Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th February 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts with Sudhir taking out Priya luggage out of her room. Priya comes and shipra says we did all the packing. Priya says thank you maa. Shipra says call us after reaching Dubai. Pihu then asks are we going somewhere. Shipra says go n get your thing from your room. Shipra continues that you kept Pihu away from Ram for 5 long years. now will u come in a year or another 5 years. Priya teary eyed. Shipra says can u give Pihu this moment.the things which made father daughter relation special that moment how can Ram will give to Pihu. We shall come with you to drop at the airport.she continues that the father daughter moment is amiss in Ram Pihu relation. the way u talked with you father, how can Ram spent that moment with Pihu. Now you have taken the decision so

shall we support you. if Pihu after getting young asks you such questions that why u seperated from Ram, that can you able to answer such questions. that is sure to think about. Background music is playing aa aa aa aaaaaaa….

Priya asks sudhir after knowing eveything, can I take Ayesha’s happiness. Sudhir says when Ram came to meet me that day, He said that he will break one of my daughter’s heart with his decision. I have decided I cant choose. No father can choose between their children. read full updates daily only at then I thought I think choose the right and right is always right. I have to choose the right. no matter if any of my daughter’s heart break. then he says Priya to choose the right and only her heart can speak about. and If she decide to go to dubai then we will drop you at the airport. and if you will stay then also we are with you. We are going to Reception you get ready and come along with Pihu, then we shall meet you at neha and vikram reception. Priya teary eyed cries.

Vikram House:

Vikram and Neha getting romantic on finalising the honeymoon location. Neha says it is really embarrasing. Vikram says we got married infront of the world. lets go. I have some exclusive right on you. Neha says I will cancel the overseeas trip. we shall go in a car and go. Just then sudhir and shipra comes and says you have to come to our home for pagphere for 2-3 days. Neha says last time we did the pagphere. Sudhir says lets do everything accrording to ritual and Neha agrees and smiles. Vikram says everybody is doing conspiracy against me. Neha then offers a drink to Mamaji, Mamaji says no I cant drink. I already had too much yesterday. Natasha, Rishabh, Krishnaji everybody there.

Rahul then says everybody take your drink and in a few mins I will play marriage video. everybody enthusiatically says lets see.
Everybody smiles and video starts. Mamaji self thought I was sleeping at that time. where might be Ram and Priya. they are not in anywhere in the video.
Ram was not in his room in the morning. Mamaji then sees the glimpse of Sid in the video and before anybody can see. he enacts the song badan pe sitare song and come infront of the TV screen. Everybody asks him to move from there and let them see the video.

Mamaji continues the enacting the song. Everybody laughs. Krishnaji says you are doing good. Mamaji says I will see the video first after taking it home today. Just then Ram enters with Ayesha, khush and Soumya. Music is playing aa aa aa aa. Neha welcomes Ram and says did u talked with Priya. Ram says No. I will talk to her today night, no matter whatever happens. Neha nods her head in approval.

Mamaji takes Ayesha to one side and tells her that yesterday night Sid came to Kapoor Mansion and I saw in CD. Ayesha says how can this happen. he was roaming in Kapoor Mansion. Ayesha gives a tensed look and says I know. Mamaji says my God. u know. I saw so many bad woman, but you are their mother. your life is spoiled because of Sid and you kept meeting him. Ayesha says yes I meet him. what is your problem and Cut the crab. we both know how we are. and we know why you are supporting Ram. and it is better for both of us, if we dont allow Ram to meet Priya. Mamaji says Priya can help you and after Neha and Vikram marriage they became more closer. Ayesha asks what happened between them. Mamaji says I remember everything. Flashback scene starts, Mamaji says., Yesterday night you came in Ram’s Room and slept beside me who is fully covered with blanket, she thinks he is Ram. In the morning she wakes up and say listen, I know you are feeling embarrassed with whatever happened yesterday night and thats why you are covering your face. She says I can tell you whatever happened. you was compelety drunk and it was not a mistake. and whatever happened between us, we became husband and wife in right way. I love you, more bhi zyada. She then hold Mamaji’s hand and says see it was full of wrinkles because u do so much work. but I love you with wrinkles also. She says wrinkles kapoor. then she removes the blankets from Mamaji’s face and gets shocked and shouts and Mamaji too shouts. Flashback scene ends.

Mamaji says you might be thinking then where might be Ram when i was in Ram’s room. this question was confusing me and I came to know that Priya too was not in marriage function. and they too was together, and where were there. you have to tell.

On The Road:

Pihu and Priya in the Car heading towards the Airport. Pihu says are we going to dubai. Priya says yes baby. We came from dubai naa. Pihu says but Papa stays in Mumbai naa. Priya explains as our home is in dubai, so as Papa’s home is in Mumbai. Pihu says but I will miss Papa.
Priya hugs Pihu and thinks if I have to choose between Ayesha, khush and other side my love and daughter. If I choose Ram and Pihu then I became selfish. If I take another decision then will it be good for others. then she asks Pihu if I left you with Papa in mumbai and go to dubai then can you stay without me. I will come to meet you whenever you needed me. but everytime she cant stay with her. you like to spent time with Papa naa. so can you stay with papa if mama left you with Papa. can u stay without mama. The screen freezes on Priya and Pihu….. looking at each other…

Priya comes to Ram. Pihu hugs Ram. Priya asks Pihu to go to Nanu. then she says to Ram that she wants to talk to him. Ram says tell.

Update Credit to: Amena

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