Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th February 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts with Priya taking out her sandals and keeping in her hand while mamaji saying himself that he wont drink anymore, meanwhile Priya getting down the stairs trying to escape without anyone noticing her. Mamaji notices her and she hides beside the pillar Mamaji thinks it is a hangover and asks the servant whether he saw Priya there. HE says no. He thinks he is seeing Priya because of the hangover. Priya finally escapes with the sandals in her hands. Mamaji sees this and thinks no no Priya is not here.

Scene Shifts to Neha and Vikram room:

Vikram sits on the bed and figure out something and tells Neha that the kids planned some mischief and placed papads inside the bedsheets. It turned out to be a paper. Vikram says that out kids are very enthusiastic

about our mar. Neha asks help me find my pins. Vikram searches for something. then he goes in the bathroom.
Vikram then thinks Neha must be waiting for him as it is their suhaag raat.While he comes, Neha sleeps. Vikram says hogayi suhaag raat.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha calls Sid, tells him that Ram wants to talk to her something since many days.Since how long I shall ignore him. Sid says you know what is Ram upto. and we have only todays night to turn the tables in our favour. Ayesha says you are right and puts the phone down.

Vikram – Neha home:

Neha wakes up Vikram and tells him I really need your help and vikram romantically says I need you. He says we had so many functions and we need some actions. Neha says yes, but we have reception at home. Vikram says atleast find some time yaar. Neha in Vikram arms smile. Neha wonders where must be Ram and Priya as there were not in the marriage function. Vikram says they must be doing what we have not done yet. Neha smiles shyly.

Ram Comes to Vikram house and Ram says how can Priya thinks that he mix something in her drink. Vikram says women thinking is like that. Neha gets angry. Vikram says I am not talking about you. I am talking in general to make Ram understand. Vikram silently says to Neha that yesterday we got married and make an excuse that today is reception so we have to organise the party. they asks Ram to go to office. Ram says I am not going to office today. rather I will sit here only. Vikram try to make him understand that yesterday he got married and he and Neha have to spent some time. Ram says I know Neha, after I leave Neha will get involved in somework. Ram says this is your second marriage yaar.Finally Ram agrees to go. Vikram and Neha thinks we have to talk to Priya. Neha says I will fix this.

Sudhir House:

Sudhir asks Shipra that you are still packing the gifts, We have to reach before time as we are parents of the bride. Natasha says I am completely ready but where is Priya. Sudhir calls out Priya. Priya comes and says I cant come to the reception as I have to do the packing. she says you people go. Just then Neha comes and asks for Priya. Sudhir says her mood is off. Natasha says she dont wanna come to party. Priya doing the packing.Neha says so you are really doing this. Priya says we have late night flight for today. me and Pihu.Neha says you are again leaving Ram. Priya asks I have no other option. Everything is getting complicated. Neha says on the other hand, Ram is trying to come closer to you. Priya gets angry and says I why you always think about your friend. Priya says It is not possible because of Ayesha. Neha says they dont consider their marriage and you are only one you think otherwise. Neha continues you are the one who spoiled Ayesha. Priya says yes I spoiled Ayesha but what about Khush. Neha says Ram will take his responsibility and Ayesha will take care of him. Neha says did u realise about Pihu. did u know because of the flip flop. Pihu was so stress out and so much happened with Pihu. Neha says you are the same mother who did so much sacrifice and now you are doing this. Neha says dont stop yourself. Priya says after yesterday night. Priya stops. Priya says If I take any step towards Mr Kapoor then I cant take that step back. Neha says dont move backwards. Priya says Ayesha is Ram’s wife. Neha says Ram told them today night he is breaking all relation ties with Ayesha. does that change the things. Neha says you are an adult and you can take your own decision. and you are perfect couple. you and Ram love each other, respect each other. I dont know why you want to sacrifice and because of your yes no. my friend heart breaks. so whatever decision you make go and inform Ram. here or have to decide and tell Ram that you dont want to live with Ram and as an adult inform him. Neha leaves. Priya cries while BALH music in the background playing.

Sid house:

Ayesha says to Sid that your plan pill one flop. Sid says you have to use the brahmarastra and go infront of Priya and cry miserably. Make her understand that your marriage is failing because of her. you have to agree her and once she agrees. She will do what we cant do. I am 100 percent sure that Ram listens to Priya. Ayesha says you are brilliant.

Vikram house:

Vikram says to Neha why you cancelled the caterers as if fatty organise the marriage and made it a circus. reception food should be home food. Neha says todays night is special. Vikram gets romantic and says yes I know. Neha says I am talking about ram and priya. Vikram says dont worry everything will be fine. Neha says they have to take the right decison. you dont need to stress out. just then their daughter comes and asks Neha help to wear the earrings. Neha says it is really embarrassing to marry infront of kids. Vikram says we are not getting privacy because of our kids. Vikram says we shall go on a honeymoon or else we shall send the kids somewhere.

Kapoor Mansion:

Neha calls Ram and says that she gives an ultimatum to Priya and today she will take the decision. Neha says today you talk to Ayesha regarding the divorce. Ram says I will talk with her now. Ram calls Ayesha. Ayesha who was standing there thinks what I should do now. Ram says we have talk something important. just then soumya comes and asks him to come as khush is waiting in the car. The Episode ends on Ram’s tensed face.

Mamaji tells Ayesha that yesterday night Sid came to kapoot mansion and was wandering in kapoor Mansion. Ayesha says how can this happen. then she says I know.

Update Credit to: Amena

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