinks about you. In Dubai you have to take care of mamma, listen to her. then he asks for a hug and then hug each other.

Then Priya enters and ask Pihu to go to Nanu. Priya says Mr. Kapoor I need to talk to you something, shall we go to some other place.She says I just came after meeting Ayesha and I took the decision. Ram intervenes and says I dont want to be rude. whatever your decision is speak up. yes or no. your decision is not going to change my decision. I will tell Ayesha that our false relation is going to end. Priya says how can this be happen. she says with our life so many lives are involved, it is not because Ayesha, what about khush. Ram says yes I thought about khush, he will be my priority. I will take his responsibilty and will love him all my life. he will get everything he deserves. Priya says I know you will do your responsibilty, but you have to know what Ayesha thinks about you. she says in last 5 years whenever she tries to come near you, I came in between. and because of me you kept her away from you. read full update with pictures only at she thought of me as a sautan. Ram gets angry and says ok.I dont want to listen anymore. I will do it if u wanted I will give my entire property, savings to you and Pihu. If you are right, if Ayesha loves me then she will love me without the property too.If you want you can go Dubai and take all my savings with you which I wanted to give Pihu. when Ram tries to go., Priya holds his hand. I just said that I took my decision I never said I am going to Dubai. because I love you Mr. Kapoor. I love you truly. when I asked Ayesha, she did not tell me. after sometime she told me that she loved you but she did not loved you. I didnt saw loved in her eyes. I was ready to sacrifise my life and Pihu for Ayesha, but she did not love you. It was you who loved everyone. and in return you never ask anything. but I wants, if in this world if anyone deserves love then its you. I love you. the love you deserves I cant take. I will be with you. I am not going to Dubai Mr. Kapoor.
I was worried about ayesha and khush. but I know you will take their responsibilty.
Ram smiles and Priya in tears…… lag jaa gale music playing…

I will tell Ayesha everything that you will take care of them, more than. you was right whatever happened between us was very special and I cant stay away from you. I want to live every moment with you. the love you deserves I will give and I will not go. I love you Ram. Bade Acche lagte hain song in the backgroung playing. And Priya and Ram in tears. The Screen freezes on Ram and Priya looking at each other lovingly and teary eyed.

Ram and Priya close to each other. Ram saying Priya that we are not just physically together, but we are together for life. Did u understand what I was trying to make you understand.Just then Priya sees Ayesha near the door. Both say Ayesha. Ayesha angrily leaves. Ram and Priya go after her…….

Update Credit to: Amena

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