Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rajat’s entry. Rajat gives the credit for his writing to Priya. He recalls her. He says, whatever I write today is because of her. Organiser says, a big crowd will be coming to meet him. Rajat says, I don’t like to come for the functions. Suhani waits for an auto and gets unconscious because of the heat. Rajat sees her and asks his driver to get the car. He says, I know her. Organiser says, what I will answer to the crowd. Rajat says tell them that I didn’t come. Nothing is more important to me than my character.

Ram asks Priya to distribute the investments into small parts. Priya says, I hope you do it in personal life. Ram asks her to bold the profit. Priya thinks I like big things. Priya writes in big font. Ram asks, where is your attention.

Priya says on you sir. Ram says, we will work alone.

Rajat brings Suhani to the hospital and asks her to take special care of her. Organiser come there and asks him to come. Rajat says, I won’t leave until she gets well as I know her very well. Organiser requests him to come. Rajat says, I won’t leave. Ram comes out of his hotel room and sees Pihu. Pihu asks, what are you doing here? Ram says, I should ask you this question. Pihu says, we have to stopped here because of the bad weather in Kashmir. Ram says, this is my employee’s room. Pihu says, yesterday I heard your voice. She asks him to meet Sammy. Ram says, I will meet you in the evening. He gets tensed as Priya is also here. He wonders what to do?

Rajat calls Cady. Cady comes and hugs him. Cady says, I called you here. Rajat says, you can go against anyone for Priya. She is our soft spot. I still can’t get over with whatever you said on phone. Cady says,
dad is sure that’s why I called you. Rajat says, that doctor got unconscious so he brought her here. Cady says, I will call Khush.

Priya asks Ram, what happened? Ram gets tensed and says I want a drink. Priya says, we will take a break. Let’s go. Ram asks her to go alone and then he will come. Ram says, I don’t want anyone to see us together. Priya says okay. Vikram thinks Pihu and Sammy are irresponsible. He calls Pihu on the net. Pihu says he is busy doing the booking of Kashmir flight. We are at Delhi. Vikram says, you are sad that’s why. Pihu says, I saw papa here in Delhi. He is staying in the same hotel. Vikram says, he went there for cheating. He asks, whether Ram is alone or with someone. Pihu says, he was with his colleagues. Vikram thinks, did he get nuts? Vikram calls Cady and says Pihu and Sammy are in Delhi. And says Ram and his colleague are in the same room in Delhi. Cady says, I am coming home with surprise. She asks him to chill.

Cady says, I thought everything will be fine. Dad believes that someone is in Ram’s life. Rajat says 100 % is Ram’s fault. Priya can’t do anything wrong. Cady says, Priya can’t do. This time it was matter about Pihu. She is not sweet nor little. She has changed. Everything is changed. Rajat says, I am changed but happy. Cady asks, do you have same feelings for Priya? Rajat says, you are deviating the topic now. He says, Pihu is the reason for their togetherness. What happened to Pihu. She is the reason for their seperarion. Cady says, Pihu has changed. Priya doesn’t deserve this. Rajat says, Priya and Ram will never be seperated. I will bring Ram on the line. He is possessive about Priya. Rajat says, it might be Ram’s plan to call me. Cady smiles. Nurse tells them that the patient is fine now.

Ram and Priya come to have lunch. Ram orders exotic juice. Priya orders it too. Vikram calls him. Waiter gets juice for Ram and Priya. Priya drinks juice with wine. She says, it is strange but not bad. Priya feels like fainting. She says, my head is spinning. I went to washroom. I am getting vomiting sensation. Exotic drink didn’t suit me. I am having a bad headache. Ram says, oh my God it means you got my drink.

Priya tells Ram that she wants to go out. Ram says, I will take you out in the morning. Priya says, I want to tell you something and sleeps. Ram is leaving from her room. Pihu comes. Ram is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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