Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Episode begins with Rahul and Rehaan coming to Ram’s office. Ram asks them to sit down and asks if their anger has come down now and asks what’s the use of being ashamed now and asks y do they even do something like this and asks them to look at him and promise that they wouldn’t do something like this in future. Both of them promise Ram and Ram then tells that he is giving both of them an internship in Kapoor Industries and asks them to learn something and get serious in life. Rehaan denies accepting the offer, Ram asks if he’s planning to work in cake shop for the entire life and Rehaan tells that he does want to become a businessman like him but on his own and the qualification that Ram is offering does not match his education and he knows its an honour to work in Kapoor industries but honestly he doesn’t deserve it.

Ram says that he’s just offering an internship and not a CEO position and they will have to learn so many things starting from the bottom and they both will be observed and if they grow up in their work it will be of their own abilities and hardwork only and if they dont’ succeed they would be thrown out of the company. Rahul interrupts and tells that he wants to talk something important to Ram alone and not before outsiders. Ram says ok and calls up his office staff and asks them to take Rehaan to Mamaji’s cabin and introduce Rehaan as intern and ask him to brief about the company and Rehaan thanks Ram and leaves.

Rahul asks what’s all this and he thought that atleast Ram is in his side as he is his god son and has always called Ram when he had fought with his dad and mom and talk to them on his behalf and even he had learnt driving in his car and hasn’t hidden anything from Ram as he felt there is a strong bond between them but today he made him and Rehaan, Ram interrupts and tells that Rehaan is his brother. Rahul tells Rehaan is nothing to him and he is just a boy who broke his family and he can’t work in a place where Rehaan is working and tells Ram that the choice his now in Ram’s hands.

At school, teacher asks students to take out their drawing books. The teacher notices peehu sitting idle and asks if she is fine and peehu tells yes. Teacher asks peehu to start drawing and peehu tells that she doesn’t know to draw water kingdom and teacher tells no problem and asks her to draw whatever she wants but fastly and peehu tells ok and peehu starts coloring.and teacher asks what is she doing and peehu tells she is drawing whatever she wants as per teacher’s instructions and the teacher picks up peehu’s drawing book to see what she has drawn and is shocked.

Ram on call with someone at office and Priya slowly walks in and Ram asks priya to sit down. Priya asks Sorry for disturing Ram during office hours and asks how is Peehu and Ram tells she is perfectly fine. Priya then takes out a package and tells that its Peehu’s drawing and she has framed it and its her favourite too and asks if Ram can put it up in Peehu’s room as peehu would feel good and gives it to him and Ram opens and finds a drawing of a family and smiles and tells that he would put it in her room. read full update with pictures only on He then adds that he would tell some things as she is there now and tells that he makes peehu ready for school daily and he feels peehu is adjusting to the new environment well slowly and she is getting used to stay with him now and Priya says she is sure that it will happen soon and she doesn’t worry about Peehu as Ram is there and anyways kids are innocent and whoever they like they will gel with them soon and will keep them close to their hearts. Priya also adds that since peehu is young , they can mould peehu as they want like wet soil and can do anything if there is the foundation of parent’s love.

Ram asks y is she telling all this to him. Priya says just like that and she remembers peehu so much and just wanted to talk about peehu. Ram asks if she’s not doubting him that he can’t take care of her like that. Priya says that she believes that Ram loves Peehu and will take care of her very well but its just that Peehu is sensitive than normal kids and that’s y she has all alone grown her up and tells that peehu thinks so much and her mind is more impressionable and she feels that Peehu needs them both and since she is staying with Ram now, everything is new to her.

Priya asks Ram not to mind and tells that Peehu needs more attention from Ram. She tells that she knows that he takes care of peehu so much and she is attached to him but its not only him at home and there are so many ppl and its a little difficult for a 5 yr old to build rapport and she will need some time and god forbid if someone tells something hope peehu doesn’t take it to heart and get hurt and she wouldn’t be able to tell it to someone and Ram has to go and ask her and she would definitely share with him as she is very close to him and she feels secure with Ram around him and she just wanted to tell the change would be little easy for Peehu if Ram spends more time with peehu.

Ram tells that he can understand what Priya wants to tell and he is trying his best to spend more time with Peehu and he is doing it and she also knows that Ram can’t stay at home all time and there are lot of ppl at home who can take care of peehu. Priya says that he is right but what peehu actually needs is a mother figure and gets emotional and continues that she knows Ram can manage everything but Ayesha and priya stammers and then continues that Peehu doesn’t know ayesha that much and she is different too and may be ayesha is not able to communicate things properly to peehu and tells that she just wants Ram to be with Peehu as she would feel better.

Ram says he understands where she is coming from and she is peehu’s mom but he is her dad too and can understand his daughter well. Priya says that she knows that how comfortable peehu is with Ram, she is not with anyone and hence thought of talking to Ram once.

