Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Priya recollects Vidya telling that Rams ego is bigger than his heart and Priyas love is bigger than ego..! Vidya saying. .dont let the love die away! She recollects all the past going ons..and smiles..!

Priya recollects Vikram telling her about how Ram has come here in the matter of some girl..! She calls Vikram and asks about the details..! Vikram says.. he has not met the girl .but that girl works in Ram’s office..! Priya asks what? Vikram says.. she works in Ram’s office as his assistant.. n Ram is crazy about her.. n is lying to me about it..! Priya is elated. .n asks sure? Vikram says yes..! Priya is laufing and tries to play it serious with Vikram..! She says.. will call u back..! Priya says.. cant believe it.. its me.. with whom Ram

is having an affair with. .and i dunno ..! Priya says.. its complicated but liking it..a lot! She says… now i dun need to worry about past or future.. just live the present with Ram..and hopefully ..when RaYa return to Mumbai. .all will be like earlier..! She resolves that.. will make this professional trip into a personal one..!

Suhani calls Priya n asks how things are? Priya says all is well and i am very happy ..! Suhani says.. great.. relax.. n will call u later..! Kush asks gimme the moby and Suhani says she is busy.. talk tomorrow..! Priya says need to find out Ram’s room details..! She tries the intercom but its not working… ! She tries landline number of the hotel..! Gets Ram’s room no.!

Suhani is serving pineapple raita and Kush stops her ..n says u cant eat .. its not allowed..! Suhani says why u care? U r lost in thots of THAT girl… so dun need to care for me! Kush says.. weird.. all do what they want..and i cant? Suhani says.. sorry..and says lets go watch the movie together..! Kush says great and when she asks for the raita. .stops her..!

Pihu is talking on phone with Sammy n asks for booking details.. to Kashmir..! Pihu is booking room .. n the manager there asks housekeeping to check on Ram’s room..! Priya thinks .. to surprise Ram in his room but is worried that Ram is upset coz of paratha incident..!

Part 2

Ram is fuming thinking of Priya’s behavior..! He asks reception to check on Priyas room phone.. n they say.. he scolds so much..! Someone comes to check the phone and Priya asks how they know of it? He says . .no idea..! Ram calls Priya n asks her to get data.. n he fires some details but she says slowly .. need to write it down! Ram says.. dun care.. listen n do it..! Priya says.. we came together.. lets work together..! Ram says .. why? U dun wanna see my face so.. ! Priya says.. u r particular about numbers.. n figures so ..better lets work together..! Ram cuts the phone! Priya says. dun remember what he asked to do.. n he cut the call .. what to do?

Vikram is sitting and Caddy gives him coffee..! She asks him if he is thinking of RaYa? They are meant to be together! Vikram says.. then why they are not together? Vikram rues.. that Ram let Priya go…! So wrong.. tried to stop him .. but he din give in..! Vikram says.. Priya just wanted Ram to stop her. but he din.. ! Vikram rues how Ram is starting off with someone else..! Caddy says it cant be true..! Vikram says.. dun believe it.. but its apparent..! Caddy says.. we see things which are not true..! Vikram says.. u believe in ideal things.. i dun..! I really want to be wrong..coz i want to see RaYa together. .today.. tomorrow and forever!

Priya is working and collecting the data Ram asked for..! She is tired but decides to finish all the work before dinner..!

Part 3

Ram asks for menu and Priya arrives too ..! Pihu too ..orders..! The lights go off.. all are surprised! Manager informs that a couple has requested for candle light dinner so.. ! Ram cribs.. ! Priya asks to guide her to some empty table..! Manager says.. no table is empty. .u can get one in sharing..! Pihu hopes Sammy will come soon ..! Priya ends up in the same table as Ram but due to darkness both cant see each others face..! Priya is hoping Ram was at the same table.. just to see his cute face..!

Myra calls Pihu and they check on each other ..! She asks about Kashmir? Pihu says coz of bad weather.. staying back at a hotel in Delhi … but Sammy is trying for other arrangements..!

Lights come..and RaYa are sitting in front of each other..! Both are surprised to see each other!

Precap — Ram asks Priya why are u here? Go some place else! Priya says.. no other table is empty … am hungry. .so not moving! Ram says no .. and asks for other table. .but manager says.. no empty table.. please adjust.. as such she is ur colleague! Priya smirks!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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