Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Jhanvi telling Shipra to stay away from her kid. She says she will not allow anyone to touch the baby especially her as she is supporting Natasha. Shipra says she is not supporting Natasha because she is her bahu but because she took care of the baby like a mother in Jhanvi’s absence. Priya says no one will take the baby from you. What is wrong with you. Maa Just wants chotu to sleep. Jhanvi gives the baby to Shipra but says if Natasha comes near the baby then…

Priya says are you threatening us? If you love the baby then why you left the baby here. Natasha took care of the baby when you left him here. Jhanvi makes Priya remember that she helped Priya during her bad times and says why you are not supporting me. She says you are fighting with

me for your family. She says she saw today that no one cares for anyone. She says chotu is her son and Karthik is her husband. She says she left the baby when she was weak emotionally. She says no one cares for her and she has the only right on the baby. She says my baby is my security then why should I leave him. Ram gives her cheque and asks her to write any amount she wants. She writes something and says she wants this, pointing at the cheque. Priya tells Ram, you want to buy chotu from his mother. Priya says you can’t do this.

Scene shifts to Rahul and Cady:

Rahul drops Cady at the office for the interview. Cady says still one hour is there, you come later. Rahul says he will sit here itself as your interview will be finished in a minute. Rahul says you will be selected soon. Rahul asks about the Job profile. Cady tells him about the salary structure. Rahul and Cady shares some light moments.

Scene shifts to Sharma House:

Natasha asks Jhanvi, who told you to prepare milk for chotu. Jhanvi says she is the mother. Natasha says she will feed the baby. The baby starts crying, Jhanvi and Natasha take care of the baby. Priya and Sudhir looks at them and feels happy. Priya says Natasha let go of her ego when she saw the baby cries. Sudhir says she became a mother after the arrival of the baby. Sudhir tells her not to take any tension. Priya assures him that she will take care of herself and leaves.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ram and Priya sees Rishabh having party with his friends. When Ram asks about it, he talks rudely with him. Soumya too supports Rishabh and says they were partying here. Rishabh says they dont need their permission from them. Priya yells at him for speaking bad with Ram and says she will slap him. Soumya says she can’t talked like that with her husband. Soumya says everything is in Bappa hands and they don’t have any money. She says she can’t bear Rishabh insult. Rishabh thanks her. Soumya tells him to be independent. She says to Ram that we want to be seperated from you.

Soumya asks for their share from Ram. Ram is shocked. Soumya is adamant but Priya says enough. Priya asks Ram to go from here. It seems Soumya is acting to be bad infront of Ram. Priya tells Rishabh that she wants to see the day when he will take care of the business and leaves.

Soumya comes to Priya and says sorry for speaking rudely with Ram. She says shall we tell Bappa everything. Priya says problem is that Rishabh will not value anything which he gets easily. She wants Rishabh to work and be independent. Soumya says she is not understanding. Priya says their intensions are right and everything will be fine. They will tell Ram when right time comes.

Priya tells Ram that Rishabh wants shares in his property. Ram says why you told him that you will slap him infront of all. Priya says they are not kids. Ram says everything is happening because of her family. Priya says everyone is equally suffering and it is not only about her brother. The episode ends here.

Precap: Priya asks Ram to have medicines, but Ram says he don’t want to have it and Just wants to be alone. Priya keeps the medicines and water on the side table. Ram looks tensed.

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