Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with jhanvi saying sorry to the unconscious Karthik and says she will never leave him. Natasha comes there and is shocked to see her. jhanvi asks for her kid, but Natasha refuses to give the baby and says this baby is mine. jhanvi pleads to give her the baby. Natasha gets hysterical and says this baby is mine. I am taking care of this baby. She asks who brought you here. Rishabh says Priya. Natasha asks Priya, can’t she see her happiness. She keeps on saying this chotu is mine. Ram says we will try to solve the matter. Shipra and Sudhir try to make her understand but in vain. Rishabh supports Natasha. jhanvi says there is nothing to be talked about. jhanvi takes her baby in her hands. Natasha cries bad. Priya says she can feel her pain but this is also true

that chotu’s mother is jhanvi and she has equal right on her. Shipra also says Natasha is the mother of chotu now. Ram says it is decided now, but Priya says jhanvi is the mother and she may come her at anytime. jhanvi has the right on the baby. Priya says we shall sit and talk. She tells sorry to Natasha. Natasha is crying a lot. Priya then shouts at jhanvi for leaving the kid here.

Ram calls Vikram and asks him to come over to Sharma house and says everything is going wrong as jhanvi came back. Vikram says he will be coming. Vikram informs Neha, who says she will accompany him but he says he will call her if needed.

Sudhir talks with Priya and says both are right on their part, but you have think before bringing her here. Priya says Natasha is over possessive about Chotu but she should accept that jhanvi is the mother of the baby. she says she dont want Natasha to be hurt afterwards. Sudhir says she will talk to Shipra. Priya feels something, Ram asks what happened? Priya says baby kicked inside. Ram feels happy and Priya too.

Natasha sees them smiling and says you too are celebrating about your baby. She tells Rishabh to take them all out. Priya tries to tell her that baby kicked for the first time, she says sorry. Ram says no need to say sorry. Ram says we came here to support you. Rishabh says you wants to prove that you are superior. Priya says we can’t think to hurt Natasha. Rishabh says it seems like that. Natasha asks jhanvi to give back the baby. jhanvi says she will not give the baby and it is only her’s and Karthik. She will not leave from her until her husband asks her to go away. She says she will stay here till then. Natasha says how can you think about it. jhanvi says you dont have any option, either I will stay here or will take the baby with me and even law can’t stop me.

Scene shifts to Cady and Rahul:

Rahul says he is jealous seeing her with other guy. Cady tries to explain but he doesn’t listen. Cady gets a call but she disconnects the call. She tells him about the interview. Rahul asks her to attend the interview as it is very important for her. He offers to drop her so that she can reach on time. Rahul says he is not upset with her. They leaves.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Rishabh and Soumya leaves. Everybody is tensed, Vikram says he wants to talk to Natasha, but she says she don’t want to listen.

Vikram tells Natasha that you are like my younger sister and I will say only for your betterment. Vikram tells Natasha that sometimes we can’t do according to our wish. we can’t do anything against jhanvi as she is baby’s mother. We cant do anything legally, if she takes away the baby. He says even Ram can’t do anything. Vikram says let her stay here for a few days, we will try to figure out what she wants. Atleast Chotu will be infront of your eyes. Natasha finally agrees. Vikram says we will try to get a solution. Priya says it seems Natasha agreed, now we have to talk to jhanvi.

Shipra asks jhanvi to give her the baby as it is the sleeping time for the baby. jhanvi says she will not give her baby. The episode ends.

Precap: Ram offers a cheque to jhanvi but jhanvi says she wants this, pointing at something on the cheque.

Update Credit to: Amena

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