Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Part 1
Priya tells Ram dun need ur help..! Ram watches her..! Priya self thot if u wanted to help wuld have pulled me by my arm n taken me to the car but no.. Ego..!! Priya is on phone n tells Kush on my way will reach in one hour! Priya waits for auto but none of them stop..! Priya fumes..! Ram is in the car..and watches Priyia call out for auto! Ram self thot. .so stubborn was offering her lift but no.. EGO..!! Priya turns n sees Rams car following her..!! Priya is walking on the road and Ram keeps tailing her..!! Priya is not sure its Ram n is worried that she is being followed..! Priya folds her saree and walks towards the car and Ram drives back! Priya fumes saying why tailing me? Lemme note down ur number n tell cops! Ram drives away..! Priya fumes.. manerless..!!

Priya again starts walking.. n finally gets a auto..!!

Pihu is on phone and pacing in her room..! She wonders why Sammy is not receiving her calls..! She decides to call his office! She gets to know Sammy is not at office n was not there whole day! Pihu wonders where Sammy was! Sammy comes and Pihu asks him where he was? She asks if he is drunk? Sammy says..with friends..! Pihu says..called all ur friends and they said u were not with u..! Sammy asks as if u know all my friends..! Pihu says. .yes i do! Sammy says..was with a client ..met at work..! Pihu says.. u din go to work! Sammy says.. i dun owe u any explanation .. u cant ask me..where i go n what i do! Pihu says.. i do m ur wife! Sammy says.. was at home.. spending lone time..u all irritate me! Pihu says.. my concern irritates u now? Sammy says yes! Pihu asks if there is some new girl in his life? Sammy says.. he hates all girls n walks off! Pihu sulks!

Kush rehearses how he will deal with the kid.. n shows how..he will scold her.. n not give her chocolates..! Baby relents ..! Suhani smiles watching him enact the scene..! She says.. ur looking like Santa ..! Kush says.. dun interrupt..! He feeds Suhani chocolate n they are smiling..! Kush says see u lost ur bet..!! Suhani fakes being in pain n Kush is concerned n Suhani says.. see fooled u..!! The duo fight..! Priya watches Suhani-Kush n smiles.. n says.. he cares so much for Suhani n Sammy ..sigh! Priya tells Ram that. .he mite be a good businessman but doesnt understand relations..nor their value..! She says.. change urself.. before u lose deals.. n ur relations! Ram ponders that.. Priya is so stubborn.. left home n blaming me..! Priya is combing her hair n says.. ur so egoistic. .dun understand value of relations! Ram says thank God saved! Priya says..u care but wont show … ur ego is fatter than u..! RaYa feel tired n say.. can sleep well finally after days..!! Ram is snoring n Priya can feel n smiles..!!

Part 2

Pihu comes to Ram and calls out to him to wake up! Ram says Priya lemme sleep a while..! Pihu says.. get up. its too late! Ram asks how did u wake up so early? Pihu says u hv been sleeping till late..! Ram says had to get up early but now late! Pihu says its ok .. n asks him to sign a cheque..! Ram says. .will get ready n come..! Pihu says Vikram is waiting for u..! Priya is getting ready n worries that if Ram reaches before me.. he will chide me.. need to reach fast..!! She recollects Ram saying .. to keep her hair open as she looks lovely in it..! Flashback of RaYa.. Ram complimenting Priya..!! Priya is smiling! Suhani comes n says u look very pretty.. any special day? Priya says nothing at all ..! Suhani says.. never saw u so conscious ..! Priya stammers n says nothing at all ..!! Suhani asks why this special look for office? Priya says got late hair open..!! Suhani says u looking lovely ..n hope that ur new boss changes seeing u..!! Priya says.. dun go to work to impress bosses..! Kush taught u all this? Suhani says yes.. he taught me to smile..! Priya says keep smiling ..!

Vikram tells Ram.. if we are going in same car .. why making my car tail urs? Increasing pollution..! Ram says.. u gonna reach Banglore.. so relax n asks to drop him at a corner..! Vikram says.. ur boss.. drop me n go! Ram says no need to reach on time! Vikram notices Rams suit n says.. something special? Wearing Priyas fave suit.? Ram asks if he will notice all?? Vikram gets call about flight being delayed n offers to go to Rams office! Ram says no.. he takes a detour n Vikram says.. stop car.. n gets down. n says something fishy!

Ram reaches office n sees its empty..! He says.. wow.. am early.. ! Priya is happy too . .thinking she reached early..!! She decides to set all things right before Rams entry!

Part 3

Sammy reaches to the spot where he spotted Kush-Suhani ..! He asks passersby about a new doctor and gets to know location of the clinic..! Sammy is walking towards the clinic.. n in the way.. hears Kush’s name.. being called to the clinic..! Sammy sees the address of Suhanis clinic PRK Clinic..!

All employees tease Priya about her open flowing hair.. ear rings n saree..! Priya calls everyone and is talking about how they need a clear mind to work efficiently .. n for that to keep all atmosphere clean! Ram thinks Priya is instigating everyone..!! He fumes n walks to the center of the office n asks what is going on? Why all are wasting time talking ?? He says their salary is cut to half from today. .n asks for all details by afternoon..! Priya is worried..! Ram notices his gifted Jhumkas on Priya n she notices Ram wearing her fave suit..!

Precap — Ram says dun like parathas will eat in canteen..! All say canteen is closed..! They all ask Ram to taste the paratha that Priya has made they are good! Priya says dunno if he will like it! Ram says dun want it!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Sonya

    Love their little egoistic fights. Hope they don’t get worse. Love this serial and superb acting by Priya and Ram

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