Vikram comes to Kapoor Industries and bumps into Rehaan and is shocked and asks what is he doing there and Rehaan tells that its his office now and he is working there as Ram kapoor has offered him internship. Vikram comes in angrily and shouts at Ram and asks what is he upto and Ram asks what happened and Vikram tells that he just met Rehaan outside who told that Ram has offered a job and Ram tells he just gave him internship and asks him to listen to him and vikram asks what is he going to tell and adds that his life is destroyed from the day Rehaan came into their life and he is even divorced now and he wants Rehaan to be out of his life but Ram has given him a job and asks what is he doing.

Ram asks vikram to listen everything and tells that he has offered Rahul and Rehaan internship offer because both are filled with anger and he just wanted to channelize their anger. Vikram says that everyone has got the right to decide what is right and wrong for him and neha and everyone is applying their solution and tells Ram that whatever he is doing might be right but bottomline is that its his and Neha’s life and he knows what the best solution for this problem is and asks Ram not to do anything for him and tells that he’s not surprised y Ram did this and tells for sure Neha would have come to Ram or else sent recommendations through Priya.

Priya immediately tells that she didn’t tell anything to Mr.Kapoor and she doesn’t even know that Rehaan has got a job. Ram interrupts and tells that he will handle this and asks vikram y is he bringing priya into this and priya doesn’t know anything about this and tells that he is friend to neha too like vikram and even though they are separated they are the same for him and how much ever he is doing for vikram he wants to do for neha too. Ram continues that neha had come to him as she needed a friend and rehaan and rahul’s issue is costing her so much and he is helping her out as he had promised her.

Vikram tells that Ram is in some other tangent and Ram says he is not but vikram is. Vikram asks him to leave him in whatever tangent he is in and asks him to stay away from his problems and leaves angrily. Priya tries to stop him and asks Ram to stop him and sit and talk to him and Ram stops him and tells its ok and allow vikram to go as he is angry and needs some time and space and when he cools down he would be ready to listen to them and Priya tells ok.

Priya comes to Peehu’s school and meets Peehu’s teacher who tells that she wants to talk to Priya about Peehu. Priya asks if everything is fine and the teacher tells that Peehu is a bright student, an extrovert and friendly kid and is popular in her class and then asks if something happened recently at house and if there is any stress. Priya asks y is she asking all this and asks what happened. Teacher tells that Peehu is becoming quiet and shows the drawing of Peehu and tells that peehu drew this. The drawing has scribbling with black sketch and priya is shocked and asks if peehu made this.

Teacher tells that priya knows how much peehu loves drawing and always gets A grade and hence she is surprised to see this and hopes that everything is fine at home. Priya thanks the teacher for bringing it to her notice and tells that there must be something which is upsetting peehu and she would talk to her as she shares everything with her and she is sure that she would share and tells we will take care of this and thanks the teacher and teacher tells hope everything is fine and leaves.

Peehu comes running to Priya and hugs her tightly and Priya asks if everything is fine and sits down and asks if her health is fine and asks if someone told anything but peehu stays silent. Priya takes peehu aside and makes her sit down. Kush comes there and priya asks how is kush and kush tells he is fine and priya tells that she got a surprise treat for him and peehu and gives chocolates to both of them and asks kush to go and sit in car and she would talk with peehu and bring her there and kush leaves.

Priya asks Peehu is she is having fun at papa’s house and tells that she and kush might be enjoying so much there. Peehu tells that kush was crying as his mom scolded him so much and scared him a lot and asks if mummy’s hit kids. Priya tells that there are different ppl in world like she is different from kush and ppl think and talk differently, eat and drink water differently and similarly mom’s have different way of handling kids when they are angry and some remain silent and don’t talk with kids and some scold their kids when they are angry like peehu’s mom and asks if she scolds her and continues that some mom’s scold their kids who doesn’t listen to them and become stubborn and bother mom and mom’s become helpless and beat kids just to make them understand and hence kush’s mom would have beat him.

Peehu tells that priya has never beaten her and priya tells because she is her princess and a good girl and never does anything wrong and y should she beat her. Peehu tells that kush’s mom told her that she would beat her too if she does masti with Kush. Priya tells that ayesha wouldn’t have told anything like that as she loves her and she is her maasi her mom’s little sister and she would have just tried to make her understand. Peehu tells that ayesha doesn’t love her and she wants to stay with priya and not them. Priya tells that she has to stay with her papa at his place and papa will feel bad if she leaves their house and asks if she would feel good if papa is upset and peehu tells no.

Priya asks peehu to understand that if she doesn’t do any wrong, talk with everyone and do whatever they tell then no one would be angry with her and there are so many ppl at their house like badi dadi, dadi, rishab, sowmya and more than everyone her dad is there and if she has any problem she can tell papa and mumma is also there and asks her to call her if she has any problems and she would handle everything and tells that mumma will not allow anything to happen to her. Peehu tells i miss u mumma and hugs priya and priya too tells she misses peehu a lot and kush watches it.

Ayesha tells Ram that he only told her on phone to be ready so that they can go out for dinner. Ram says yes he wanted to take kids out for dinner and what does it have to do with her and he didn’t mean her and he wanted to go out with kids alone and asks what’s her problem.

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