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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu talking to Khush and getting on Juhi for trying to come back to stay with them, says she is not ashamed. Khush says he is also thinking same and wants to know Juhi’s intention. Pihu says even Priya wants to know the same. Khush says we get positive vibes when we are with baby. Pihu smiles and says yes.

Priya is tense remembering Juhi’s threats. Ram is also tense on the side. Khush sees Sid talking to someone and asks if he was busy. Sid says Ram has given him responsibility to tackle Juhi and is using all his contacts to tackle her. Khush says he came to talk about same. Sid says Juhi is thinking Ram and Priya as soft hearted people and cannot harm her, but I will harm her and prove Ram that I am his brother. Khush says Sid used to tell

he is proud of him, but now he is proud of Sid and hugs Khush happily.

Priya sees Khush and Pihu looking at baby and saying kids can sleep for 20 hours, hope they could. She asks them let baby sleep. Pihu asks if she got any plan now. Priya tells them about her plan. Khush says it is a good plan, hope Ram agrees for it. Priya says even she is thining same, but she cannot think of alternative plan, says we have to take care of legal aspect of this plan and make it foolproof. Khush says he will speak to Sid about it and goes.

Priya sees Sid and Khush and asks Sid if he spoke to his lawyer. Khush says dad spoke to his lawyer and dad told even got arrested Rajeev before with fake paper scam. Priya says hope Juhi does not come up with new thing. Sid says he will teach Juhi lesson. Priya says we should not stoop to Juhi’s level, Mr. Kapoor would not like it. Sid says hope we could stoop to her level. Priya says we have to do something with which, Juhi should feel the defeat but without losing our ethics. Sid says ok.

Priya sees Ram tensed and asks why is he still tensed. Ram says I helped Juhi so much, but she stooped to such a level, he cannot ruin our lives and I cannot thinking of separating from you. Priya says we are there for each other and nobody can seprate us, we just have to handle Juhi smartly. Ram says how can we handle it. Priya says we should not percept, Juhi is doing everything legally and thinks we will do the same and hire a lawyer. Ram says he hired a big lawyer. Priya says we should not do that
and instead play it mentally and not do anything which Juhi is expecting. She asks him to let Sid handle everything and to just divert Juhi’s mind and make her frigthen. Ram asks what is her plan. Priya explains her plan. Ram asks if she is sure this will work. Priya says this definitely work.

Khush sees Sid speaking to somone and asking to find out. He asks what to find out. Sid says he had hired a detective to find each detail about Juhi, but he is too slow. He asks about Priya and Ram. Khush says Priya wants to discuss something and he came to call him. Mamaji comes there and asks what son and father are talking about. Sid says he is planning a party for Ram and is discussing about it, asks if he is not happy. Mamaji says he is very happy and is thinking of Juhi, how will she react hearing about party. Khush says we are not worried about it and let Ram handle his problem. Mamaji asks what is Ram planning. Khush asks him to call himself and find out. Ram says he will and goes saying he did not bring his mobile. Khush asks Sid if he does not believe mamaji. Sid says he does not know.

Priya discusses her plan to Natasha, Sid, Myra, Sid, Pihu. Natasha says she should discuss about this with Ram and convince him. Priya says he agreed. Khush and Pihu asks how did he react. Priya says he was reluctant at first but agreed. Khush and Pihu get happy and says Juhi will pay for her sins. Pihu asks Priya if she has a magic wand. Priya says if she had it, she would have calmed her angerness. Pihu asks her not to joke. Priya thinks why did Ram come yet.

Juhi sees Ram at her home and asks what is he doing here and asks if he came to apologize her, she will not accept his apology but can if he marries her. Ram says he is ready to marry again and his bride will be Priya, not her, he is remarrying priya and gives wedding card. He says when I am inviting whole city, why should I not invite my present wife. Juhi angrily tears wedding invitation.

Khush is busy with decorating house and asks servants not to spray perfume on flowers Ram would not like it. He discusses colours of flower when pihu comes and tells about her favourite colours. Khush asks servants to decorate those flowers.

Pihu is busy applies mehandi/henna on Priya’s hand and asks her not to worry. Vikram comes there and jokes if he has to perform muh dikhayi rasam. Priyas asks him not to joke. Vikram says she chose an old groom and jokes horse will die with Ram’s weight. Pihu asks him not to joke about his dad. Vikram says he is my friend before her father. He asks Priya how did she get such a superb idea. Pihu says she gets always superb ideas. Ram comes there and asks Vikram why did he come so early. Priya asks where was he. Ram says he went to invite a special person as he marrying because of her and says he went to invite Juhi. Everyone are surprised to hear that.

Precap: Mamaji worriedly asks Juhi if she told he meets her. Juhi asks him to stop worrying, says Ram challenged her she cannot do anything, says he must be planning something and asks mamaji to find out that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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