Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya looking at Ram smilingly. Ram opens his eyes and is relaxed. Light comes. Ram asks, how did you manage? Priya says, I called the guard and he might have called the technician. Ram says, I meant that how you manage me? Priya says, have years experience. She asks him to have water. Ram says, I am fine. Suhani looks at Sammy from the window curtain. She asks God to help her. She thinks Priya will be worried. Khush comes and asks, why you are sweating? Suhani says, I was sweating because of pregnancy. Khush asks her to take a holiday, Suhani says clinic opened recently naa. Ram offers to give lift to Priya. Priya says, it is okay. Ram says I have to return the favour. Priya says, no formalities. She looks at the car and says I have seen it before.

Ram says, this model is quite common. Priya says, I have seen it yesterday. This car was following me and when I followed the car, driver ran away. She says, it means you was following me. Ram says, no. Priya says I can’t believe. Ram says, there are so many same cars in this city.

Priya argues that she was 100 percent sure. Priya says, I checked the number and I can’t be wrong. Ram says, your eyes and memory are weak with age and asks her to get her eyes tested. Ram says, you was trying to listen Pihu’s conversation with me. Priya says, yes I want to listen about Pihu as I am her mother. And you will not understand it. Ram says, a mother who left for other girl. Ram says, she is very happy. Priya says, you are not aware of it. Ram offers to drop her again. Priya refuses to take the lift.

Sammy is thinking about Suhani. Pihu calls her but he doesn’t pick the call. He comes home. Pihu asks him to take care of his health. She says, I was thinking about you. Sammy asks, are you fine? Pihu says, actually I understand it. She says, I realised that you will not change, so decided to change myself for you. You was right, you needs space. Sammy thanks her. Pihu says, I am your best friend first and then wife. Sammy asks, did you have dinner? Ram comes and says I want you both to go on a trip. Pihu tells Sammy that she didn’t do anything. Sammy says, have so much work to do. Ram says, I arranged tickets and everything. You guys are going. Pihu smiles.

Ram recalls about the moment spent with Priya that evening. Priya too thinks about Ram. Ram thinks it is my mistake. Priya’s opinion will never change for Pihu. Pihu and Sammy might be pretending to be happy infront of Ram. Ram send message to Priya. It reads, get prepared for tomorrow’s meeting. Priya replies that I am sorry, I don’t work at home specially at night. Ram replies, I want my work to be done. Priya replies okay sir. BALH plays…………………Riddhima tells Cady that Rahul was enthusiastic at Rehaan’s wedding. Cady says, Rahul fulfilled his responsibility. Riddhima says, he was looking like a band guy. Cady says, I am happy that their differences are cleared. Riddhima talks about Saurav and says he agreed. Pihu comes and says I am very happy. Sammy agreed to go on a trip. She says, by Dad and by God’s grace I will take him away from Suhani’s memories. She says, he didn’t talk about her. But I want to completely erase her from his memories. Pihu says, I will do the packing. Sammy will come to the airport directly. Pihu leaves.

Ram comes to the office. He asks Priya, are you going through this lift. Priya asks, do you have problem going with us? She asks him to get other lift for him. Ram chooses to go by the stairs. Priya comes out of the lift and thinks to follow Ram. Ram is having a tough time climbing up the stairs. Priya thinks whether he take care of him or not. She thinks to call Mayra but doesn’t call her. I am getting punished to see him like this.

Some papers fall from the file. Priya sits to pick it. Ram comes and helps her. BALH music plays.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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