Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram and Priya getting surprised to see each other. Ram asks Priya to shift to some other table. Priya says, I am tired after working. I won’t go. I am very hungry. Ram says, I will shift then. He calls the manager. Manager requests him to share the table with her as table is not free. Ram gets angry. Priya says, I don’t want to ruin my evening, so please give me something to eat. Manager says yes. Priya thinks the idea of candle light dinner is good. Ram calls the waiter. Pihu hears his voice and looks for Ram but couldn’t because of the candle light. She talks to Mayra about going to Kashmir. Mayra asks her to smile and gives her good wishes.

Priya thinks to keep quiet. Ram thinks, why she is silent. Pihu goes to inform at the reception

about her. Priya and Ram look at each other. BALH plays……………….Suhani gets vomiting. Khush makes her sit. suhani says I am better. Khush says, I will call gynaec. Suhani says, everything is normal. Suhani asks him to relax and says I am fine. Khush takes care of her. Suhani asks him to sleep. Priya orders 5 Aloo Parathas with butter. Ram orders juice. Priya smiles. She gets Vikram’s call. He asks, are you fine? Priya says, how can you think he will get a girl at this age and weight? It is not that easy. If he gets, then what is the guarantee that she will handle his temper. Vikram says okay. Ram is calling me. I will call you after talking to him.

Ram calls Vikram and threatens him to tell Neha about him. Vikram says, I came to know about the special lady in your life. Ram smiles naa. Priya smiles too. BALH plays…………….

Pihu calls Mayra and talks to Juhi. She asks, did you get the tickets. Pihu says no. Juhi says, you are getting one more week with Sammy. She says, thank you. You understands me unlike Priya maa. Juhi is happy. She asks her to enjoy. Mayra tells Juhi that Pihu will not feel cold because he has her hot jiju.

Priya is sitting in her room and recalls the special dinner. Priya thinks to give Ram’s medicines to him. Cady is talking to someone. Vikram comes. Cady says, I was talking to a client. Vikram asks, is everything alright? Cady says, I was thinking how to organise the dinner as Rahul is not here. Vikram asks her to go with Rahul. She asks about Ram. Vikram says, he cut the call. Cady says, they will be together.

Priya comes to Ram’s room and gives him medicines. Priya says, you said that you can manage alone but I saw that you forget to take medicines. Ram says, medicines gives temporary cure and he wants permanent cure. Priya asks him to change his perception and look at the front. Ram says, what is the guarantee that my medicine would return. Priya says, may be it will return. Just try for its return. She gives him medicines.

Mamaji comes and congrats Juhi for throwing Priya out of the house. He says, your motive is fulfilled as Pihu and Sammy went for their honeymoon. Juhi says, I don’t like this. Sid is my future now. I can’t see anything beyond him. He is a wonderful person. Mamaji says, I felt good after knowing that you cares for him. Sid is very sad because of Khush. Juhi says, Khush is his happiness. I don’t know how to bring him back. Mamaji says, Khush went with Priya. We will bring happiness on Sid’s face. Juhi shakes hand with Mamaji.

Rajat comes back to Mumbai and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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